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Amusementia is a world which is known for being a world of sheer fun, containing massive acres of funfairs, parks, carnivals, circuses, state fairs, casinos, and so much more. Though it has so many fun things about it, it still retains a fair amount of civilizations such as cities and villages. The architecture of these cities, however, is like a blend between whimsical patterns and a modern-day society. This world also has a more 'ritzy' side that holds the likes of spring breaks, and it's one of the many retreat worlds like Paradisa. It's only non-UUniversally-shared law is that 'you can never be a stiff', which unfortunately is not currently very well-defined, as the police end up prosecuting people who only look like stiffs, like the mere act of wearing a non-carnival/circus-esque bowtie and other more refined fashion or acting, sounding, or being sophisticated, or sometimes both, and the world ends up causing issues with people for that, but it's not an overall bad world. The law is just not properly made and has yet to be amended to be a bit more clear on it's 'no stiffs allowed' rule. The world is large and gives wider space for the inhabitants and lands there.


This world is much older than Earth, and has been through the same prehistoric history. However, the humans that evolved there were only limited to tribal communities, and only existed on certain islands for protection from the Ice Age predators and hostile herbivores. Though they are afraid to return to the mainland because they might still be there regardless of how they have mostly gone extinct by this point. These tribal beings now live on only 47 islands across the world. Though it was later discovered during the UUniversal Crusades by a travelling carnival business in a large space train called Brice Amusements, run by it's manager and primary icon, Jester Mickey Brice. Brice was an excited person hoping to spread across the stars for big business, and a world as big as this was a perfect place to start, naming it Brice World-001.

Upon landing, the space train started building several colonies where it's workers can live. Then Brice built a new resort city with several businesses and theme parks. This came into being the capital city, Brice City. At first, this place only got several people attracted. Then within a few more years, the businesses expanded into several more cities and theme parks. Then more people started to come, and the more money was made, the more Brice Amusements could afford more colonies and theme parks. Eventually, within 4 more years, this world became known as Amusementia, the amusement capital of the UUniverses, and more amusement companies started taking a shot at this place. Now, most of the mainland has been inhabited, and the islands with it's native inhabitants were restricted areas, while other islands were made good resort areas.

However, by early 2009, it ran into some trouble from a known protectionist by the name of Sir Stifferton Buzzing Killjoy, who didn't like the Brice Amusement company taking over a planet that clearly belonged to the lesser advanced tribes and doomed them to never evolve, declaring it an act of sentience usupe. He brought this up to the High Council and created the infamous "Stifferton Lawsuit". Stifferion had the company by the ropes and looked as if Amusementia's fate was gonna be sealed, but Brice finally got out of the funk by saying that the delfeluptment of Amusementia never harmed or even minorly bothered the natives of the planet in anyway. Cause of it, as long as the tribeal beings are never harmed and kept away from advanced interaction, Amusementia was here to stay. Ever since the lawsuit that almost won, Stifferton vowed to prove that Amusementia is a threat to the planet's natives once and for all! As a result, the Amusementia goverment was forced to put a ban on Stiffs as a result, and becaused the law was fast-tracked to avoid a quick return of Stifferton, it wasn't properly made and amended for law enforcement to tell the difference between a true stiff or someone who's just sofisicated or looks or sound like it. That ended up not helping the stance on the world of Amusementia any better then the lawsuit nearly did.

Government and Society

This world lives in a constitutional democracy, and is entirely capitalistic, whereas all businesses are ultimately owned by the president, and a second-in-command owner. The government finances the many parks and amusement parks that are located on this world. The amusement parks commonly include Six Flags, Busch Gardens, Sea World, many Disney and Universal theme parks, and many others. These theme parks are very large and cover up miles of space, ranging in architecture and rides. There also exists several resorts, beaches, swimming areas, casinos, and fast food restaurants that are also owned by the government. Though the 'no stiffs allowed' rule can be unfair to some, primally protecting the world and it's inhapitents and guests, (and in a way it's business) from harsh critics and nay-sayers that would seek to close down a ride or even get rid of everything Amusementia stands for, it's actually an evolved regulation of limiting riders that are too old or young to ride it. Though some say it still needs to be improved upon. Espeically that it steriotypes stiffs as sofisicated in looks and voice and behavior, often leading with conflicts with legitamently harmless people and runs the risk of giving the harmful "Stiffs" supporters for them to use.

