The Alternate UUniversal Grand Council, sometimes just called The Grand Council, is the top ruling group of the Alternate UUniverses. They were originally founded long ago to serve as a minor branch of the United Sentient Races Alliance as their public form of communication since they were busy with other problems, particularly the slow crumbling of Globex Industries, hence forth why there were several mentions of 'The Grand Council of Old', but it was disbanded when the USRA crumbled. But later on, it was re-founded after the Interuniversal War to serve as the anonymous Legion of Dominant Races' means of communicating and providing for the AUU, and keeping them in peace and harmony. But they must sometimes use their power to face the evils in order to maintain it. They also created, commanded, and provided for the Heroes Act. The Council consists of many councilors of great worth, and are lead by Headmaster Warson.


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Grand Council of Old Meetings Time Table.

Modern Grand Council Meetings Time Table.


Main Grand Councilors

  1. Headmaster Warson- The llama-like leader of the Council, and not only looks over the laws of the AUU, but he also reports them to the anonymous Legion.
  2. Councilman Jarvis- A blue jaguar-like feline who is known for paying contributions to military and law-enforcement policies. He was a former military general for his home planet who moves up to the highest rank during the Interuniversal War, and as a result, he gained enough experience to be a member of the AUU Grand Council.
  3. Councilman Rishon- An amphibious salamander-like councilmember who had been known to have been disgusted by racism against other races in his youth, and got angry at anyone who discriminated against them. This built up to the point where he finally snapped and made friends with Councilman Jarvis and help bring his thoughts in racism to the AUU Grand Council.
  4. Councilman Inigo- A bird-like dinosaur who was a former diplomat and senator for the Ichgee System of The Animal Square Province. When his time as a senator was up, he decided to pay diplomatic contributions to the AUU Grand Council, and became one of the most famed diplomats of the AUU. He also has a son who serves in the Union Against Religious Abuse.
  5. Councilwoman Bayo- An oryx-like antelope who was a former tradeswoman for the economy of her home planet until she decided to improve it by making laws as a member of the AUU Grand Council. She regulates all trade routes going across the AUU, and maybe even the ones going to the Original UUniverses, and she makes sure that trading is not used for anything malicious.
  6. Councilwoman Lotus- A chameleon-like lizard who hails from a planet of agriculture and environmentally-friendly technologies. But when her home town suffered biological warfare thanks to the Villains Act, she marched up to the AUU Grand Council, and her thoughts on counter-terrorism and anti-terrorism got her a one-way ticket to membership. She makes sure that terrorism is not wreaked on any other planet, and will not hesitate to show no mercy to any terrorist.
  7. Councilman Calixto- A lynx-like feline who not only contributes to law-enforcement and the military like Jarvis, but he is the contributor of the Heroes Act. He helps look after the Heroes Act as a leading figure, and briefs them on the missions they're required to do, mostly with help from the Shell Lodge if the missions require more assistance.
  8. Councilman Naeem- A parrot-like bird who helps tend for tribal communities and low-Teadr communities. Since he has formerly been a scientist who studied the evolution of races, he started caring for tribal races and wanted to make sure they are kept at peace. He serves as the enforcer of Teadr-limitation laws and wants to make sure nothing happens to them.
  9. Councilwoman Taleen- A marsupial marten who contributes to public-relations laws and makes sure that the laws of other councilmembers don't be taken the wrong way and are fair game, once being the President of her home planet. Though she can be stern when being a councilmember, she is wise and will show sympathy to those who suffer.
  10. Councilman Galeno- A marsupial shrew who contributes to economics just like Bayo. He makes up for his size by having high martial-arts skills and some vast knowledge in corporate morals, which he learned as a former capitalist that was ruined by corrupt corporations. But he redeemed the mistakes quickly by turning the corrupt corperations to the grand council and correct and even removed the faulty laws.
  11. Councilman Oswin- A semi-aquatic rabbit who was formerly a grand warrior of Carbungia, and raises a single son named Chase who would one day become a member of the Heroes Act. When he joined the AUU Grand Council, he had to leave his home planet and take his son with him, separating him from his best friend in the process. He has the least experience in politics and being a councilmember than any other member, but he does contribute to the laws of the other councilmembers.
  12. Jling Sling (Soon to be replaced by Kung Hao)- While Jling Sling didn't contribute to anything in the AUU Grand Council, and was only there as an undercover member of the Villains Act, Kung Hao did far better than him after his former servitude for the genocidal dictator Xerxes XX, and would help world recover from Villains Act disasters and ones unrelated to the VA, and even aids in the relations with the Original UUniversals including the Shell Lodge.

Minor Councilors

To represent territory more thoroughly, the Grand Council created massive parliaments of minor grand councilors that represent each universe, or just Minor Councilers for easier saying, that run much of the AUU's territory.

Alpha Parliament

  • Counciler Kvacus- The Minor Counciler of the planet Sorama and the planet/system's representive.
  • Counciler Juguumuu- The Minor Counciler of the planet Igrall and the planet's representive.
  • Counciler Birus- The Minor Counciler of the planet Empyrean and it's primary representive, along with the system.
  • Counciler San Heilos- The Minor Counciler of the planet Angella and representive of the entire Tromethaeus System.
  • Counciler Homous- The Flaboyent but still regelly dressed representive of the entire Raintrix System.
  • Toonciler Wacky McZappy- The representive of Cartoonworld and it's system, who has the hapit of wanting in being refered to as "Toonsciler" by his peers as part of his cartoony tradition. He's a living exaggerated steriotype of burocrates.
  • SSA Representive D'arwin- A minor grand counciler representive for all of the Society of Sentient Animals in being a representive for their group.
  • Counciler T'imeout- A minor counciler representive of Irpheis System.
  • Counciler Karrvarria- A minor counciler representive of Solomorn and a known defender of athisum and that of the UARA.
  • Komena- A Minor Counciler and female Yree representive of her people and the Crii system, of which she maintains a dominating presence amongst the councilers.
  • Counciler Crystonns- A Minor Counciler Representive of Cyphum and it's system.
  • Counciler Jokokomaka- A minor counciler representive of Yikzarth.
  • Lord Manandrious- A minor counciler representive of Zumas as a result of HA intervention for the planet against an anti-tecknowagey reign.
  • Counciler Mamas Mias- A minor counciler representive of Francico.
  • Chairmen Toa De- A corperate chairmen representive of the Globrunx system sent forth by the Globex Confederation of Corporations.
  • Counciler Boonaz- A minor counciler representive of the Exemplyds, their home planet and system.
  • Counciler Syntheius- A minor counciler representive of the Synthans, their planet and system.
  • Counciler Emsembler (Impeached)- A minor counciler representive of Ensemple and once the representation of the original Ensemple. However, it's coming to be under the control of an Anti-UIS nut lead to the Councilers fear of a UIS retailisation, thus Emsembler had to be impeached even when he tried to insist that what happened with the new leadership is NOT a true representation of the REAL Ensemple. He was also subsiquintly arrested by UIS for being assusiated with a planet now known as "A Skeetrazoid's Nest of UIS' Haters". Emsembler would become a broken sort ever since, dying alot on the inside as Ensemple continues to be a point of contention, now being ashamed of being an Ensemplian.
  • Counciler Oopser- A minor counciler and representive of Orophia.
  • Counciler Goldeesia- A minor counciler and representive of Auretheos, it's people and system. Queen Novo-like in personality, she is overtly ambitious and has dreams of taking the Aurethers into USRA assendtion. However, she processes a VERY extremely negitive opinion, and holds quite a grudge, for the Ehswans because of the ever netourious stunt the Ehswans pulled with taking away their Teadr 1 status because of the assendtion not being done naterolly. So imagine what her reaction would be if the Ehswans ever come back, nor the revulation that the Ehswans were tecnecally respondsable for their Teadr 1 assendtion to begin with?
  • Counciler Metalico- A minor counciler representive of the planet Silworx who always stressed the impourence of treating sentient bots with dignity and respect, not just to prevent robot revolts and the rise of robot overlords, but to treat their creations with respondsability and not treat them like playthings. He became a faverite for robot rights advocates, but also the ire of anti-robot rights groups, espeically a certain crazy ape who's name ryimes with "Tobogace".
  • Counciler Jiee Juie- A minor counciler representive for Thimik.
  • 7Dash99- A robot representive of Kamen.
  • Intellectdrone J78- A robot representive of Gophram.
  • Counciler Jui Moo- A Minor Counciler Representive of Maronis.
  • Count Fangcus- A minor counciler representive of the infamous horror story subject, Vaarcovania.
  • Counciler Poxxian- A minor counciler representive of Proxoll Prime.
  • Minor Counciler Whyvert Von Octovious (Currently Missing)- A minor counciler representive of Vinzotyx and an adovcate for racial respect and tolerence that was a much valued and respected ally of Rishon. He ended up going missing around the time he was going to start a campaign against The Tibella Inquizition, a netourious anti-otherworlder group where everyone assumed he was assassinated by an agent, when really, he was kidnapped by another but different xenophobic group, The Zoopremacists, to be corrupted into an ironic shell of his former glory to be weaponised against an AUU Zootopia world that ended up not working in the long run. Rishon had missed him greatly ever since, that he has refused to let a new representive take over what was once Whyvert's to respect his legacy by preventing someone who may not be as dedicated to making better race relations then he was.
  • Counciler Breezy Le'mon S'queezy- A minor counciler representive of Breezso Prime, it's system, and caretaker of the Interdimensional Transportation Portal.
  • Sir Jiryirson- A minor counciler representive of Triysk and it's people.
  • Counciler Nikapoon- A minor counciler representive of Enclin and it's people.
  • Counciler UUNIOS- An omnican brother of a late hopeful Omnican governor and minor counciler representive of Gontroy and some worlds.
  • Counciler Manzoam- A monk/bishop of Omni Prime and minor counciler representive of the Omnicans.

