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Amos Morris Sulfurous
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Vital statistics
Title Axle
Gender Male
Race/Species Dyeing poison dart frog (Dendrobates tinctorius)
Faction Mercenary-For-Hire For Wormtongue
Description Cocky, Tough, Willing To Rush Into Battle, Believes He Cannot Be Touched
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Agile Mercenary Skills, Toxic Skin That Induces Illness For Days
Status Alive
Location Amphibia, The Bestiary Dimension (Homeworld)
Alignment Antihero

Amos M. Sulfurous, AKA Ammonia, is a Dyeing poison dart frog from the world of Amphibia. He is a toxic colorful frog who hails from the dangerous Poison Rainforest, where most of Amphibia's poison dart frog population is found and the people shun those who aren't toxic, not just because they could get poisoned, but for other various reasons. He started out as an orphan who lost his poison dart frog parents to a mob boss named Pokeweed as revenge from people whose loved ones died to their toxins. Being shunned for as long as he can remember to pay for his parents' crimes, he was met with sympathy by Wormtongue, who understood his plight because of the curse Bracket placed upon him. Thus he hired him to be a loyal and skilled mercenary, serving him for his goals to make a better world using Helixis. Though he is skilled and more than capable of taking on any opponent thanks to his toxic skin that can poison people for days, or even kill them if given the right dosage, he is very cocky and too self-confident, believing that he can do anything because nobody can touch him nor avoid his poisonous touch easily.


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