Even dispite the heroes' best efferts and the success of snapping the Villain Teams out of their determination to take advantage of Gazelle's woes, Bond Destroyer succeeded in turning Gazelle into a Dark Uniter and had tainted the Uniter Blade with dark powers. Now the Bond Destroyer will use Gazelle to usurp the Mothron Emperor for his control, as it turned out that Bond Destroyer was a disgrunted adviser who was exiled for continious conspiracites against the crown, turning Gazelle into his weapon to atthive this and become the new Mothron Emperor and finally have the Mothrons win against the Lightflies! After both Lougers and HA were helpess to stop Gazelle, because of her power and that they couldn't bring themselves to hurt her, Bond Destroyer takes his new weapon to the Mothron Planet to see out his goals. It doesn't go any better as the Grand Council are overwealmed by the rising popularity of the barrage of previous defeated UIS enemies challanging the Grand Councilers into elections Warson and others will ineditably lose, and the Dark Radicals' ceramony of picking a new villain team is already underway! The Lougers and the HA are forced to turn to the Clam Lounge Squardern, along with all their AUU and Isolated allies, to work togather to stop the rise of a UIS-Hating Grand Council and save UIS from that, stopping the Dark Rads' ceramony from being successful, but most of all, stop Bond Destroyer and Save Gazelle!

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