Beta Parliament

  • Toonciler Tooniuis- A friend of McZappy and also an adopter of the idea of being called "Toonciler" and minor counciler representer of Townsten and the system.
  • Counciler Cryszan- A minor counciler representive of Chrysalon and it's people.
  • Counciler Aholaus- A minor counculer representive of Peezitar.
  • Counciler Hoi Kaoa Khan- A minor counciler representive of Zo.
  • Counciler Higgor- A minor counciler and representive of Iro System.
  • Counciler O. Possom- A minor counciler representive of Torthon and it's people.
  • Counciler Kaanga Ru Jac- A minor counciler and representive of Acrilles and it's people.
  • Master Qu Wu- A minor counciler and representive of Verus.
  • Counciler Ca-Puko Buzz- A minor counciler and representive of the Zarphalls.
  • Counciler Mu Ta Tion- A minor counciler and representator of the Muton Socities.
  • Counciler Dagvoz (Impeached)- A minor counciler and once representative of the planet Yinelex. However, when a controverseal religin lead to a rape of a minor but enfluence council member, it lead to the religen's disban after the council's many years of distaste torwords it, not helping that Dagvoz was a defender of this religen, even if not nessersarly practicing it himself, but because he cared about religious rights, thus leading to him to be impeached from his position and living Yinelex with no representation anymore.
  • Counciler Sulkie- A minor counciler representive of the planet Fyrrhenosis and it's people.
  • Counciler Portable- The Minor Counciler and representive of both Portus and Ne-Portus.
  • Counciler Xoog- A Minor Council Representive of Xagotooine.
  • Counciler Blarrrg- A minor counciler and representive of the Qlarg.
  • Councilor Seymour Bythybook- A representive of Auseklis and a netourious law absolutist. He's been a persistent foe to the Color Consteilations for a good while.
  • The Colour Constellation Representivses- A series of representives that represent the color systems.
  • Councilman Jirk- A representor of the Nexther system from Voldrum and a netourious critic of Souvis' "Unrealistic Religen". He was the enfluenceal Counciler who's wife got violated in Yinelex and saw to it that the planet was banned from ever having representation ever since with Dagvoz' removal. Jirk has since grown to distaste religen has a whole, Souvis' philosify of peace being the most irksome to him, espeically that they weren't even minorly thankful for the Grand Council's part in saving Souvis from the VA's attack and still sticking to their guns that peace would've been more preferable.
  • Counciler Gouon- A minor counciler and representive of Rezle System.
  • Counciler Telemootus- A minor Counciler representive of Telser System.

Gamma Parliament

  • Counciler Jlinky- The Minor Counciler representive of the planet Bint.
  • Counciler Igma Z'noon- The Minor Counciler representive of the planets owned by the New Ultimum Province.
  • Xomn Representive Zomn- The Minor Counciler and representive of the Xomn race, it's system and planets.
  • Counciler Hippie Dippie- The Minor Counciler representive of Bartroy and a very impourent figure for voting for evioment regulations, and commenly someone who is amongst those that protest to things like oil drilling bills and other attempts to revitalised fozzel fuels or anything with a risk to have even a minor negitive effect to the evioment, just as much he has been known to advertly protect against attempts to remove a spieces from an endangered spieces lists even when the spieces has pretty much recovered to least concern.
  • Counciler Figginhowser- The Minor Counciler representive of Terxellthum.
  • Counciler Ghjads- The Minor Counciler representive of Golsoy.
  • Chairmen Pen E. Pincher- The Minor Counciler and business representive of Bray.
  • Counciler Griffman- The Minor Counciler Representive of Qroy.
  • Counciler Joosazamo- The Minor Counciler Representive of the Oopsimo System.
  • Counciler Fat A. SSemaaos- The Minor counciler representive of Pabulum.
  • Counciler Richo- The Minor counciler representive of Bovoi.
  • Counciler Wetto- The Minor counciler representive of Aqorica.
  • Counciler Dreinus- The Minor Counciler representive of Hydraino.
  • Counciler Bubbly- The Minor Counciler Representive of Bubboino.
  • Counciler Gurggle- The Minor Counciler representive of Glugania.
  • Counciler Andrew D. Roid- A Minor Counciler representive of the android community of Tellow.
  • Commander of Represention Sea S Alt- A Minor Counciler and commanding officer of representation for Rusult.
  • Counciler Hasdamnit- A Minor Counciler representive of the Benhaben System.
  • Counciler Shu Si Toyota- A Minor Counciler and representive of the planet Sujimus.
  • Counciler Szent- A minor Counciler representive of planet Hingar.
  • Counciler Whoo P. Cousion- A Minor Counciler and representive of Jokalivia and it's people, the Jokedons.
  • Counciler Hye Breid- A minor counciler representive of Siepox.
  • Counciler Com P. Uter- A minor Counciler representive of Loyia.
  • Counciler Rarecatcher- A minor counciler and the hammy representive of the planet Qur, who covered his outfit with rarium to flaunt the wealth that came with it.
  • Counciler Defferson- A minor counciler and representation of the Augeans and the system of Nordeim.
  • Minor Counciler Sir Goldenhart (Resigned)- The former minor counciler representive of the Ugoldest System that pre-UIS times had advocated for the unbanning of Astro Lasers and the Nova Titans purely as a means to unrestrict the potaintional for good, but years of being deemed undesireable for his beliefs lead to him to resign from the Grand Council, thus leading to the system to become more UIS leaning.
  • Chancellor Kall (Resigned)- A cousin of King Jall and Prince Cill and the minor counciler representive of Waeetis, till he had to momentary resign to help Cill become a proper king apawn Jall's arrest, unaware of the true reasons behind Jall's true motivations of what he has done.
  • Counciler Ju Mu Gu- A minor counciler representive of Seourus.
  • Counciler Jix Tix Xio- A minor counciler representive of Ustrao.
  • Counciler Jaiteor- A minor counciler and representive of the Daitens and the system.
  • Counciler Bigo the Huger- A minor counciler and representive of the Garganulas and the system.
  • Counciler Gxax- A minor counciler and representive of the planet Aboafronoe.
  • Counciler "Big Bob"- A very large and encharged minor counciler representive of the planet Sioephus.
  • Counciler Jressgesa Ganali (Resigned)- A sorrowful once representer of Ibrjuna and sister of Master Ganali, before her brothers actions made her resigned in shame of how he acted out and how ruined the planet became.
  • Vyeper Group Representer Viggus- A minor counciler member and representor of the Vyeper Group and of their native system.
  • Chairmen Cashin- A minor counciler and chairmen representive of the mega-corps of Occil System.
  • Chairmen B'ig Bu'cks- A minor counciler and chairmen representive of Collyx.
  • Chairmen A'ver Tisement- A minor Counciler and chairmen representive of Plazma Corporation and Gygax.
  • The Messeract Representives- The Representives of the conflicting factions of Messeract end up bickering with eachother more then with other concilers, proving how great the planet's devide is.

Delta Parliament

  • Counciler Caeserus- The Minor counciler and representive of the Xora System.
  • Counciler Freekamek- The Minor Counciler and representive of Goaeclite and it's people.
  • Counciler Hawkens- The Minor Counciler Uncle of Radcliff Hawkens and representive of the Keubrics side of Keuca.
  • Counciler Nicemile- The Minor Counciler Aunt of Stephanie Nicemile and representive of the Keucanics side of Keuca.
  • Councilman Nkarl- A minor counciler representive of Eslurn and defender of it's tecnological rights.
  • Counciler Zomando The Representer- A minor counciler represnetive of the wide-spanding Phend influence in a good chunk of the Tilocrum Sector. Dispite being a not as radically religious as an unfortunate large amount of Phends apart from the likes of defecters,  Zomando still faces controversey that the Grand Council accepted a representer of the ever controverseal Phends, defended only by Caeserus, and other Phend sympathiers like Rishon himself. Zomando came in to try to reveil the good in Phends made corrupted by the sadness of losing an Omnican good and how the Phend beliefs are hijacked by the ever more dangerious Qoklara Musa So, which translates to "We Rightious Few", as he aims to make sure that what goes on with the zealotic side of the Phends does not represent what Phends could be as a whole, and is a known defender for Defecting Phends and would be quick to defend them against a world that threatens to not accept them and/or if a planet was prosicuting them, and has been known to be espeically punishing to Phend Hunters, wildly quick to insist that the Hunter is not to be sympathised with for something the fault of radicals and must be judged on how he "coped" with the tragity, while still being careful to not de-legitimise said tragity but state that it must not mar judgement and justice, believing that if the Grand Council is tough on Phend Hunters, it would discourage faith in the Qoklara and make the zealotic Phends question things, though just as much he's quick bring punishment to captured Qoklara members to show he offers no bias torwords his spieces, espeically not any radicals of of. This process has been 50/50, as the controversey ceased being overtly serious, but councilers beyond from open sympathers have still yet to have shown genuine interest of even so much as a conversation.
  • Brass General Ja Tass (Exicuted)- Once a Minor Counciler and Representive of the Fangpo Colonies and a known prime general and the member of the Brass. Ja Tass was netorious for having a big mouth and unafraidingly opinionated, known for being nothing short of a provokative imbecile! A particularly infamous and netourious place in history was when he delivered a very provokative and insulting speech during the Grand Council's meeting with the Phend ambassitor in what was meant to be peace talks and a time to make amends, but Ja Tass proved to be an embittered fucktoid overlty still mad about the exicution of his ansister over the assassination of Mazor, and held no punishes that made the Ambassitor leave in anger as councilers but the mains foolishly backed Ja Tass. This was mostly short-lived as Terror Month became an end result, as worlds that backed Ja Tass in the Tilocrum system crumbled as an ineditability from attacks and invadtions, with counciler in representation of those worlds kidnapped in secret to suffer the greatest indignation they will ever reshived for supporting the degradsion, resulting in Phend rule, as outsider systems were scared from backing up Ja Tass as he alone was forced to fight to have Terror Month ended, and only succeeded thanks to an event out of his grip when people overwealmed against the Qoklara's leader and seemingly finished him off. Ja Tass returned to the council expecting a hero's phrase, but instead was booed and yelled at by no longer so grateful councilers in how terror month made everything worse! As thus, Ja Tass was arrested and given a very short open-shut trail, and was quickly exicuted as a means to prove to the Phends that they were the true victors and that the Grand Council denounced Ja Tass for what he did. As a result, the Grand Council to this day, refused to have a new Fangpo representor to make sure the Grand Council stays away from another risk to another Terror Month, even more so with the nefarious close call that the prevented attack was going to be on the Nexx Tower.
  • Counciler Sandos- The Grief stricken Minor Counciler Representer of the equillity controverseal Iallog, a planet made netourious for being "The Terrorest Factory Planet" and how it was sort've the wrong planet to get advice on how to deal with problems. The poor counciler has been known to drink himself into stupers ever since, haunted that Iallog is both guilty of a good chunk of the AUU's problems and an inspirtation in the wrong sense.
  • Counciler Ceepass- A minor counciler representive of Offrond, who was a rather reknown Heroes Act critic and saw the continuation as redundent.
  • Counciler Kai Ju- A minor counciler and representive of Xaijira.
  • Counciler Barhamaow- A minor Counciler reprsentive of Forwako and the system.
  • Counciler Songindalas- A minor Counciler and representive of the Zewinsaurs and their plant, system and colonies.
  • Counciler Wekser- A minor counciler and representive of the Wesks and their planet.
  • Prime Commander Jarkoff (Deceased)- A Minor Counciler Representive of Korthos and the Korthosians, and was a rather controverseal figure for being a continuer of the Korthian tradtion of being a rough millaterry group. He went to lead fight and defend his home planet from VA advancement, and had forcefully ordered his soldiers to be present at all cost, not even letting "excuses" like seeing dying relitives be an excuse for absint, wanting absolute perfection for his desired perfect defence of Korthos. However, Jarkoff's demand for perfection would cost him greatly, as Colonel Beacher became a very dark end result of this cruel demand that lead to Beacher betraying his people and leading to Korthos' capture to the VA, as the quickly cowerdly Jarkoff tried to escape, only to be captured, and then been subugated to a public exicution by the VA to sever all Grand Council ties to the planet. Korthos has yet to see a replacement representer ever since, in due to the Korthosians being ashamed that their traditions have lead to their own downfall and that idiots like Jarkoff were ever taken seriosuly.
  • Prime Minister Brit Tan- A minor counciler and representive of Usuabloth.

