Twilight is becoming more and more fascinated by the mysterious Alternate UUniverses and how it has it's own unique versions of the Original UUniverses' societies, all except for Equestria. Twilight has her friends to come with her on an exhibition to find these 'Lonies' as many people in the AUU have called them. While the Lodgers go with them in secret to keep them safe, they had asked the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council, but each member insisted that the world, called Equaria, simply vanished like magic when the Villains Act occurred. Not even Warson was able to explain why. So, with not much answers except some possibilities in the location of Equaria, the Mane 6 discovers that the Lonies actually did disappear, using an invisibility field to cloak the whole planet and make it invisible. But passing the shield makes the planet easily visible. Upon entering the planet, they discover a society not that different than their own. The Lonies had similar cultures and beliefs as that of Equestria, except they had a moderately-different biology, a highly-technological architecture, society, and so on. There was also 4 breeds: Normal Lonies (The Earth ponies of the AUU), Magi Lonies (The Unicorns of the AUU), Air Lonies (The Pegasi of the AUU), all with similar and different jobs with far more powerful abilities, and the final breed: Omni Lonies (The Alicorns of the AUU which are of royal lineage and not as immortal as the ones in Equestria). However, they are immediately captured by order of their 3 Omni Lony sister leaders, mainly their leading sister, Queen Caelestis, who is extremely over-cautious and paranoid of these new visitors, and they are unable to tell her that the Villains Act was long-destroyed. The only ones to listen to them is Caelestis' protégé, daughter, and minor commander of the planet's Decurion Guard, Princess Shade, who explained that ever since the planet's only defenses called the 'Sun-Gems of Peace' were, and still are, long sought after by the nefarious Count Mooku, a renowned Villains' Act general, friend of General Grosvenor, and one of Qui's many advisors, who had hoped to use the powers of the Sun-Gems for his own personal purposes, intending to do it again with the help of Caelestis' fourth sister gone rogue Queen Nether who was banished to Equaria's moon, and Caelestis' former best friend Professor Ore Beak. Meanwhile, the Shell Lodgers have ended up being captured by Count Mooku's forces, and they end up escaping after discovering Mooku's plans for Equaria, and go there to try and convince Caelestis to let the Mane 6 go, introduce them to Shade's other 5 comrades, childhood friends, and new wielders of the Sun-Gems in the Decurion Guard, and help them stop Mooku before he steals the Sun-Gems.


Meeting Count Mooku.

The Empty Space of Equara.

  • The Main 7's space carrage was seen.
  • Fluttershy: "Twilight, are you sure it was a good idea to go without the Lougers?"
  • Twilight: "Fluttershy, they were going to call it quits based on what Warson suggested. I refused to believe that a place as magical as Equara would just, be destroyed by the VA like that. Even when it was before they got Tex, they weren't THAT crazy! If anything, ya think they would more want to take over Equara for practical uses then just, destroying it."
  • Applejack: "To be fair, Twilight, we don't exactly know the VA that well apart from helping out the Lougers take them down. For all we know, maybe they WERE that stupid back then. I mean, from my understanding, they didn't exactly treated that Jenovis place all too well."
  • Twilight: "Well trust me, there was one thing that could make this idea of the VA destroying the planet impossable: Count Mooku."
  • Rarity: "We don't exactly know that, Twilight. I mean, sure, given how much he cared for the Lonies, he wouldn't be so boarish to undermine that and willfully want their destruction, but, what if he didn't had any power to prevent their destruction when the less compassionate VA desided to deem Equara a threat to their reign and destroyed it?"
  • Twilight: "Well based on that he was said to still had worked with them, I doubt he would've wanted anything to do with them after that."
  • Rainbow Dash: "They could've just as easily enslaved him against his will, Twi. Let's remember that these VA guys were basicly a bunch of Storm Kings with hyper-esed tec."
  • Twilight: "Well until we find Mooku, all opinions will taken with a grain of- (A Large Regel Ship came from nowhere and trapped the Mian 7's ship in a tractor beam)..... (Squeaky voice) Salt...."
  • Pinkie: "..... I, think, we found him."
  • Rarity: "Or, just as much, he found US!"
Star Wars Episode 2 Soundtrack- Confrontation With Count Dooku And Finale

Star Wars Episode 2 Soundtrack- Confrontation With Count Dooku And Finale

Mostly the start, and 2:59, stop afterwords.

