Sexus. A planet ruled by matriarchical Sauropods that keep their males as sex slaves for reproductive and stress relieving purposes, but otherwise the males are greatly second class citizens and have visably no rights. Dispite being the size of houses, the Sexusians are surprisingly athletic and fit. And unbelieveably moble. Though a tribal community, they make use of left behind Ehswan tec and slowly but surely began to understand it. They already traded traditonal tribe weaponry for basicly upgraded versons. Unfortunately, the planet is now being bothered by evolution purests lead by Sir Histor Icly Accreaction, a fan boy of Naeem and a known pest to worlds having tec earlier then what their current time period should allow. Fortunately, Sir Histor is not another Eco-Realist and is a man of high standerds and his group, The Historics, are reasonable and more balenced about their beliefs. However, they're only being a bother to Sexus because an unjust matriarch of a rouge tribe is on the warpath against other tribes and is plotting world conquest and is misusing Ehswan tec to do it to create "Metal Demons" to do her battles and conquest, basicly making a robot army and taking over other tribes to turn Sexus into a world of conquest. The Matriarch is known as Matriarch Lemass, and she wants to turn the Ehswan tec into more then what the Sexusians are doing with it, seeing the potaintional to make their race greater then it should be, but was rejected by the elders because of her desires for conquests and making outsiders bow to them as a superior race. Naturally, this is an open and shut case for the Lougers and the HA to get involved. One Problem: Both the Majority of the HA and Lougers were made ill thanks to The ever annoying Jokester and his new friend Screwballer via a sickness causing plant from the AUU known as "Club-Footer" Plant, a plant that gives an un-naterally large foot and cripples the victim with that plant. Icky, Iago, Fidget, Hudson, Nanobyte and Stephenie are the only ones unsick, and Gazelle and Duke have to go capture Jokester and Screwballer for the cure, espeically when Screwballer reunited with his beloved Screwball, and in the reaching hands of Jokester as a negitive enfluence to the troubled Jokedon, that requires Uniter Interfearence. Now the Historics are made to make due with the limited heroes they have at the ready currently. Can our faverite birdbrains and the other not-that-strong heroes somehow resolve a Futuroma-Sytile Amazonian dino problem?

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