Epsilon Parliament

  • Counciler Jeltic- The Minor Counciler and Representive of Kelton and it's people.
  • Counciler Googoo Gegoo- The Minor Counciler and Representive of the planet Gooorytan and it's people.
  • Counciler Cornelious Hackagon- The Minor Counciler Representive of Mieber come after the HA and the Lougers resloved it's netourious Freedom Vs. Safety dilemma and halted a rebelion problem gone bad. He has lead the path of re-establishing Mieber's famous trades, if now they focus on more harmless medical drugs and synthetic beer then what the older trades were like. He is a member of the ruling Hackagon clan and is a distent cousin to Gamton and Rea Buhl.
  • Minor Counciler Slade- The Minister of the bird part of the Animal Square Province and a Minor Counciler Representation of that system. He bares the status as being abit of a jerk, AND being a known USRA critic and UIS sympathiser. Had it not been for the Province's USRA-leaning tendingies, he publicly stated that he would've had the province have a UIS allience partnership a long time ago, but is only tolerating consorting with being in a USRA-backed group because of desires of respecting what the people "Currently" want, though he has no fear of deeming this to be "A Phase" he figures the Province will one day let go and see how unfuntional USRA-hood is, where there he would begin his UIS ambitions. He is also the Uncle of Aero Slade, which, like the rest of the family, viewed him as the controverseal estranged uncle they prefer not to talk too much about. The minister is like this because he has his own desires for independence as well, and had prefered that if the allience stayed clear of USRA affiliations.
  • Counciler Ximzam- A minor counciler representive of Xerus.
  • Counciler Binnzos- A Minor Counciler representive of Aie Prog apawn the Tibella/Aie Prog's liberation from the Tibella Inquizition.
  • Counciler Nexus- A Minor Counciler representive of Thexus.
  • Counciler Skyrus- A minor counciler representive of Gygia.
  • Counciler Preet Ty Byrd- A Minor Counciler and representive of the Paradisoids and their worlds.
  • Councilmen Blamas- A minor counciler and representive of Caribungia, who is more famous for being a complaining waste of a seat then actselly contributing to something. The Blamas clan were the main arctitects to the famed Djurango ship, which crashed in Eslurn. Counciler Blamas deemed this to be the loss of a family legacy, and has desired to get the ruined ship back ever since, defelupting a hateful atttude torwords the people of Eslum, not helping that he's also an rabid supporter for the laws against excellerated advancement, even on something an accsident, thus he has been a scorned rival of Nkarl ever since, and would seek out any means to both finally have his fmaily legacy back AND to send the planet that benefited from it back to their proper Teadr level, and the bonus of getting Nkarl out of office out of being a spiteful doughebag about it. He is also rather resentful of the fact that the Grand Council fails his attempts to de-tecify Eslum because they saw no practical reason to beyond just giving Blamas a personal gain, of which the growingly bitter counciler had aimed to get that practical reason ever since, even if he had to get dirty to make that practical reason.
  • Counciler Botpodimus- A minor counciler and a machine representer of Axthone and it's socity of robots that once had an issue with organics. It was also once a victim of being enslaved by Roboface, who dispite the laughable name was the planet's worse usurper the planet faced until it was free from him.
  • Counciler Jix Bix Xoy- A minor Counciler and representive of the planet Juluwa and the system.
  • Counciler Nudo (Impeached)- A former minor counciler and representive of Gymnia who was impeached by, pretty much everyone in the council room, for showing up naked in the council room constintly due to what the planet was infamous for. The Grand Council has promise to let Gymnia part-take in the Grand Council once again if a new representive agreed to wear clothes, of which Gymnia had refused.
  • Grand Master T'oadstool- The Minor Counciler Representive of the Fuucgus Race and planet.
  • General Representer Ka'boom- The Minor Counciler representor of Klenamark and the founding idea maker of Team Sonariath.
  • Counciler Pandora- The Minor Counciler representive of Vandora.
  • Counciler Peerus (Deceased)- The Minor Counciler of Peerbon and representive of Peerbon and it's people. However, Peerus was known to suffer a very weak heart that not even a cardiac stabliser wasn't able to completely fix, that apawn discovering the news that his homeworld was taken over by the then new VA, the tragity proved too greatly for him that he litterally died of a broken heart in that the shock of the news gave him a fatal cardiac arrest, where he was already declared deceased apawn the ambulence's arrival. Peerbon, even after it was freed years leader, still struggles to replace him in due to being on the path of recovery and that no one feels that they can repalce Peerus.
  • Councilman Jakamor- The Minor Counciler of Jenovis and elected representive of the tragic violent conquesting of Jenovis, which had no prior represention before Jakamor, where Jakamor was the only opition in a wave of civilian refugees and those too trumatised to represent anything if they're not even aware of their own existence. That said, Jakamor wasn't exactly much better off. He lost his family to the attack, redusing him to be an angry, embittered old man that automaticly calls for the worse into VA members even before a sentence was desided. Jakamor became symbolic for a tragic figure, even dispite his unpleasent personallity and even more unpleasent burned off tail, of which prevents regeneration. And Jakamor would only suffer further woe later into his life, should he learn about a certain secret founder of the VA.
  • Counciler Huxjes- The Minor Counciler and representative of Jeuxans and their planets.
  • Counciler Dyeno Saur- The Minor Counciler and representive of the Saurans and their planets.

Zeta Parliament

  • Minor Counciler Igstink- The representive of the insect branch of the Animal Province and a friend of Minister Slade. Though Igstink isn't as quick as Slade is to have any preference to UIS due to the generious things the USRA had offered his system alone, espeically on how planets like Ovor enjoy a great useage for the USRA's garbage and fears that a departure for UIS faverisum could deminish or undermine this, along side the fact that UIS are strict recyclers and rarely, if not at all, believe in sending garbage to planets. He's pretty much Minister Slade's own Jiminy Cricket who keeps him from over-romanticising about UIS, even if for a petty reason on how the Opassap system thrived in garbage donations and is afraid that UIS preference would indiffently discourage this.
  • Counciler Creeky Cheek- A minor counciler representive of the Cirions and their system.
  • Counciler Hotdamn- A minor counciler and a stern, uber serious representive of the Vellans and their system that is very annoyed of her people of being assusiated with sex and has completely denounced sex to show how serious she is about it. She also processes a mean Lady Tremline-like stare that scares even the most determined of perverts and gawkers to quickly mind their own business.
  • Lady Bina- A minor counciler and representive of Jomos.
  • Counciler Gerden- A Commissioner Gordon-like figure and minor counciler representive of Tarcidon.
  • Counciler Hol E. Day- A minor counciler and representive of Harbanisan, though only for as long as Harbanisan is able to be willing to stick around with USRA forces due to political climates concerning the planet getting friendlier with the Bruddlefish race.
  • Counciler Peace N'sirene- A minor Counciler and representive of the planet Hoihoi.
  • Prime Commander Kom Mand- A minor counciler and prime commander of the Keppellan race and their system.
  • Counciler Baaad Temperis- A minor counciler and representive of the Zorns, who is netourious of being even more bad tempered then his own people.
  • Counciler B'ucktooth- A minor Counciler and representive of the Aborbs and their system.

