Valance Ifa Jinams
Ambassador Jinams
Vital statistics
Title Ambassador Jinams, Valley, Valley Balance, Ambassador for the Serons
Gender Male
Race/Species Seron
Faction Seron Empire
Description Elderly, Noble, Understanding to a Rival Race, Lost Natural Regeneration due to Age, Cold-Blooded
Skills and Abilities Agile, Little Experience with a Gun, Intelligent
Status Still Serving the Seron Empire
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Giris City, Serotice (Zeta Universe, Ougus Sector, Iophadark System) (Hometown)
  • Imperial City, Serotice (Ambassador Residency)
Alignment Forgiving and Good

Ambassador Valance I. Jinams is an Alternate UUniversal Seron from Planet Serotice. He is a minor ambassador who has always hated the bitter rivalry between his race and the Cunones, and didn't like how troubles went for both races, and wanted nothing more than to rekindle the races and make them great allies again. He is the son of a famous explorer who had the same thoughts about Cunones as him, and had actually inspired him to rekindle their friendship no matter what the cost.


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