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Alux Crion Rasture
Alux Rapture.png
Vital statistics
Title Alux Rapture, Rapture, Alux the Rapture, Pope of Rapture, Father Rapture
Gender Male
Race/Species Blue-Dimpled Azgrog (Azutoxox jopperus)
Faction Rapture Missionaries
Description Psychologically-Scarred, Aggressive, Out to Purge Religion
Skills and Abilities Naturally-Toxic Skin, Vibro-Spear, Mitochondrial Healing Vest, Dense Durable Robe
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Hycrim Thux, Yinelex (Beta Universe, Groid Sector, Taruni System) (Hometown)
  • Rapture Temple (Current Residence, Location Unknown)
Alignment Evil Prejudicial Atheist

Alux C. Rasture, AKA Alux Rapture, is an Alternate UUniversal Azgrog from Planet Yinelex. Alux had a really disappointing life thanks to the ironically-named 'Divine Purity' religion of the planet that has an infamous reputation for a lot of things, and the worse and most infamous was the hailing/denial of rape as actual rape, and instead being more like 'something that is part of the divines' plans'. As a result, he was a child born from a rape by the nefarious priest of his hometown, Priest Shiet, who wanted nothing to do with him and left him to die, only to be rescued by atheist homeless people. He learned that Shiet was his father and decided to make him pay for introducing him into an awful life. He did this by breaking into the sacred temple of one of the religion's founders, stole his corpse, chopped it up, and then burned down the temple itself. Shiet and the other priests were angered as Alux revealed himself as the son he abandoned years ago and called him a monster. As payback, Shiet had Alux excommunicated from his religion, and he ended up getting locked up for forced entry in a religious site that lead to an accidental injury, and was also constantly prosecuted. Eventually, Alux made a family of his own, earning himself a good name with the atheist community for his accomplishment at the sacred temple. However, Shiet, believing him being excommunicated from the religion he loved wasn't enough, decided to even the score by having his own son's new family captured and crucified for 'disgracing purity'. Having been his last straw, Alux got revenge by raping the wife of a minor-yet-strongly-influential member of the Grand Council, and framed Shiet for it, being easy due to their identical DNA and because of his reputation. But ironically, despite the Grand Council being responsible for abolishing atheism, they were not fond of the religion Shiet was a part of because of Yinelex's religion has an ironically-impure history of violence and cruelty against the LBGT community, woman's rights, the minority, were anti-abortionist, and worse, males had better rights than females and their views on rape, which is an insult to rape victims that to think that the 'divines' planned their suffering. The result was the Grand Council having to order Legion soldiers come in and purge the world of this religion, destroying all churches and executing members, including Shiet as the first to go, and thus abolishing it forever and, after making it legal, made atheism the new dominant source. The planet hailed Alux as a hero for reporting Shiet's 'crime', but then it got worse when the Union Against Religious Abuse came with proof exposing Alux's deception despite Shiet being a legitimate criminal responsible for rape crimes and that the religion was not worth keeping. The people then labeled Alux a deceiver for ending the religion in a very unethical way, and was shunned by the atheists who once loved him. As punishment, he was exiled from his planet forever, as Alux was disgusted that they 'didn't understand that he was avenging his family', and was able to escape before being taken into custody, fleeing and still at large. This left horrible mental scars on Alux and thus he became determined to destroy religion at any cost, earning him a reputation as one of the greatest adversaries for the UARA. He has been capable of doing amazing things including gaining a private army similar to the UARA's Messiah Forces, all lead by his second-in-command Scaydes Von Griom, and he himself has gained enough power to meet his goals, including gaining a dense robe containing a mitochondrial healing vest underneath, and an energized vibro-spear with 5 additional barbs on each side of the blade. He also has a natural defense since, being a poisonous amphibian, he can use his hands to poison anyone he touches, which means far-range attacks are required and no hand-to-hand combat. And even then, he can instantly heal and recover from any heavy attack thanks to his robe being made of a dense flexible fabric that works like armor, as well as his mitochondrial vest.


Alux was born a bastard son of Priest Shiet, who disowned him for being 'something not meant to exist' according to his religion of 'divine purity', in that Alux didn't had perfect genetics "Like his forefathers" in the Rasture Bloodline. He left him to die in the streets to 'send it back where it belongs', only for Alux to be adopted by a homeless society of atheists who despise Yinelex for their 'religion-based stupidity' ruining their lives. Naming him after a biblical destroyer of religion, they raised Alux with the intent to despise religion. But the young Alux at first saw no corruption in religion and only saw the corruption in Yinelex, claiming that religion is not to blame for the corruption. Though they warned him that religion has made people 'stupid', 'delusional', and 'unrealistic', and no good could come out of it.

Despite this, Alux went into a different more pure religion against his surrogate family's wishes. He heard long about Priest Shiet and what he had done, but discovered by complete accident upon meeting him that he was his father. After learning to utter horror why he abandoned his own child, Alux swore to make him regret his sins, while still refusing to blame religion. To do this, he burned down the main temple of divine purity itself after incinerating the body of one of the religion's founders, believing that some religions really were corrupt and had to be destroyed for the good of society. Shiet confronted Alux and learned to his horror he was his son and called him a monster. Dubbing this act as the sin of revenge, Shiet had Alux excommunicated from his own religion. Determined to talk some sense into his priest, he was locked up for attempting a forced entry into a religious site to do so. He was then prosecuted many times for heresy, blasphemy, and complete disrespect to the divine purity religion, resulting in Shiet crucifying many people who agreed with him.

But Alux ended up reducing much of the hold Shiet had with the help of a girl he had a crush on. To celebrate this victory, the two got married and had a child with plans to initiate a movement to abolish the world purity religion now that it was weakened. 6 years later, Shiet was able to proselytize his entire city that mortal flaws and error are because of renouncing his religion and they need it to be the best of their being. With his religion restored to former glory, Shiet kidnapped Alux's wife and 6-year-old child, prosecuted them for 'disrupting purity', and had them crucified on a burning cross. Alux was horrified by this and the fact that the people listened to Shiet including much of his friends. This betrayal convinced Alux at last that religion truly was corrupt and that everyone who believed in it were idiots. Angered beyond belief, Alux decided to bring outside authority into the picture by raping a loved one of a minor-yet-strongly-influential member of the Grand Council and framing Shiet for the crime. But the plan worked better than he believed. The Grand Council saw Yinelex's religion as corrupt already and saw the rape of the Council member's wife as the last straw. Seeing this as a dangerous threat, the Grand Council had the Legion of Dominant Races purge the planet of the divine purity religion for good, which resulted in key members being killed in the process, including Alux's father espeically as the framed peratraitor of the act, to his personal joy He was dubbed a hero for ending the threat of the divine purity religion and the world successfully made atheism legal again. Alux became a grand figure for the planet for 10 years.

However, he was later visited by the Union Against Religious Abuse. They came after noticing that much of his achievements weren't entirely accurate and that Shiet was actually framed, though granted it was something he could've potaintionally done on his own reguardless. Threatened, Alux attempted to drive off the UARA, but all attempts ended with failure. As a result, the UARA revealed his crime to the world, regardless of what Shiet had done, he still committed the crime of rape nonetheless. The people shunned him and exiled him for his conspiracy, leaving Alux to believe that everybody in the AUU were idiots because of religion. So he swore that he would destroy religion at all costs, becoming the UARA's biggest nemesis.