Eta Parliament

  • Counciler Thyan Zuu- The Minor Counciler and representive of Usuka.
  • Counciler Jhixsio Mokatookia- The Minor Counciler representive of Casjiro.
  • Counciler Jo-Panjira- The Minor counciler representive of Veujhu.
  • Counciler Purrrson- The minor counciler representive of the Irids and their planet.
  • Counciler Gibbits- The minor counciler representive of the Iovons and their planet.
  • Counciler Lexxo- The Minor counciler and representive of the Lexibites and their planet.
  • Counciler Johnson- The Minor counciler representive of Xenaros come the truth of it still being fine thanks to the Lougers and the HA.
  • Counciler Juke Munbay- The minor counciler representive of the Chrogtons and the planet of Goalax and the replacement of his brother Nuke Munbay, who sighs in depression of the latest stupid thing his brother does and always apologieses for it even when people already understood he couldn't help it but let him anyway because Juke lives in regret on how he failed as a brother for Nuke.
  • Minor Counciler QuioGuio- A minor counciler representive of Quiorex and it's people.
  • Greggo The Mighty- A famed warrior in the position of politics to represent the greatness in his people, the Xaros, and is the minor counciler representor of them and the system.
  • Counciler Cruid- A minor counciler and representive of the Gruid race and system, and just like them, he's loud, obnoxious, messy, and crude. But he at least paints the perfect picture of current Gruid socity.
  • Counciler Promitvius- A minor counciler representive of the Promenans and their system.
  • "The Sub-Suprimist"- A minor counciler and the "Sub-Surprimist" of the Haelics.
  • Counciler Navatin- A minor Counciler and representive of the Avatans and their, "System". Under the guise of a normal enough counciler, belies a crony and a stooge for Queen Valdorra to monitor for any posability of trouble, as if to be hiding something.
  • Speaker of Oranos Jikikijix- A minor Counciler representer, or speaker, for Oranos and it's discovered people since the Lougers and the HA helped out. Jikikijix came into this position to make sure embittered fans of the old Oranos Stragity are reminded why this change came to pass to make sure the Cryonoids don't see a return of their hardtimes.
  • Prime Commander 99th Class Warhead Mongrel- The absolute representive of Warboth and it's empire. He is unapologenticly strict and quick to a drill sargent-like fits of yelling and demands.
  • Minor Counciler Lio N. Fartin- The Leo Lionheart-like individual and representive of the Eampapor System and the Mammel part of the Animal Square Province, serving as it's chancellor. While a good friend to Minister Slade of the Bird Part of the Allience, he is EXTREMELY cautious about Minister Slade's positive outlook to UIS as suppose to "A safe neutrol indifference as best" as he would coin it, worried that in being assusiated with him, it would cost him re-election, or at the least the USRA lovers' vote, espeically since Eampapor enjoys a good thing with the currentcy troupe in Ergorox and Eothor, along with Globex presence in Ericort, and the presence of USRA prefering companies in Eafaron and Eatitarion, and to him, an Animal Province made friendlier to UIS, while not anti-capitalist thanks to the presence of the Coraaks, are usually VERY restrictive on corperations, espeically those not UIS and/or Coraak owned, and not exactly very trusting to the Troupe and Globex in being love-children of USRA legacy, which would lead to heavy-handed regulations that'll scare these businesses away from Eampapor and lead to economic collapse, even with being under the care of BEIG and whatever tec UIS offers independent of Globex, which is both bad for the Animal Province in that it will cripple a part of the allience, and that it's bad to Lio cause it will cost him a chance to be re-elected, so has often firmly but fairly, with hint of stern, insisted to Slade to not "Tweet Pretty Songs and Phrases to UIS" publicly to not upset the USRA races and the Grand Council, and would prefer to keep the Province of being a USRA leaning group and "Keep in that way", cause even as a friend, Lio is not hesitant to distence himself from Minister Slade and any possable pro-UIS movement to avoid being dragged down in a ineditable decline of popularity.
  • Counciler Eggface- The Minor counciler and representive of the Ovalman Empire and it's controled system.
  • Counciler Morgaborg (Impeached)- A former Minor Counciler and representive of Blublarg and it's people until their decidion to refuse the Atonts the right to colonise the planet lead to Morgaborg to be the subject of woe. For refusing to cave-in and defy his planet's wishes, while admirable for not giving-in to peer pressure, the Grand Council were forced to have Morgaborg impeached for refuseal to accept a demanded deal, thus leading to the Blublargians to have UIS friendly espects and lead to the system to be infamously contested.
  • Counciler Nickatin- A minor counciler and representive of Nicon.
  • Minor Counciler Slither- A minor counciler representive of the Ichgee system, the reptile part of the animal square, and a succeeded student of one of the system's wise leaders, Slither is the gentlest, soft-spoken representive of the reptiles of the system, even for a Narconda, and is also a friend of Minister Slade of the bird dominated part of the allience. With Ichgee having a rather minor interaction with USRA enfluence, with only Iwiha XI being the case, Silther doesn't see much finacel nor personally benefiting risk of making the Animal Square Province more a friend of UIS, thus making her much more supportive to Minister Slade, hindered by her one rule for her to fully back him: She only goes what the people have deside, not what leaders want. And she knows that even dispite the minor enfluence, the reptiles of Ichgee largely appresiate the USRA, even dispite lack of reptile representation aside from the Tiikens while UIS can have a number of reptiles to pick from and how much more powerful they can be, as she acknowledges that the Ichgee care little for representation and power, more so on what they do with it. And in her understanding, the people of Ichgee find UIS's power wasted to self-satisfy political beliefs and agendas rather then doing something desireable and what people want, even if it had a great risk of being ill-placed, that UIS is blinded by an illusion of control, that though well stablised, will fade eventually, as they see UIS forces as vastly un-enlighten and afraid of things going wrong all the time while shunning the idea of ever trusting the USRA, faults and problems aside, under the pocession of wanting perfection in where mortal limits can't offer. Aside from that, Slither is otherwise the kindest and gentlest to Minister Slade about his UIS asperations and not held back by petty worry of losing USRA related rewards for it.
  • Counciler Vertse (Deceased)- A minor counciler and representive of the Helsen-Vertse System, and the mind-father of VertSpek, an internet of sorts for all Vert-Bots, in envisioning that VertSpek will become the greatest force for good and lead the AUU to a better place. However, a month before VertSpek was to see completion, Vertse ended dying from an anfibian cancer that was causing him to get disfigured and mutant additional limbs in disgusting ways. In his final request, he wanted his personality, thoughts and memories transmitted into VertSpek so he can still see his creation grow in some aspect, so as such, his family agreed to it and placed their beloved Patriarch on a device that would transfer his brain engry torwords the exspearimental VertSpek. Alas, though it killed Vertse as an organic, it reborned him into the now sentientised VertSpek, pushing the completion process sooner then intended. However, thanks to Vertse's then trusted assitent and designated system leader, Leader Boing Crank, the well meaning polo oppsite but gutless cowerd brother of Roboface, would end up inadvertingly ruining Verse's dream for VertSpek, where after a nasty injury that lead to Boing framing the Vert-Bots as revolters, VertSpek and the bots were forced to pretend to be another case of rogues to prevent the system from being deemed a traitor, and to protect the dream. Cause of the system's state, a new counciler representive has yet to be picked.
  • Counciler Kispice (Missing)- A minor Counciler Representive of Sispice that was intended to join in just around the time of when Sispice began to have it's Chaybdran problem. Kispice ended up being among the victims and was turned into a Chaybdran. Thus, the Grand Council and the USRA races had worked pain stakingly to try and resolve this mysterious concern ever since.
  • Counciler Xexcom- A minor counciler and representive of the people of Ralchum, a planet made infamous by the conflict with the Conglomeracy, who struggles to maintain the control of the planet and his seat due to the group's persistence, their declaration of independence from USRA standerds, made worse by UIS backing, and now that the other councilers are considering maintaining the planet a fruitless venture and are debating on that maybe it's for the best to surrender the planet.
  • Counciler Kaedin- A minor Counciler and representive of the Paedians and their system.
  • Counciler Kin Xin Din- A minor Counciler representive of Jonorx.
  • Counciler Joonoomoo- A minor counciler and representive of Yortex.
  • Grutto The Representor- A lawful grutt minor counciler and representive to.... Pretty much the Grutt and Pharcum owned Isheegus Sector due to their vast enfluence and how they own a vast majority but two or so systems. He even ended up having an entire section of where seats would've been to himself and some personal aide and guards as a result. He can be rather eccentric at times and often ends up focusing more on being pampered then paying much attention to Grand Council meetings unless it is a serious and/or dire enough impourence that he HAS to pay attention, espeically when it involves Isheegus.

Theta Parliament

  • Counciler Magico- The minor counciler and representor of the planet Magelio, and it's magic and users.
  • Counciler Hidrain- The minor counciler and representive of the Hydrans and their system.
  • Counciler Zniszno- The minor counciler and representive of the Shizards and their planet.
  • Counciler Hotrod- The Minor counciler and representive of the planet Autores and it's system, which are famous for being sentient vehicles.
  • Counciler Crownes- The Minor Counciler and representive of The Crowne Empire. Counciler Crownes is the most impourent member of the Theta seats because the Crownes hold the larger influence of Theta, whether it is appresiated or not.
  • Counciler Notsonic- The Minor Counciler Representive of the Zagoons and their planet.
  • Counciler Chimini- The Minor counciler representive of Chimerum.
  • Counciler Oborlodeon (Deceased)- A Cunone minor counciler representive of the famous ruling Oborlodeon family that came to own the entire Adora system, that dispite tecnecally being apart of the Cunones as a whole, the Oborlodeons wanted to be represented as their own force. However, thanks to the forever infamous mistake of the family rejecting the political advance of Doc Gearhard, the family was usurped, and Counciler Oborlodeon was assassinated by an assassin probe releasing venomious centipede creatures in his bedroom in the Nexx's Bedrooms to prevent Grand Council intervention.
  • Counciler Fisher- A minor counciler and reprsentive of Wa-Tah System and it's inhapitence.
  • Counciler Dna- A minor counciler and representive of the Renacouri and their system.
  • Counciler Naboo- The Minor Counciler and representive of the now famous Nimboo and it's people.
  • Counciler Genenosis- The Minor Counciler and representive of the Gaxanoids and their planet.
  • Counciler Mind R. Eader- The Minor Counciler and representive of the Zyonoids and their system.


Each member of the Major 12 have their own specific ability of laws to benefit and protect anyone of the AUU from any form of danger, evil, and even corrupted branches of government and corporations. Each member specialized in a certain law/rule that contributes in the AUU in many ways imaginable. Warson is universally about all those laws being leader, but each of his colleagues specialized specifically about a certain trait of law.

