The Alternate UUniverses is in danger once again. Years ago, on an Egyptian planet called Invervitrax, a race of evil Draconequus-like creatures called Polyzoons wreaked mayhem and chaos throughout the planet. But thanks to an unknown immortal hero, the Polyzoons were imprisoned in a secret tomb forever. Except two Polyzoons were left free. One stronger, smarter, and faster than the others named Vutobus, the Invervitraxian spirit of strife and destruction, and the other having a kind heart and a lust for action named Faethos, the Invervitraxian spirit of victory and the defeat of battle (Who is later revealed to be The Dark Founder). Faethos was spared for doing no harm, but Vutobus was trapped in the mortal body of a bird-frog creature with no power, and no strength. Vutobus soon regains his power when his imprisonment shrine is accidentally destroyed, and Vutobus regains his full power. Now, he seeks revenge by attempting to free the Polyzoonian race from their prison, and take over the Alternate UUniverses. It's up to the Heroes Act and the Shell Lodge Squad to stop him.  

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