Pastoon's Mayor, Albert, has been haunted by the ghost of Ambassador Higgins, who has been accusing him of murder, something that was actselly done by Albert's evil Brother, Louis. Albert tried to explain, but Higgins has been dead convinced that Albert was the one who planned to make modern cities in Pastoon by taking away peoples homes, and not Louis. Higgins now plans to take his revenge in ugly levels by placing a ghostly curse on the planet to place it in a periment drought and would only undo it when Albert dies for what he did, which is almost a garrintie in a number of ways that the people, desperate for surviveal, will turn on Albert and publicly exicute him, or he would be driven by depression to off himself, or simply dying from dehydration. Either way, Higgins' spirit will get his revenge. Albert's sectreary, Mitsy Foxy, being the one who killed Higgins under what he thought was Albert's orders, can't allow this to go because of here, and she warns Garret and the Lougers and tells them that Albert needs some help against a vengeful spirit.

(I felt that the thing with Higgins shouldn't be left unresolved, so I made this.)

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