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The Grand Council were alarmed to discover an uprising of mythical creatures of the AUU as worlds began to get congured. A mysterious new leader is leading the mythical creatures into this revolution and cohersed known warmongerors to get involved into it. The Grand Council wants answers and for this to be resolved before it exselerates out of control! The Heroes Act and the Lougers join forces to encounter the invaders head on, but the moment it seemed to be an un-winnable battle, a new hero group came in and defeated and scared the attackers off! this group was reveiled to be the Mythical Creatures and Beings Unity, a large group of heroes from every known mythical creature of the AUU that keep their races from acting out and risk the prosicution of non-mythics. The Group our heroes encounter, are known heroes and demi gods of the same races that are acting out! The group asks the Lougers and HA to simply stay clear and inform the Grand Council "of non-mythics" that it does not concern them and the "outbursts" of King MaSmashKing EyebeamKing BrawlboneKing OgthorQueen LucentKing Crawgor, and Queen Lomira, will be quelled accordingly. However, our heroes insist that dispite being told that the warmongering rulers are truely cowerds that hide behind empty intimidating threats and fear the UMCBS, someone must've made them act out like they did. The Heroe group however, only allows them to come as long as they ask that the Grand Council doesn't prosicute the races for this, insisting that their hostile nature is the fault of having incompident/power-hungry leaders and nothing else. It is proven that mythic creature discrimination exists in the AUU as well, and the HA and the Lougers feel as if they need to build briages in these communities taken away from eachother cause of science denying their existence and straight-up discrimination and the universe not understanding them even proven to exist. The Unity members brgrudingly took the Lougers and HA to the hidden base of the group since they know AUU mythics exist even before now. The Head leaders of the Unity, while somewhat disappointed at the exposure, non-hestitantly explain that it is the Unity's job to make sure their people avoid discrimination as much as possable by keeping all mythic creatures in check and keeping their worse members of their group in line. They even contributed of even keeping those same members away from the VA as much as possable, with one minor setback they couldn't get to in time. They explained that the revolution was caused, not by a mythic of the AUU, but from the Original Universe. An Equestian Dragon named Cragmire Lucifer The 700th has managed to get to the universe thanks to his magic and is malmitulating the normally cowerdly warmongering leaders into obeying him to congure the universes to invade the original universes to cause a great mythic beast revolt, all in the name of forcing Equestia to finally punish Pred Judu Des. The Lougers, groaning in frustation they had to deal with ANOTHER Anti-Pred nutcase, now have to work with the HA and Unity to stop Cragmire and halt this. Can the Lougers, Ha, and the Unity be able to handle the vengeful nutcase at once before chaos breaks out in the AUU, and spell the end of the Mythical Beasts and beings of the AUU?



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