The Alpha Federation is the ruling federation of the Alternate UUniversal Legion of Dominant Races. It consists of the 3 leading races: Naroudans, Cunones, and Yuruns, and formerly had the humans with them before their evacuation. The Alpha Federation governs the most AUU territory than the others, governing the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta Universes. They are even given the rights to their own home planets even when they're not in any of their primary universes. Their main base of operations was located on Planet Fotuserom in the long-forgotten Fort Raige, and their main battle cruiser is the Uamocles Battle Cruiser.


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  • Humans: (Formerly as of now)(Leader: Lord Mandarious) The humans of the AUU were not only the ruling race of the Alpha Feds, but they were also the leaders of the Legion. When they evacuated, the Naroudans took their place. They came in 3 breeds due to cross-breeding with their extinct relatives, and their biology and anatomy is far different from us due to an alternate evolution. They came from the Planet Marbon.
  • Naroudans: (Leader: Master Nybre Bulinaoss) The Naroudans are the current leading race of the Legion and the Federation, handling diplomatic matters, and believing that since they are the first race the humans met, that it's up to them to take their place as leaders of the Alpha Feds. They weren't that much affected by the loss of their human allies, and they take their job as leaders of the Legion with pride and responsibility. They are semi-arboreal primates that come in 5 breeds as the result of genetic manipulation, and live in a military democratic government. They originate from the Planet Naroulu.
  • Cunones: (Leader: Emperor Brundel Tankoru) The Cunones handle the military forces, and are actually the race that was hurt the most of the humans leaving, some have been seen crying about it. They in turn decided to avenge them by forming several rebellions around the Alpha Feds' controlled community. As a result, all rebellions against the Villains Act contained a balanced percentage of Cunones. They are imperial cat-like beings with natural agility, and they are not only noted for their space-faring adventuring habits and fascination with weapons, but also for their cat-like curiosity. They originated from the Planet Cunoone.
  • Yuruns: (Leader: Master Coru Nuwenhie) The Yuruns handled the economic matters, and they were very shocked at the loss of their human allies, and blame the end of the USRA for it. While few Yuruns took a darker path for this guilt, most took a solemn pledge to do their job proud and face their guilt like a human would. Very few Yuruns ever went to serve in the rebellions because of their size, yet it was decided that they could do better in economics and currency. The Yuruns are rat-like creatures with a grand cuisine, adaptability, and their ability to invent machines of any scale to benefit any race. They originated from the Planet Yurue.
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