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This small skirmish erupted as the series of major seriousness to follow suit.


During the times at thr Black Cauldron world, Malenificent gather Count Dracula and his monsters to reinforce the League of Villains as they ally with the Horned King to take over the particular world.

Meanwhile, pig-keeper Taran is tasked of protecting a pig named Henwyn with capable powers, aided by the Shell Louge Squad, who are protecting Kairi.

Along their way, the pig runs off and the group goes after it. They encounter a mischiefious Gurgi who ate an apple of Taran's. As they talk....


"A giant snake and two dragons? Just when this day could not get worse."- Icky

The gang hears the cries of Henwyn, who was being attacked by the Wyvern Twins, and Hissta, an old foe of Tantor of Terk. The Wyvern Twins try to grab him, but the pig evades them, though they catch him after several tries. Hissta aims for Kairi, but shenzi fights her. A brawl ensues that results with the Wyverns twins coming in and beating Shenzi and the hyenas up. Hissta and the Wyvern twins escape with Kairi and Henwyn in tow.


With the pig and the princess in the Villain grasp, taran and his Louge and visiting Jungle Crew allies plan to rescue their friend, encountering new friends along the way.

Ambush and capture of Taran or whatever

Moisode: Spongebob and Friends find the Black Cauldron


Villain League Victory

  • Hyenas mildly injured, as well as a bruzed Ego.

Shell Louge Squad Villain Leage




Horned King (via orders)


One boy

Shell Louge Squad


Wyvern Twins

  • Kairi and Henyn kidnapped
  • Hyenas seriously injured
  • Very little injures to Hissta.