Headmaster Warson

Headmaster Warson, being the leader of the Grand Council, universally deals with all the matters that his members established during their entry in the Council. But ever since the fall of the Villains Act, he has the most important law of regulating Inter-UUniversal relations between their UUniverses and the Original UUniverses since it will be needed for their coexistence. He is sure to improve relations to the new and 'strange' UUniverses as much as he can, especially since they shared the same great heroes who rescued them from their horrible dystopia: The Shell Lodge Squad.

Original UUniverses Relations Regulations

  1. Common Courtesy- Most laws of the Alternate UUniverses and the Original UUniverses are to be recognized and respected by each other, as Warson believes from knowledge of races that they are free to have their own beliefs unless it is not considered very lawful. This is mainly for Alternates that come to live in any of these two UUniverses. This restricts intoducing AUU non-sentient creatures into the Original UUniverses, as the same trade rules apply here, and even stricter diplomatic policies are enforced.
  2. Unauthorized Villain Immigration- Villains in both UUniverses are forbidden to come on opposite UUniverses for any reason under penalty of either a large fine or months of house arrest. This became especially enforced after events like when Darkness Qui first came to the OUU and interacted with the native villains and the Skeeterazoid Invasion. Ships that travel through the AUU Interdimensional Portal are routinely inspected to avoid stowaways of non-sentient and sentient varieties, and to avoid dangerous and unfamiliar weaponry and to make sure it is not introduced there.
  3. Prisoner Custody- Custody of prisoners are allowed to be exchanged by request of either side. Qui was the first of this due to connections with Shell Lodger Cynder. Though some regulations have been made to limit the exchange based on the villains' power and influences.
  4. Embracing OUU Ideals- Embracing of Original UUniversal ideals is allowed, and has been on a noticeable rise when the Lodgers are allowed to partake in certain Heroes Act missions.
  5. Immigration- Alternate UUniversals can be allowed to visit or even live in the Original UUniverses as long as it's not for malevolent intentions. Though any violation of this law will be given a penalty of exile and deporting back to their respective UUniverses.
  6. Unauthorized Colonizing- Alternate colonizing of either UUniversal worlds is strictly prohibited, and worlds and systems that act on their own accord will be fined and the offending leader will be removed of his position. This can only be allowed if it is desperate, such as the case with the Psychozoans.
  7. Inter-UUniversal Warfare- Wars against both UUniverses for any reason is strictly forbidden, and can be severely punished through execution or life imprisonment depending upon how serious it is. Even if the Lodgers decide to make a controversial decision, it will still not be tolerated. Both UUniverses must not be blamed for anything that might spark a war, even if it is to protect a race it is strongly against, like during any attempt to eradicate a species. This is done as an act of eternal thanks and respect for the Original UUniverses for housing the heroes that saved their UUniverses, and it would seem disrespectful to make an act of war for alternate beliefs.
  8. Inter-Council Relations- Strong relations with the High Council and Grand Council needs to be kept up in great levels, considering that they technically 'own' the Lodgers. This must also include police forces and hero groups of any origin, and attempts that threaten any police force or hero group into disbanding is punishable by both Councils.

Councilman Jarvis' Contributions

Councilman Jarvis got into the Council for his presentations about improving law enforcement and military, but at the same time, making sure they don't end up doing it in a way that makes them look racist and more violent than the criminals and terrorists they're suppose to be the opposite of. Jarvis focuses solely on law-enforcement and military powers while Councilman Rishon handles more of the 'racial relations' issues, making Jarvis one side of that spectrum.

Enforcement Laws and Military Regulations

  1. Equal Rights- People of all genders, races, beliefs, and planet origin are allowed to join enforcement, and all subject to the same rules all must follow.
  2. Abusive Issues- Sexual Harrasment, Physical Abuse, Racial Abuse, Abusing Ahority, Use of Fatal force if it wasn't really called for, and violence against civilians of any kind is forbidden. Any violation of such results in being kicked out after getting a fair trail.
  3. Desertion- Desertors of Millaterry must always get a fair trail to get an understanding why they would abandon their duty. Jarvis thinks that sometimes that a soldier needed to see a dying love one for the final time and superiors were making it dillicult. He believes treating desertors unfairly and without considering their side of the story causes them to turn evil, and his case is easily proven by General TexCommander Dartagnan, and the most imfamous, Colonel Beacher. If a derserter is needed to be punished, it has to be a fair one. Kicking them out should never be concidered if the deserter did it for family or being unsure of even wanting to be in the millaterry anymore due to fear of being killed or mental concerns. Punishments are restricted to community service and mess hall duty. If a kick out is to be forced, it has to be done with respect and understanding why the derserter wanted to leave, and the derserter must not be declaired a planet wide disgrace. Jarvis uses Beacher as an exsample of doing that will create the most dangerious villain ever.
  4. Limited Weapons Clause- Police enforcement is forbidden to have weapons more powerful then a simple hand lazer gun unless allowed. Police enforcement agencies prone to make questionable mistakes or have a controverseal reputation are forbidden being "Millaterriesd" unless the planet was in a time of uncerten crisis. Jarvis thinks police shouldn't become a mini millaterry, espeically not those with controversey concerning certain issues.
  5. Torture Clause- Millaterry based organisations and planetary security forces are forbidden to torture captured POWs. Even if that prisoner is a member of the VA itself, Jarvis doesn't believe in doing methods the VA would undoubtingly do. Getting infomation through torture is never garrintied to work, let alone for the actual benifit of anyone.
  6. Execution Clause- Killing is only exclusive for self-defence only. But it's must not be done to those that seek a "Sueiside by cop" death wish.
  7. Diplomacy Clause- Negosiations to any kind of wrong doer is a must for serious situations, like hostage situations or if a fanactic is on the verge of doing the biggest strike in history. Police are momentarly allowed to use lazor sniper rilfes set to stun to disable the offender if nessersary.
  8. Respect for Heroism- All police/millaterry personal must rekindise the Heroes Act as a needed good. Intentionly seeking to make them look bad results in being removed from position. Millaterry/Police personal need to understand and respect what the final word the Heroes Act say, even if it conflicts on how they wish to deal with the problem at hand. This implies espeically for the Lougers, since they did saved the universe from further VA chaos.

Councilman Rishon's Contributions

Councilman Rishon entered the Council at the same time Jarvis did, being more into the racial problems that AUUniversals face. He introduced and passed a good number of equality laws that prevents discrimination, xenophobic abuse, and uncalled-for hatred, even if it was because of long-forgotten and distant wars. Rishon believes that those who are victims of discrimination, as well as the discriminators themselves, can easily become villians and fanatics for their uncalled-for hatred of another race, often for sad tragedies that were best left forgotten, and thinks society needs to learn to forgive and forget. Rishon uses the infamous Gordon the Animal as an example of how dangerous discrimination on both sides of the spectrum can be.

Equal Rights/Anti-Discrimination Laws

  1. Equal Labor- All races must be allowed to get jobs of any kind, and get equil pay. This law applies espeically to Globex Industries.
  2. Equal Respect- All races, even known violent ones, must be treated with respect. Espeically so to ambassitors.
    • The Oswin Byline Law- A race must not be blamed for the actions of a bad enough indidvidual unless proven otherwise that the bad individual is proven not to be alone into this. This is currently a law being debated on being improved on to disinclude the "unless factor" due to concerns of hypocatcy in the languise.
  3. Religious Discrimination- Realigenious discrimination on races is not allowed. Not even if the race has simularity to the realigen's "demons", it's not fair to treat races poorly for it. However, it's not exactly a strongly enforced law since the Grand Council otherwise has too much respect for religen to avoid intergalactic insodents, but this law is being enforced solely by the Union Against Religious Abuse. Cause of it, the union earned some respect from Rishon that someone takes that law seriously, but is conflicted of being open about it due their own controversey of making questionable desidions over it.
  4. Extinction Clause- Races endangered of extintion are to be treated with the upmost care. Such races included the Rotards speices.
  5. The Gordon Law- The "Gordon" Law forbids the geniside of races, even if they commited nasty atosities against a victimed race. It's a currently pending law due to the "Individual Law" having conflicted interests unless it gets corrected.
  6. Xenophobia- Xenophobia, the fear of other races, as well as being xenophobic and xenophobic beliefs, are outlawed. Rishon beleives that Xenophobia creates villains. It makes the Xenopobes into villains, it turns the victims into villains, it's an all around evil philosofy to him. Again, he uses Gordon as an extreme exsample, as well as Xerxes XX.
  7. Genocide Clause- Speaking of Xerxes, ever since his tragity, it's been forbidden to attack another race over mundane things like accsidental property damage or even so much as a childish prank. For now on, all such matters must be handed in a Grand Council court to discuss how to civilisedly resolve the issue. It has been co-named "The Xerxes Law".
  8. Feuds and Conflicts- A pending law being made espically for Frunoblax. Feuds for racial reasons are extremely forbidden and any leaders partaking in it are to be removed from power. The law is universeally appresiated, and it was only delayed because of more intermediate concerns at the time, but most of all, Inigo insists that it's not good diplomity to force people to stop fighting like that and it's better to let things resolve itself unless there's proof that it's not gonna be resolved on it's own and that it's only gonna get worse, which soon enough will, and the law will be passed, no questions asked.

Councilman Inigo's Contributions

Councilman Inigo is an all-around-known diplomat considering his old contributions as a former senator of the Ichgee System in The Animal Square Province. It's almost predictable that his contributions to making laws are solely about diplomacy, and during his entry in the AUU Grand Council, he introduced and passed laws about always taking diplomatic approaches over taking the decision of war head on. Outside of exceptions, anything unrelated to concerns like the Villains Act must be handled delicately.