  • The Main 7's carrage was taken into the ship's docking bay as it was plopped in.
  • Starlight: "..... Well, at least, he wanted to speak with us directly as well- (The ship was opened by two intense looking machines)"
  • A robot that flared up into a scarier form: "(After flaring up) Surrender peacefully or die."
  • Cylon-looking robot: "(Arms himself) (Speaks in unrekineseable alien languise)."
  • Starlight: "..... Or, he mistook us for threats, that's, that's a possability as well."
  • ???: "CONFOUND IT, YOU TWO!?"
  • An oddly designed Tactical Skelebot in design of a butler showed up and got the two machines to back down.
  • Robot 1: "Apologies given, Companion."
  • Robot 2: "(Annoyed sounding alien speaking.)"
  • Companion: " Don't you sass me under that tongue, A3-Six0-P! I am fluent in all 9999999999999999.09 known and unknown languises, even dead ones, and I know EXACTLY what you say under that alien tongue, A3! Now, both you and Drone 432, kindly, leave. (The duo did so)..... (Turns to the Main 7) My dear darlings, I am so apologentic, I- (Realises that they were ponies)..... I.... I don't believe this.... The Lonies reached out to us, I- (Takes a better look)..... Oh. My mistake. You're just the Lony-Eqsed creatures from the same backwater united universes as the Lougers that took down the VA."
  • Applejack: "(Annoyed and stern) Define "Backwater"!"
  • Companion: "Oh it's nothing against you darlings personally, it's just, compaired to our high-tec socities, your united universes is rather.... Primitive. And yet it's been said that their universes are older then ours? Though granted, that could make it more symbolic as their tec levels are so early centaury eras. I mean, your buildings, still have windows! WINDOWS! Those fragle pieces of burned sand are such a novelty! Even your advancer socities still use them! How charmingly rustic, (Laughs hoitly)! Why, your cars don't hover yet, your robots are still primitive compaired to those like yours truely, your humans PALE compaired to the ones we have, and virtual reality is still in it's infancy in YOUR universes! You still have to use those uncomfertable helments to see the virtual games, how, how sad! And no moons are colonised there yet! It just feels so awkword that our universes were liberated by yours! It's so, ironic!"
  • Companion: "Oh please, Stiffatron was the name of the offictal model for the Tatical Skelebots. I hear he's now living with other defected Starbots, I do believe. I am actselly one of the earlier prototypes. But you can call me, Companion 5627182987......"
  • Pinkie: "...... Can we just call you Companion? Cause remembering all those numbers is HARD!?"
  • Companion: "(Quietly) Ohhh, if I had a Kraan dollar for everytime people just prefer to simplfy their naming of me, I'd be an equil to Master Mooku. (Openly) But alcourse. It is perhaps, more easier to do so. My companions were Drone 432 and A3-Six0-P. Drone 432 is the last funtional Warobot, while A3 is the only Warlord Robotatron of it's kind, due to that he was made in the VA's early days before the annexing of the currentcy troupe, thus came 432's series before final useage in the Nimboo invadtion when the Starbots debuted. And yes, they are both products of their time if you needed to ask."
  • Starlight: "We didn't, actselly."
  • Twilight: "Please, we're here to ask Mooku about what happened to Equara. Was it actselly destroyed by the VA?"
  • Companion: "Oh don't worry your tecnicolored heads, little dears, the VA may be guilty of alot of things, but causing a planet to "diaappear" like Equara did, well, at least, too cleanly for it to actselly be their fault, isn't one of them. Again, the planet vanished too cleanly for it to be the VA's handy work. Those Grand Council fruitbaskets only ASSUMED that because the ones with the biggest hate boners for the VA made them believe so to get political support."
  • Rainbow Dash: "And once again, people got the wrong idea, because politions lied their way into their minds."
  • Companion: "Why else did you think the VA was a thing? They wanted to fight for the rights of the minority to not be trounced by a goverment that over-favors the majority."
  • Starlight: "Well, with what happened since, they, MAAAAAAAAAAAAAY had lost their point and intentions?"
  • Companion: "Oh, I understand that. That's why Mooku doesn't weep too greatly for the VA's downfall, for he still saw the the original vision, and hoped that by proving Equara still exists, the reminants will have seen that he was right, and he will establish a new VA, and do things right. No more Gordons, Secret Founders, or extremeisums of all kinds for Mooku's VA, we will annex the universe for the minority, the right way!"
  • Applejack: "And, we understand that, but, at the end of the day, even if it's alittle more moral, it's still the VA, and the first one left too sour a taste for people to ever allow again."
  • Companion: "That will be amended with time. Now, come with me, I'll take you to Mooku himself, he'll be more then happy to meet fellow believers of the planet's existence, young ladies. Come this way."
  • Companion had the Main 7 follow him.

Mooku's Qourters.

  • Companion leads the ponies into a sofisicated area, filled with maps to where Equaria was were plastered everywhere, as a figure was seen sitting down and looking at a large window into space.
  • The Theme Song played into the vader part as the figure reveiled himself as an AUU dobermen dressed sort've like count dooku as it was noted that he had a mechanical hand, and clearly looked rather sour. This, is unquestionably, Count Mooku.

