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Ampers Incorporated is a fictional criminal organization published in Kratos' Generation Comics. It is an unlicensed Superior criminal business which is owned by Douglas Trask and 6 other corrupt CEOs who have made millions out of illegally amping Superior superpowers. They were bought by The Bureau of Evil and were meant to serve as a means to get back at the Justice Continuum. They use Ampers Inc. to start amping superpowers so high that the Superiors are unable to control them. While the JC was having a hard time saving them when several of them died of power fluxes, they were able to save the rest. Since then, they have been trying for years to search for Ampers Inc. and take them down, and get info on where The Bureau of Evil is. So far, they still haven't found them.


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  1. Douglas Trask
  2. Laurie Lavender
  3. Jackson Ampress
  4. Orin Niche
  5. Andy Overdriver
  6. Wilbur Charcoal
  7. Ronny McGalaxy