With Utahce on his deathbed, Gazelle and the Lougers have been exiled from the AUU by declaration of Grandmind, even when he personally didn't wanted to, but did so to keep UIS safe from Gazelle's netourious temper-tandrums as both her and the Uniter Blade are already infected by the fact she merciously killed Utahce, as much of a scumbag he was. Even though the Lougers understood that Gazelle couldn't help it, Gazelle avoids the Lougers in fearing of scorn and revilement. The Lougers desided to call in the Lightfly Queen and have her see about the condition and about her unfortunate sin. Meanwhile, the Games are forced to be delayed due to UIS' lack of proper players, while the USRA races are left distroted by the biggest stunt UIS had pulled! The Grand Council entered an uproar over this! Xandy and the HA desided to pull a bold move and go to the Original United Universes to see the Lougers and see if they can help getting the ban undone! Espeically when the stunt has riled up UIS' enemies and made them more creditable in due to this, along with the feared revelation that the Dark Rads are already holding a ceramony to pick a new would-be VA to get the lost reign back in order, and that both sides are working for the mastermind who did this, The Bond Destroyer, a netourious Mothron who has a long rapsheet of creating fallen Uniters by destroying their legacys and leading them to a path of darkness, while causing choas along the way for the sake of it. Now the Bond Destroyer is cohersing the Lougers' enemies to give them trouble as well, just so they are kept from reversing Gazelle's condition! Can the HA help the Lougers smack some sense back into their enemies and get them out of the way before Bond Destroyer complete's his plan for Gazelle to further aggrovate the growing taint of darkness?

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