The Lougers and Gazelle were in the midsts of dealing with a shocking team-up between Jallmadoor and a selection of the Lougers' rogue gallery, some broken out of prison, others revived, as Jallmadoor had intentions of planting a Darkness Powered Bomb of Mothron creation near Zootopia's keyhole inside the Museum in the very exhibit where Judy and Nick busted Bellwether, intending to send Zootopia into Kingdom Hearts. While the Lougers were scattered and were battling their villain line-up, organised by the villain team leaders themselves, as it meant that Gazelle alone had to confront Jallmadoor. However, by the time she arrived, she was surprised to see that while in the process of setting up his bomb, he was attacked by edgier and darker versons of some of the Lougers, who claimed to be from the future of where Jallamadoor succeeded with his plans to send Zootopia to Kingdom Hearts and have came to prevent this. But they took Jallmadoor away before Gazelle can halt them after the Darkness Bomb was rendered destroyed. After the Lougers beaten the rogues gallery, Gazelle returned and warned the Lougers of what happened, where that was when Saldaron showed up, desiding that it's time to reveil the biggest truth about the timestream: It is in the shape of a giant translusent "Time Butterfly" flying infidently into an endless void of history. Saldaron explains that the misfits are of the main timestream, which is the creature's large body, while it's wings hold MANY alternate possabilities. Basicly, Multiverse Throey/Butterfly Effect Throey/Traditional Time Travel Throey ruled into one big bug. Key diffs include that alternate timelines can't be traveled into unless the main timestream changes into it via changing the past, and it only being undone by getting the original setting back. Saldaron explained that the Lougers were able to defeat Jallmadoor just fine, but it was possable that while a darker alternate future was potaintionally being actcessable, it allowed a dark future Gazelle where basicly she went Injustice Superman on everyone and killed her Jallmadoor in a fit of rage when Zootopia got swallowed in darkness, but in the process, the action corrupted her Uniter Blade, which corrupted her, which is what that Jallmadoor wanted. Now like Injustice Superman, she took over the High Council by force and turned it into The Initiative, a powerful and forceful protection regime that drove villainy to near extinction since the downfall of Zootopia. Now, our heroes must begrudgingly save Jallmadoor from what he could've potaintionally created while surviving a cold and dark timeine of what could've been, even if means joining forces of unlikely allies, even a reformed Whyte Ty-Ger and Alternate Lougers that forsaken the Initiative.


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