The Uniter Hunters are back and have kidnapped Gazelle while joining forces with Junjie and Friends. They used another weirdly-named invention of Galaxhar's to turn Gazelle into a child, and intent to have her sent into an AUU planet filled with what they believe are "Soul-Sucking Monsters", called Undezon. It is a world which is populated by Exo-Undezonans, and Undezonans which are referred to by the Exo-Undezonans as 'monsters', and they were going well in fooling even the 'monsters' after dumping the age-regressed Gazelle, in which they even made sure that they reduced her to the same young Gazelle that turned Bellwether against Zootopia, hoping that it would bring her to what they deemed to be her doom. However, apart from a bad experience with a homicidal plant named Bloomy, she was taken in by a kind cow-like creature named Mothereal. Then, Gazelle discovers a beautiful yet misunderstood society deep within the planet of Undezon and that it's only another example of a race being victimized by dark expectations. Now, Gazelle, despite her semi-controllable child mind reaped on her by the Villains Act, needs to find the exit of the planet to call our heroes to find her here, but all the while surviving against the forces of a reluctant, giant, and dutiful ruler of the world, King Goreas Gargantu, though ends up learning about the tragic history of how the USRA condemned both them and the Exo-Undezonans to the world with an exile shield that will only be opened when they establish peace with each other because of the Undezonans' original purpose of loving and caring. The only way to do that is through a prophecy involving seven pure souls, and that they need one more that is supposed to be the purest and the spark to activate the prophecy ritual. She even ultimately discover the truth behind Bloomy, who is working alongside Junjie and the Uniter Hunters to make sure they get her RIGHT where they want her. Can Gazelle survive what is basically an Alternate UUniversal Undertale, help the Undezonans with their prophecy, and complete their goal with her own soul despite it's mentally-warped obstacle in the form of her child mind?

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