  • Count Mooku: "I trust you brought in the unexpected guests, Companion? Now we can learn their reasons for being- (Realised that they were ponies)...... I..... I don't believe it..... Has Caelestis send some Lony scouts to offer her forgiveness, and- (Takes a better look at them)..... (Sighs depressively)..... My mistake. You're only the look-a-likes from the other United Universes."
  • Starlight: "Is it REALLY that easy for people to mistake us for Lonies?!"
  • Count Mooku: "But, where are my mannors? I, am Count Mooku. I-"
  • Rainbow Dash: "Buddy, we already know who you are, and FYI, we already know about how you were pals with the VA!"
  • Count Mooku: ".... I see.... I, suspect you only heard about me from the Grand Council's perspective?"
  • Fluttershy: "If it helps, we did felt that they may had, abit of bias against you, and just, assumed the VA destroyed Equari- (Count Mooku pulled out a lazer sword that freaked the Main 7 out!) EEEP?!"
  • Twilight: "(Filled with hope) So that means, the VA didn't destroy Equaria!"
  • Count Mooku: "ALCHOURSE NOT, YOU EASILY MISLEAD PEONS?! I- (Companion jestured Mooku to calm down....)..... (Mooku turned off the lazer sword).... Forgive me, it's just, that accursed rumor had been the bane of my existence for a good long time."
  • Applejack: "We can see that."
  • Count Mooku: "By all means, Equaria, was never destroyed..... But it did..... Vanished. And it was before the VA even had the chance to see it themselves. Allow me to offer a tale free of Grand Council imperialist bias."


  • (Mooku): "I was a lucky young pup borned to a rich family that lived in the Eampapor System, ruled by the Animal Square Province."
  • (Pinkie): "How can there be a Province? YOU'RE IN SPACE?!"
  • (Mooku): "That is an all too commen criticisum for the name itself. But irrelivent. I was raised by a noblewoman who had a fortune great enough to fill a thousand moons."
  • (Starlight): "WOW! SHE MUST BE LOADED?!"
  • (Mooku): "The benifit of living in a system ruled by an allience, really. I was destine to take over after mother come my 18th birthday. But, my greatest compassion, was always for the beings of lesser Teadr levels. This came to be when I studied the philiscofical Yateron, Crospen Oriife Kolarazz, who believed in the untabbed potaintional of helping lesser Teadr level races advance to make their lives better. Trouble is-"
  • (Rainbow Dash): "We already were told they had a law against that."
  • (Mooku): "Already having the knowledge is rarely an excuse for interuption. I had personally, deemed their fear of the lesser Teadr races "Evoling Badly" or being misused for an undesireable agenda, to be a poor excuse to justify an anti-progressive law, and leaving the lesser teadr races to suffer in slow progression, ignoring that the Humans and the Yaterons themselves didn't exactly had a more naterol tec evolution themselves, so, is it not also, hypocritical?"
  • (Rarity): "Well, yes. We do find the logic, paradoxical considering that those two benefited from it, but, I'm sure they had good enough reasons."
  • (Mooku): "Back then, perhaps, but now-a-days, those reasons are now poorly outdated at best, grossly abused at worse. Now, I don't question the concept about being against giving tec to races yet to have their own, primarly the Teadr 7 races. The Phends are, an enturnal reminder of this. But there is no logic is not sharing tec with Teadr 6 or 5s. They at this point have an understanding of tec. And with the right guidence and a focused mind free of the desires of profit or god-complexes, it can be possable to exsellerate their tec right, which would lead to them joining the noble cause of making the Universes a better place. And that was exactly what I did for Equaria. I took it from it's former days of being a medevil magic-relient era, to seeing the rise of tecknowagey. Equaria was perfectly unknown to the Legion and the Grand Council, so, I was free to exellerate their Teadr 5 to 3, with little-to-no issue thanks to careful planning and intervention, as-"
  • (Twilight): "You befriended Caelestis?"
  • (Mooku): "...... Yes...... My introduction of tecknowagey, earned favor with her. Enough so, that she entrusted me with the knowledge, of the Sun Gems, her people's greatest weapons against threats. I was honored to have been trusted with this infomation..... But then, somehow, I was discovered.... It happened the same day, when I annouce that I was aiming to take the Equarians to Teadr 1."
  • Past Mooku: "And on this day forth, we shall seek out the most ambitious milestone of any race.... To become Teadr 1. Once so, your socity can become even greater then it has ever before, as no threat can ever threaten you ever again. Equaria, can become, a vastly better place- (A large sonic boom from the sky was heard as shadows began to loom over the crowds as the Lonies got scared, to see the arriving Dynasty ship and some HPA ships.)..... No.... No?!"
  • (Work in progress)

Mooku and Caelestis confront eachother once more.


A Strained Friendship Restored.



Epic OST 161 - Skylanders Giants - Giants Theme

Epic OST 161 - Skylanders Giants - Giants Theme

Intro Theme

Intro Theme (Skylanders Giants- Giants Theme) Coming soon...


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