AUU Interdimensional Portal

IDP Portal

The Alternate United Universal Interdimensional Portal, or IDP 8000, is an interdimensional transportation system created by Alternate UUniversal mankind in the 20th century as a means of discovering alternate dimensions. But when the Villains Act began, the humans were blackmailed into fleeing through the portal to a dimension they nicknamed The Tranquility Zone for their own protection. The portal itself is extremely advanced, and can be expanded to allow anything to pass through like people or transport. It currently serves as main transport between the Alternate UUniverses, and the Original UUniverses, located on the Planet Breeszo Prime.


The technology for this portal was created with help from an Alternate UUniversal race called Yatorans, which had invented a device called a Quantum Drive, which could bend time and space. This not only gave them the gift of time-travel (Which was far too strict and dangerous for use), but it also meant that the Yatorans might have the ability to travel to other worlds outside their own. With the help of the humans, they succeeded in using the Quantum Drive to create several IDPs throughout history. Each model started small, only able to allow beings to travel through, and not transport as large as space cruisers. But when the 7th model came through, the Yatorans came up with the idea that the next model might work in allowing vehicle transport by using antigravity portal nodes. By 1990, the IDP 8000 was created on Breeszo Prime. The portal could be expanded with the use of a control panel. It wasn't until 1993 that the two races decided to test the IDP, and discovered The Tranquility Zone, which was a single universe that contained little to no life. When the humans decided to colonize this dimension in 1996, it didn't take long for them to terraform their first planet. But then, in 1997, the Villains Act was founded and threatened the humans' safety. The humans were forced into fleeing through the IDP 8000 to The Tranquility Zone, which they had named right then, and spent their time terraforming planet after planet until they populated almost every single one. They kept an entire library of animal and alien DNA called the BioCodex to help them populate their worlds, and even preserved millions of plants to fill the planets with breathable atmospheres, and since then, they've been living in peace. It won't be until 14 years later that the Villains Act would be stopped, and the Portal would be used as a gateway between the Alternate UUniverses, and the Original UUniverses.


The portal and the main node is fusion-powered. The node contains a fusion reactor core to power it up. The node is large, and contains 4 Quantum Drive Nodes, which bend time and space and allow the portal to easily open a gateway from one dimension to the other. The node has a holographic control panel which is designed like an iPad, which is very easily operational. The node also has an antigravity drive inside of it that controls 4-24 antigravity portal modules that are responsible for opening the portal. The modules are controlled by the control panel, and would be moved to the position needed, and when activated, they open a blue portal. This portal requires 4 modules for each kilometer of length, making it's maximum length and width 6 kilometers, where no existing space cruiser is bigger than that.

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