Diplomacy Rules and Regulations

  1. Words Before Wars- A planet that's a known warmongering place must always be answered with diplomacy first. Encourgaging their behavior with war only asks for more trouble.
  2. Forgiveness Clause- A planet must never be blamed for what kind of fanactical group it holds, even if it supported it or not. He thinks people can be reasoned out of a "troubling phase of their life" and be handled peacefully, and that the rouge individual(s) simply need to be removed.
  3. Tyranny Clause- A planet is not to be judged for housing a Tyrant. A basic continuation of the presvious law, and like so, the Tyrant would simply have to be removed. This also forbids judging a planet for having a dictatorship or a goverment imfamous for questionable desidtions and those would simply be corrected. The Law implies for colonised moons as well, so the likes of Governor Foul Cheese would get in trouble with them.
  4. Anarchic Clause- A Planet must not be judged for being "Anarchists". That includes judging Peerdon poorly at the time for being the base planet of the VA, for it was not their fault, and many other planets enslaved, and to Ardalicron for being the Space Pirate capital of the universe, rekindising that Arda had a rotten exspearience having a goverment and desided to be rid of that. By all means, visits to anarchist planets are still restricted purely for safety reasons cause sometimes places like Arda do have legitamently bad individuals that would take advantage of any overly curious fools that ventures here.
  5. Harmful Relations Clause- Planets that have controverseal beliefs are not to be judged or attacked for them, asentually a law he made with Rishon and a few minor members. Sometimes wars are aimlessly made caused of conflicting or even controverseal beliefs, like say one planet is realigenious, another's athiest, one's capitalist, another's communist. Those things are known to natorllay go after eachother cause of fear and conflict of interest. Inigo asentually prevent those needless wars by ushering the law. Cause of it, it more or least made the planets, while they still don't approve of eachother's beliefs, have more postiive and respectful outlooks for eachother. This protacted planets turned Athests by the Union espeically from being charged after by realigenious planets.
  6. Systematic Relations Clause- Systemary alliences, like the The Animal Square Province espeically, must be maintain through diplomacy when disagreements arise. Inigo, being borned from Ichgee that's part of it, sees this the most impourent law he made since each kingdom is mostly neutrol of eachother and a disagreement can easily form if anything happens to cause it. He is pending a law to make sure system allience wars are flat-out forbidden to preserve that even greater, but it might not make it in time to discourage Doctor Ogel from using 4 exsiled tyrants to momentarly harm it.

Councilwoman Bayo's Contributions

Councilwoman Bayo, being a former economic tradeswoman for her home planet, has great influences in establishing trade routes, usually for the The AUU Currency Troupe. As such, she also recognized that trades can have great powers that, if not handled responsibly, can end up doing more harm than any fanatic group. Especially in environmental concerns, basic rights, and the concern of making corporations 'unofficial rulers of the UUniverses'. So she made some strict-enough rules to prevent 'bad trades' from being established.

Trade Regulations

  1. Careful Trading Clause- Trades actselly need to be about trades. No includion of laws that hinder rights, evioment, jobs, and empowers easily corruptable corperations. This includes the likes of Copyrighted materials (As Patents and Intellectual Property) and Medicine. Things like that are only to be traded, but no includion of needlessly strict and seemingly "unfair" laws that would cause needlessly harsh laws for any copyright violations and incrise prices on live-saving medicines.
  2. Food Trades- Trades concerning foods need to be sure the planets in the trade both are currently clean and have natrol, healthy foods. Trades get canceled if artifital GMOS, altered, comtaminated, or naterolly poisonious foods are ever included to avoid easily preventable deaths.
  3. Weapon Trades- Trades concerning weapons are espeically restricted, espeically if it concerns known war-mongurs, dictator planets, or a currently unreliable govermental planet system. This is so it reduces easily preventable warpaths or conquest attempts. A simular sister law forbids trades being sent to planets at war to avoid exselerating it or empowering it to continue, which was espeically active during the Interuniverseal wars.
  4. Pet Trades- are controversealy restricted for spieces preservations. Attempts to make pets out of rare and endangered creatures has always fall flat on it's face before even a second has past to another. Pet Trades are often restricted to well numberious creatures or creatures bred by sentients, like domestic animals.
  5. Inter-Teadr Trades- Trades to Planets that are tribal, or still in their earlier stages are forbidden for 4 reasons:
    1. Tribeal beings are too primitive for tec. So it's mainly stupid and pointless to do it.
    2. Advance tec is too dangerious for lesser teadr levels.
    3. Lesser level Teadrs often had nothing of interest anyway in terms of tec, depending on planet, though exceptions like a unigte form of reshorce can change that.
    4. Some lesser advance planets need to learn to be respondsable of their own tec before being given anything from more advance races. But by all accounts, Teadr levels in 2 and 1 are allowed to trade. Sometimes teadr 3's can be allowed to trade or be traded with if they're proven capable of being respondsable and careful.
  6. Postponing Trades- Trades are to be canceled admitetly if a crisis of any kind has formed to avoid loss of trade goods or even misuse. This implies espeically to weapon trades.
  7. Regulating Trades- All members of the Grand Council must be allowed to change and amend the Trade if there is something concerning about it, even with trades that funtion independently of Grand Council interventions to avoid rouge trade being sneaked in.
  8. Trustworthiness in Trade- Both Lobbiests for coperations and Advocates for rights and evioment must be allowed to partake in any trade, major or minor. No one kind of group must be left out and another allowed only, for both sides need to be considered and debated.
  9. Fast Tracks- Fast tracks are STRICTLY for emergeny trades for when a planet suffered a crisis concerning an attack or natrol dishastor, and mainly for food, water, and supplies for shelter, sometimes weapons for self-defence if needed and if it can get passed the no trades for war planets law.
  10. Choosing Heads of Trades- Only compident Leaders of any kind can be allowed to open trades. Trade attempts by known tyrants, dictators, fanactical leaders, or just plain incompident fools given a seat in the power, are forbidden to make such powerful deals.
  11. Governments in Trade- Actual Goverments are allowed to trade. Faction Groups, whether the are hero, anti-hero, and espeically villains, are not allowed to make trade deals.
  12. Unique Trades Clause- Trades concerning unigte reshorces must consider speical conditions for respecting evioment laws and terms of agreement, espeically if it concerns a lesser teadr level planet.
  13. Energy Trades- Engery Trades must follow the same rules as Unigte Reshorces. The Engery, must also be proven reliable and safe. Many Engery Trades often fail or take longer to complete then they should because of that.
  14. Sex Trades- Sex trades are flat out forbidden! Nuff said. Bayo, being female herself, disappoves of something so anti-female as a sex trade that trades women like goods. This earned her a friendship with Rishon cause it contributes in fixing troubled planets and a few minor members who are gender rights advocates.
  15. Magic Trades- Magic Trades are the most strict, restricted, and very well monitored trades of all. Magic is easily powerful, anyone who's pathent or determined enough can use it, and it can be misused. So trading of magic are always handled with an epic amount of care and restrictions. Certain powerful spells are outright banned to be traded, certain poitons and poisons are never included to trades, and some magic staffs and other magic stuff are espeically restricted depending on what it is.

Councilwoman Lotus' Contributions

Councilwoman Lotus came into the AUU Grand Council because she was a victim of biological terrorism on her home planet of Qaclite. She is geared more on laws for counter-terrorism or anti-terrorism. Since she was betrayed by the Helix Lord and her home town was destroyed by Chuck Le Poi-Son, she went to the Council and joined after introducing and establishing laws that would ensure that nobody would suffer what she suffered.

Regulations for Counter-Terrorism

  1. Mega-Bomb Clause- Bombs with the most powerful blast are universeally illegal for all weapons corperations to make.
  2. Fanatic Supervision- Planets housing fanactical groups are to be monitored carefully! Thanks to Inigo's law, only individuals actselly part of the group are monitored.
  3. Chemical Warfare- Poison based attacks are universeally unacceptable. This is understandable concerning Lotus' personal issue against that.
  4. Biological Warfare- Viral warfare is illegal. So the likes of Narcotic are not the most faverable people to Lotus.
  5. Elemental Warfare- Use of any of the elements as war weapons or even so much for things like arson are unacceptable, so it implies Lotus isn't a fan of neither Celsius and Darkness Qui either.
  6. Cybernetic Warfare- Using robots to settle wars are not acceptable, so she esepcailly damns the Starbot Drone Series for the useage of them for VA conquests.
  7. Religious Conflict- Being Fanactics for religen is not justifiable for harming lifes, so she has a strong hatred for those like the Green Turbans. Cause of it, she has a surprisingly positive opinion for the Union for fighting against relijustus fanactics, reguardless of them having robots of their own, implying Lotus only has an issue with robots being used for fighting if it was for illgotten gains.
  8. Astrolasers- Using planet-destroying weapons, called astrolasers, is INCREDABILY taboo! Cause of it, productions of astrolasers are halted to extintion, and all known plans are destroyed.
  • Mega-Weaponizing Clause- Weapons using unigte reshorces to stop threats or even start one are forbidden. This law ironicly caused Lord Donatello to turn rouge because he had misguided intentions to stop the VA early by using a unigte reshorce to turn air into water at the price of the Peerdonians.
  • Memorial Remembrance- Iconic buildings destroyed by a fanactic attack are to be remembered in "9/11" inspired furneral partakions that are annual.
  • Lotus Forgiveness Clause- Lotus does have a reasonable side, thanks to Inigo. After the Fanactics are punished and dealt with, the races they were from are not to be judged or hated from spawning them. They had no way to easily predict ahead of time that they would turn rotten like that. This further cemented Rishon's friendship with her.

Councilman Calixto's Contributions

Councilman Calixto was typically like Jarvis, and mainly aided him in making law-enforcement and military laws much better. But thanks to the Villains Act, he was given an additional purpose that made him stand out more: being the head contributor of the Heroes Act. All Council members are responsible for the Heroes Act's existence, but Calixto has the most influence over them. Out of all of the members of the AUU Grand Council the Villains Act universally loathed, Calixto is the most hated for being the most responsible for the Heroes Act, pushing it even when it seemed hopeless, and still keeping it around when the Villains Act was more dead than most AUU dinosaurs. Calixto is always open to new ideas from the heroes and is fairly the most reasonable and less-likely to turn on them even if it's bad for them.

