Harry Samson Higgins
Vital statistics
Title Ambassador Higgins, Higgins, Blood-Eyes, Squirty, Former Ambassador of Dodge City
Gender Male
Race/Species Giant Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma asio)
Faction Dodge City Government (Formerly)
Description Deceased
Skills and Abilities Naturally Squirts Blood from Eyes (Limited Control), Sometimes Carried a Firearm
Status Deceased
Location Pastoon
  • Dodge City (Hometown/Grave)
Alignment Partially Evil
Ambassador Harry S. Higgins was a horned toad and the former ambassador of Dodge City, Pastoon. He was killed by Mayor Albert's twin brother, Louis, after working with him, thinking he was the mayor himself. He squirted blood out of his eyes when he was nervous or threatened (normal behavior of a horned toad), and could be very stubborn at times.


Harry was born on Planet Pastoon with 2 lawyer parents. When he grew up, he became an ambassador for Dodge City. He was soon devastated when his parents lost their jobs, as well as their home, and wanted to help them raise enough money to get it back. But every chance he had failed. But by the time he had enough money to save them, they died of starvation.

Feeling grief and despair, Harry vowed to help his community anyway he could. Then came the day the mayor's brother, Louis, took his identity without Harry's knowledge, and managed to convince Harry to help him create a better community by saying that he could help millions of people gain enough money to take care of theirselves. So he hired Dead-Eye Monroe and the Turkey-Neck Vulture Bros to help shut off the water systems of Dodge City, and force the citizens to give up their farm lands to Louis. This went on for years until Icky and Iago crashed onto Pastoon by complete accident. However, because Louis didn't felt sure about Higgin's "fake" conspiracty against him sceme, or because of being darwinistic and declared Higgins worthless due to almost failing to stop the two lougers and the local sheruff, he had Higgins shot by a sectratary fox he had feelings for, who she too didn't realised what was really going on, seemingly the end of the Ambassitor... Or it would seem.


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