After Bond Destroyer is defeated, The Dark Rads' Ceramony Ruined and all anti-UIS nuts back in their place of being hopless nobodies, Gazelle being saved but willfully suspends herself from the Lougers and the AUU to seek out the Lighfly Queen to do something about her firy social-justice based tirades, never wanting to go through something like that ever again, and all due apologies are made, the AUU Games are finally ready to begin. There are 6 teams, 3 of each representing the USRA and UIS. The first game is King of the Mountain, where the teams have to reach the top of a giant mountain covered with obstacles with flags and the last one to reach the top is eliminated. But there's one team, Team Phi, who has a serious problem. They snuck in with false papers about being champions because they were banned from gaming events for doing wrongful things out of denial, usury, and haggle, and should this act of criminal lying be discovered, they would be disqualified, especially since a former bully user and team member in a rival team, Team Pi, recognizes them, sees through their ruse, and blackmails them into willingly losing. But the Lodgers, understanding the pain the team is in, regardless of representing UIS, try to make them stay by giving Team Pi karmic justice, especially when it's discovered that the leader of the USRA owned team of PI is another USRA Nut that wants to cheat his way to claiming contested systems for the USRA races, and should be disqualified.

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