Influences on the Heroes Act

  1. Improvement of Jarvis' Laws- Upgraded some of Jarvis' laws so millaterry and Law enforcement reckindises the Heroes Act as a much needed good. Though some are still neutrol to them, others flat out still don't trust them, or like them for that matter. This implies for the Lougers as well.
  2. Governmental Aides- The Heroes Act must always aide goverments and planets in need against criminals. It was made back when they had the consect that goverments are good and anything oppistie is evil. This law became offitcally outdated when A simple case of Urex having space pirate problems turned into something more, and that Captain Axxus was actselly good and Foul Cheese was very oppisite of a good governor, albeit the now former governer had did learnt his lesson. It has since been upgraded that the Heroes Act need to investigate both sides of the story of a certain conflict when there are those that do things very un-villain like. This would make the Heroes Act neutrol to certain problems until they're sure one side is purer then another, and avoid the Heroes Act accsidently aiding Tyrants and even former VA Members, against those actselly more heroic then how they seemed before.
  3. Execution Clause- All VA Members, unless they surrender or if deemed un-nessersary for any reason, must be exicuted. This would eventally be undone when Crime Lord Seftin was proven more of a victim of the VA then a willful parpisipent, and would inspire the AUU, and the Grand Council, to deside to only elimate villains as threats, not living things unless choices have been run out or if a certain individual was beyond help.
  4. Race Limitation- Controverseal races are not allowed in the HA. This law would end up being used against Xandy and Clifton Clever when Lord Xandronian gets discovered for his crimes, and everything goes to shit from here. It would take a member of the major 12 themelves being proven of being even more rotten to finally correct the misunderstandings. This law would then be removed by Rishon delcairing this a racist law, with no objections from Calixto. Though the Heroes Act is still careful of accepting controverseal beings, just for the sake of being careful.
  5. Anti-Villain Clause- Former VA Members, even if proven reformed, are not allowed to join the HA. Again, this is a simple controversy avoidence law. The Heroes Act and the AUU funtion very differently then the Lougers and the Original UU. If former VA members wish to reform, they have to do it on their own accord. The Heroes Act by all means would otherwise welcome such members to have even greater understandings of the VA, but it would also lead to awkword misunderstandings to people most hurt by the VA, so former repenting VA members have to seek redemption on their own terms. This rule would cause Maverick to lose his future position as leader of the Heroes act because he tecnecally served the VA as Morte, and that it's dangerious to trust a someone with a duel-personality illness caused by magic lightning from a rare Warbothoan magic thunder into leading a team of heroes.
  6. Relations Clause- No infighting amongst heroes. Calixto wants the Heroes Act to be fighting villains, not each-other, and this rule is to ensure that. Sometimes heroes would have conflicting ideals or personal issues that cause disagreement. The hero that's the worse of it will be threaten of disincludion of the HA indiffently if it continues.
  7. Greed Clause- The Heores Act must not expect payment and awards. There would be planets that can't afford a certein price or are not advance enough to even have modernly acceptable money. This would easly conflict with those like Vincent The Magnificent who always expects to be awarded.
  8. Seduction Clause- Heroes are forbidden to be bias and take sides. It's so converversy is avoided in a situation like in the Jomos conflict where both the realijustus side ruled by misguided ruler Zealord The Zealot and the Athest side lead by Xena the Lost Warrior both had good points to them. But this law is eaisly deactivated once a side is proven more purer then the other. This is ascentually a more complicated verson of making the Heroes Act neutrol to conflicts in planets.
  9. Antihero Clause- Anti-Heroes being included into the Heroes Act is best avoided until it is proven that they're pure enough to be trusted. In the AUU, sometimes anti-heroes tend to be just as dangerious or even more then villains cause of willingless to push aside moral limits. If a Anti-Hero still has moral limits, they are trust worthy, and incapable of villain ascention.
  10. Remaining Active- This is the most impourent law of all. The HA must remain active even when the VA is already gone. Calixto insisted that they are still needed to make sure history doesn't repeat itself, cause something like the VA doesn't stay disbanned forever, and The Dark Radicals are proof of this. While it doesn't make progress of obtaining heroes quicker, it has impeded on many attempts to enact a new VA inspired villain team from forming.

Councilman Naeem's Contributions

Councilman Naeem came to the AUU Grand Council for his contributions on regulating the Teadr levels of certain tribal races because of not only his fascination for technology, and his former career of studying the evolution of a race, as well as a particular fondess for tribes, but also for the tragedy that befell a tribe that he was closely observing and studying when a corrupt and lazy senator replaced his cut off family support with slavery of the tribe as a false god, and when it ended with him destroying a dam and leading to the tides killing the chief and his daughter, he swore to ensure it would never happen again. Naeem believes that tribal races would become advanced someday, and that they should become a high-Teadr level by themselves. So he considers it important that tribal races are preserved and protected like a 'children race' and very strong and strict laws were implanted because of Naeem's very-accepted beliefs, considering that back then, a lot of the races they knew today were tribal at some point before evolving. Because of these beliefs, harming or interfering with a less-advanced race, espeically tribal races, are forbidden and punishable by a harsh amount of jailtime, which is negotiable and does include a fair trail. This also influenced Councilwoman Bayo's laws about trading with less-advanced races of lesser-Teadr levels. Outside of that, Naeem does also contribute in trades and diplomatic relations.

Teadr-Limitation Laws

  1. Tribe Forgiveness Clause- Tribal beings are not to be moraly judged for being hostile, attacking animals or sentients, or be moraly accountable for things considered crimes in normal socity. Naeem believes that it's only part of their need for surviveal like normal animals, and that in years time, they would evolve a moral sense soon and learn to better behave themselves. Exceptions do exist if a tribal leader intentionally makes it that all advance races are bad, and if it does NOTHING for surviveal in a true sense, then the leader will be tried like an advanced sentient and jailed. This would mean that the leader of the Bakudans, Crack-Jaw, is concidered "illegal" for making ships into "Demons", for religens that demonised advanced races make the tribal race "grow up and evolve in a bad way", and Naeem considers that inexquseable. He's not against tribes being hospile if it's being done cause of being afraid of strangers for survival interests, but if it's done to be xenophobic, which would often be less about survival, that's when that can't be accepted.
  2. Hostility Clause- Attacking less advance races is forbidden. Naeem thinks doing that would cause a mass panic for them and trumatised them into fearing and hating the universe, and make them "evolve badly". Attacking Tribal races for sport is ESPEICALLY forbidden, as is conguring less advance socities cause some warlords consider it "an easy prize", but Naeem sees it like a little kid being bullied by a pedophile, and considers those kind of warlords "Cheaters" and "Cowerds" for hiding behind unfairly advanced tec.
  3. Illegal Advancement- Interfearing the a Tribal's/lesser advance socity's natrol process by giving them advance tec and trading with them is illegal. Naeem believes that the lesser teadrs need to have tec on their own, and intervention of such levels is dangerious and unpredictable with their current intelligence levels. Individals caught in the practice are harshfully punished. This law does not discriminate on how well known or how powerful a certain person, group, or even a company or corperation is, a punishment is due and expected.
  4. Trickery Clause- Making tribal beings worship you as a god cause of your advance tec is ALSO illegal, and asentually a part two of the same interfearing law. This is to prevent those from passively aggressively conguring tribal beings by impressing their primitive child-like minds with how amazing the tec is. It would interupt their own growth, make them hopelessly embracive to even the most unfair laws the ruler would make, and expose them to dangerious tec they're not yet ready for, as well as a magmatude of many other concerns. The "False God(s)" will be arrested and exposed to the easily controlable subjects. This would make Naeem be espeically unsure of trusting a normally destructive weapon to be a protactive god to a primitive tribe of termite-like creatures, espeically cause of the controversey of the great weapon itself.
  5. Tribal/Low-Teadr Community Conflict Clause- Advanced Beings are to stay out of personal planet wars and conflicts of less advance beings. Naeem doesn't want the advance races to take sides in something best revolved by only the lesser teadr beings between themselves. An exception only comes when primitive but destructive and powerful weapons, like alternate nuclear, for exsample, are threaten of being used, forcing intervention of only taking away the weapons, and forcing the conflicters to finally make peace. Naeem hates nothing more then potainional wasted when the less advance race ends up destroying itself over even the most mundane things. This would be espeically true if advance tec finds itself in the war, often either because cargo ended up there by a shiping accsident, or even greedy profiteers that profit from conflict and sell both sides dangerious advance weapons.
  6. Jalladome Clause- Naeem came up with this after concerns with other Teadr 1 races aside from the Yatorans being in danger of people who wish to abuse their advanced technology. Thus, he made a clause made with permission with the agreeing Yatorans to find any Teadr 1 race, bring them back to extinction before any malicious force can do so first, revive their society, and ensure that they and their technology, as well as livelihood and reputation, is protected, regardless of the reasons of being lost or extinct. It was given a name after the treachery of the Jalladome Confederation, the worst Teadr 1 raiders, who wish to use Teadr 1 technology for self-empowering means.

Councilwoman Taleen's Contributions

Taleen is the public-relations member of the Grand Council, and is the most responsible of making sure laws truly favor the people and not exclusively goverments and the 1% high life. Taleen has a habit of accepting universally-accepted things more than universally-unaccepted things, leading her to end up having atheism abolished for intergalactic respect, not realizing that it can be done for good via the Union Against Religious Abuse. But she is open to alternate perspectives, and makes compromising rules that makes both sides winners. Taleen is by no means religious as some would assume for abolishing atheism, she just counts religion as a right since many would give some religions criticism for being different than what they believed in.

