Vital statistics
Title Alpha Kgosi, Leader of Wild Dog Kingdom
Gender Male
Race/Species African Wild Dog (Lycaon pictus)
Faction Wild Dog Kingdom
Description Deceased
Skills and Abilities Standard Natural Wild Dog Abilities
Status Deceased (Lived during Pure Hyenas Age)
Location Pride Lands
Alignment Morally Incompatible
Alpha Kgosi was a leader of a kingdom of African wild dogs in the Pride Lands who had declared the week-long Hyena-Wild Dog War against the Pure Hyenas for the impact they left on their kingdom, including the death of his pregnant mate. The war lasted for over a week until Simba's grandfather, Ahadi, demanded that the war be halted. Defying his orders by attacking the lions, he was ultimately executed for it, leaving his kingdom to crumble and his subjects to forsake the Circle of Life and retreat to the far Outlands.


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