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Amin Damoola

Amin Damoola is another one of Aladdin's many numerous enemies. But thankfully, Amin is just a minor inconvience to deal with. Right now, he's teamed up with Dr. Nefarious to try and get some respect these days.

Amin Damoola is a special kind of thief, the stupid kind. He and Abis Mal would get along great. Amin claims he’s the greatest thief in all Agrabah.
In &quotTo Cure a Thief&quot Amin teams up with the greatest thief’s Agrabah ever known. Amin Damoola, angry at Aladdin, helps Amin to get a magical glove from the Palace’s treasure room. It’s the first episode where we see this thief, it’s obvious that he isn’t only stupid but also very clumsy.
In “Scare Necessities” Butterfingers , Amin’s nickname given by the other thieves at Scull and Dagger because he is so clumsy. When a little, cute animal “Squirt” winds up at the hideout after he escaped from Iago and Amin Damoola at Al’s place. “Squirt” grants every wish when he feels threatened.
And it happens that he can be scared pretty quickly. Amin scares the animal so he makes a dragon appear that chase away all the other thieves. Meanwhile, Iago tries to free “Squirt” from Amin. When the monster is about to eat Iago “Squirt” becomes
brave and saves his friend by making a fried chicken appear. Butterfingers doesn’t like that and kicks it away making the dragon angry and Amin has to run for his life. Just as Iago hopes they’re safe Amin returns, say it slightly wounded. He traps Iago in a vase and scares “Squirt” instead of pie a big monster appears scaring Amin. That was the last they say of Butterfingers.
And, “Squirt”? Well, Iago showed him his own reflection and that scared him that he granted his own wish to be reunited with his family in his own world.

His third big appearance is in “Vocal Hero.” There the clumsy thief turns the Sultan into a golden statue and tries to get away with it. Iago is there to prevent that. This episode shows good how stupid the guy is. In one scene he flies off with his flying shoes on saying that he’s the best thief but in the next misses the tower that was in his flight path.
Amin Damoola would fit great into Abis Mal’s gang of thieves, maybe Amin and Abis Mal are related. Both have a mustache and a beard, both have a turban, both are stupid, both a thief’s and both aren’t very popular among the royal family.

Role in the series

Amin Damoola has not appeared yet in the series, but it is possible that he might appear when all of the forces of Team Nefarious assemble for the first time in The Thief and the Cobbler.