Civil Rights

  • Abolishment of segregation.
  • The right to have a democracy, monarchy, or any acceptable government type.
  • Contributed in preventing law-enforcement and the Heroes Act from being racist and biased.
  • The right to abortions. (Former exception: unless religenious reasons say otherwise. The exception was abolished after the Gregamoon situation.)
  • Pending the end of the death sentence.
  • Pending UUniverseal gay rights. (Conflicted by religenious rights)
  • Abolishment of religious prosecution.
  • Abolishment of atheism. (Would soon be abolished when Athisetisum can be used for good).
  • The right to religion. Would soon be recognized to be just as corruptable and abused as political and magic powers.
  • Free cyber-network (Internet for example) protections.
  • Freedom of speech protections. (Ironicly respondsable for Anti-Grand Council Rebels).
  • Pending abolishment of genocide as punishment. (But it will be given a great push forword soon enough.)
  • Pending taxes to the rich.
  • Abolishment of governmental tyranny.
  • Abolishment of dictatorship.
  • Abolishment of Communism.
  • Abolishment of false-advertising.
  • Helped Bayo in making fair trades.
  • Aided Naeem in lesser-being interactions laws.
  • Supports Calixto in Heroes Act rules.
  • Helped Rishon in racial relations.
  • Contributed to some of Jarvis' laws for enforcement.

Environment/Animal Enforcement

  • Ending the dependence of logging.
  • Ended the desperate need for fossil fuels, aiding the likes of Eroxxon Corporation to fight off the anti-alternative fuel tycoon campaign brought from the disbanding of the USRA and for an non-transferred contract.
  • Enabled alternate energy sources.
  • Empowered the Endangered-Species Protection Laws.
  • Abolishment of poaching.
  • Abolishment of black markets.
  • Illegalized nuclear power or warfare.
  • Halted ivory trade.
  • Restricted foreign unsentient species from being introduced.
  • Ended unauthorized animal experimentation unless one is voluntary or donates his/her body to science.
  • Restricted hunting seasons greatly.
  • Ended unauthorized colonizing of unsentient animal planets or sanctuaries. All planned colonizing must be interviewed, reviewed, and the colonizers must be made to follow environmental safety regulations before proceeding.
  • Halting use of pestilence against insects and introducing environmentally-friendier methods to deter pests from eating crops, but without killing them.
  • Illegalized oil refining on water planets for the favor of the environment. This inclusion was made to prevent more like-minded fish like Aqua Regia from rising, and because Taleen felt awful she didn't prevent this sooner.
  • Ended the need for oil and other unrenewable resources. It further powered the alternate fuel industry. The law doesn't affect lesser-advanced Teadr levels by Naeem's request, insisting that the law should only imply to them once they get an interstellar spaceship.
  • Illegalized pollution of planets, both land and water.
  • Pending of reversing Pharagu and Bulech as junkyard planets and restoring them to their naterol glory. It's the most difficult law to pass due to the fact it was made by the USRA, which had much more authority than the Grand Council even while disbanded, and Taleen needed the approval of the Legion of Dominant Races to see it through. The absence of the humans made it the most impossible since they're needed for this as well, when Taleen otherwise has great support, even from the Yurans who were originally responsible making Pharagu and Bulech junkyard planets to begin with to slove a trash crisis.

Councilman Galeno's Contributions

Galeno got into the AUU Grand Council because he is about serious economics. But he's always sure not to do it in a way that harms the rights of people, and knows better than to become a corporate puppet. Galeno is considered a god to the AUU Currency Troupe for his mind for ecomonics, and is considered a titan of money when he's about as big as a shrew. Galeno has some inclusion into trades with Bayo and was there when Taleen closed the oil and fossil fuel industries to help make alternate fuel industries just as profitable, and even more than the previous. He has his fair share of making sure economics never butt heads with rights and the environment.

Economic Regulations

  1. Corporate Lawsuits- Corperations are not allowed to sue goverments for making laws against certain interests and must accept it. Failure to comply, and losing the lawsuit, results in the corperation being shut down, and refounded in a more faverable position.
  2. Corporate Greed- Corporations shouldn't choose money over rights of employes and consumers, ect. He's espeically enforcerful of the The Globex Infernus Rule about CEOs that behave like this. Not even Globex, espeically cause they're the ones who caused the mess, is above this.
  3. Corporate Renegades- Corperations that are or behave like Corruption Co., an accsidental creation of the infernus rule, and a former Globex branch, are delcaired a renigade corperation and all things it creates and helped create are delcaired illegal.
  4. Anti-Competition- Big Businesses are not allowed to tramble small businesses. Anything anti-competion are not allowed.
  5. Mergers- Mergers are restricted and monitored, espeically between big companies. Mergers would only allow to go through if it won't effect compitions.
  6. Forced Loans- Banks are not allowed to force depts on those currently incapable to pay them as of yet. They need to be able to get better in life before anything else. To further encourage this, charites are declaired a godsend to prevent needless conflict between banks and the comman person.
  7. Cyber-Network Taxes- Cyber-Network Taxes, such as Internet Taxes, are outlawed. Mainly to be respectful to Taleen.
  8. High Prices in Society- All Entertainment and Internet corps are not allowed to give sky-rocket prices to their comsumers.
  9. Inflation- All prices of anything in the market must be given approbeate prices. That only changes for speical sells.
  10. False-Advertising Fine- Like Taleen, he's particulary against false abterising, and made his own continuation that if the abertising is proven false, the company will be force to pay a hefty fine for it.
  11. Political Finances- Corperations are not allowed to influence political campaign finaces. Each canidate must all be given an equil chance of being elected. This implies to even the Grand Council to avoid "dark money" cheating.
  12. Bribe Clause- Bribes are not acceptable to any govermental system.
  13. War Project Funds- Funding for war projects are heavily restricted.
  14. Illegal Project Funds- Illegal projects are never allowed funding.
  15. Respect for the Poor/Middle-Class- The Poor and Middle Class have rights and protections against being mistreated by the rich. And the Rich are made to pay fair shares, contributed by Taleen.
  16. Economic Intervention- Planets with Economic meltdowns are delcaired "Troubled" and for whatever reason why the issue exist, the planet needs economic intervention.
  17. Economic Saviors- Once launghed a campaign to reclaim the currentcy troupe from the VA called the "Economic Saviors" campaign to save the troupe from being forced to fund the VA's madness. It was anti-climaticly and tecnecally successful thanks to the Lougers.

Councilman Oswin's Contributions

Councilman Oswin's place in the Council is considered relatively new, and he is a very busy person, not just for being a Councilmember, but because he is a single father with a son that dreams to be a hero, and will eventually join the Heroes Act. So he doesn't have anything spefic to do. But he has contributed in helping improve upon laws. Though he has one or two current improvements.


  • Forced Relocation Law- An act which he was very familiar with during his warrior days. He views the act of forcing a civilization to be relocated for any reason as something unethical and wrong considering how much of an impact that civilization might have on the world itself, not to mention the bond the citizens have had in their homes there, considering it an act of stealing territory and destroying entire cultures renowned throughout entire worlds for selfish things such as land development or prejudice, thus this law would accept no pardon, not even for a barely justifiveable reason, as he once defeated someone who did so for such a reason. This being said, this law is not perfect as it ends up inconvincing those that want to take their ansisterial planets back from long established invaders, like with the Racon-Rocans, nor would it be able to effect groups that make a declaration of independence from the Grand Council, like with what occures in the Orill system, the law being limited to those that want to adhere to them and that declarations of independence and/or being afilliated with UIS, with their own declaration, would allow them to legally bypass this otherwise well intentioned law, firmfully proving that the word of law is more suggestion then commandment to some. Thus, critics often end up declaring this "UIS's Faverite Law", because of how it inconvinces those that want their ansisterial homes back and favers the home usurpers if they fit the criteria of being there long enough to count as "Native" by a stupid tecnecallity by the time of the law's birth. Cause of it, it was pretty much why Oswin prefers to only help make laws better then introdusing his own, because the one he did made, felt like a failed pipedream that only served to make Forced Relocaters adapt then cease, along with giving victims of pre-law forced relocations reasons to find UIS more appealing.


Councilman Jarvis

  • Improved some enforcement laws.
  • Ensured military restrictions have fair punishments.

Councilman Rishon

  • Made sure racial-relation rules are followed seriously.

Councilman Inigo

  • Improved diplomatic systems.

Councilwoman Bayo

  • Made sure trade requirements are taken seriously.

Councilwoman Lotus

  • Some contributions to her restrictions in counter-terrorism.

Councilman Calixto

  • Contributed to any change in the Heroes Act regulations.

Councilman Naeem

  • Contributed in some of the lesser Teadr-level interaction regulations.

Councilwoman Taleen

  • Contributed to her public relations laws.

Councilman Galeno

  • Most contributions to economic regulations.

Kung Hao's Contributions

Jling Sling never really contributed to anything, especially since he was with the Villains Act the whole time and nearly had an entire species wiped out. When he was proven to be unreliable, Kung Hao took up the position of making regulations of dealing with disasters that were either caused naturally or caused by the Villains Act itself, especially after owing it to the race that Jling Sling wronged. He had many unique ideas and the other members appreciated them.

Disaster Regulations

  1. Ignoring Disasters- No planet is un-deserving of intervention from faceing a bad enough dishastor. Esepically considering lessor level Teadrs.
  2. Denying Provisions- No planet is to be denied provisions, even if they're normally a universeally unfaverable race. No race deserves to be left behind because of their controversey.
  3. Countering Disasters- No potainional threat is to be ignored. Even if it was from a pretty minor fanactic organisation, no threat is empty and must be countered.
  4. Neighboring Wars- No Advance War is allowed to attack Planets not involved in the war. Any planet in a war that attacks a neightbering planet not in war with it will be forced to drop it and mend the wounds and damage it done.
  5. Holding Responsibility- All faulty invention dishastors must have the inventors held accountable, and be made to make amends.
  6. Cancelling Malicious Trades- Any World a victim of an unintentionally or outright rotten trade deal will be allowed to walk away from it and the trade gets canceled.
  7. Civil Rights- Civil rights are forbidden to be abolished, as well as evioment laws.
  8. Diplomatic Immunity- Diplomatic immunity is to be granted only to those trusted to be respondsable with it.
  9. Conqueror Clause- Conquest victims need the most attention, and the Conquesters must be made to pay fines or simply reverse their transgressions.
  10. Unethical Warfare- Delcaring war without a just reason, any reason at all, is not allowed, for it is viewed as fruitless.
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