Despite being a world consisting of mainly the likes of theme parks, there must also exist several cities and hotels where visitors of all kinds can stay. There are over hundreds of small communities, and dozens of cities and resort cities. The buildings all range in appearance, though have a very bizarre futuristic architecture. They have modern-day technology in the form of mobile devices, though they have been improved with the use of wearable computers, virtual/augmented reality, and advanced mechanics, engineering, and robotics for their cities and theme parks. The traffic makes twists and turns, and the vehicles are mostly electric or solar-powered. Each building has a built-in power generator which provides power without the need for electric poles and wires. The police forces are more like SWAT troops, albeit almost akin to police clowns meant to represent the spirit and funness of Amusementia, though can limit their forces and armaments when it is required.

This world, in a way, seems to compete with Paradisa, having similarities such as clean environments and large cities and resorts, but the prime differences are that prices here are not as cheap as that of Paradisa, and that again, the "No Stiffs" rule also quite seems to work against them. Though despite this, the world still understands that and sets fair enough prices for their products and services. They have power that exists in hydroelectricity and revolutionized solar energy devices which 12 hours of sunshine can provide enough energy to last the whole night. Solar panels can be seen embedded in buildings in both the cities and the amusements parks, being provided enough power to last over 12 hours.



  • Struth Mountains
  • Brice Mountains
  • Lake Tarse
  • Disney World
  • Busch Gardens
  • Brice City- Capital City
  • North City- City
  • South City- City
  • East City- City
  • West City- City


  • Gerion Mountains
  • Samatara Desert
  • Lake Fable
  • Lake Quill
  • Universal Studios
  • Six Flags Ailish
  • Busch Gardens
  • Diamond City- Capital City
  • New Orlando- City
  • Goldsville- City
  • Carnival Town- City


  • Othello Mountains
  • Zucchini Desert
  • Lake Cork
  • Lake Xu
  • Lake Vanderbilt
  • Disneyland
  • Nickelodeon Universe
  • Siren Island
  • Iatineon Gulf
  • Iatineon City- Capital City
  • Whitewater- City
  • Lincoln City- City
  • New Miami- City
  • Whimsy Town- City


  • Centauri Mountains
  • Centauri Falls
  • Lake Tiana
  • Six Flags Kilayas
  • SeaWorld Centauri
  • Centauri City- Megalopolis Capital City
  • Toro City- City
  • New Palm Springs- City
  • New San Diego- City
  • Shipwreck Town- City

Oria Island Complex

  • Hiller Falls
  • Marin Falls
  • Tukiu Island- Restricted Island
  • Oomi Island- Restricted Island
  • Arasami Atoll- Restricted Island
  • Harmony Sea Caves
  • Volcano Reef
  • Chrome Reef
  • Legoland Resort
  • Disney Resort
  • SeaWorld Oria
  • Waterworld Oria
  • Brice Aqua World
  • Cascade City- City
  • Harmony- City
  • Green Springs- City
  • Disney City- City
  • San Iago- City

Guania Island Complex

  • Tomorrow Falls
  • Spectrum Falls
  • Soolatami Island- Restricted Island
  • Coilamu Island- Restricted Island
  • Isitani Island- Restricted Island
  • Golong Atoll- Restricted Island
  • Vilsumu Atoll- Restricted Island
  • Sea Cave Island
  • Redwater Reef
  • Mushroom Reef
  • New Great Barrier Reef
  • Brice Sea Cave Park
  • Disneyland Resort
  • Universal Resort
  • Rainbow City- City
  • Seal City- City
  • Splashum- City
  • Chrome Springs- City
  • Crystal City- City
  • Threshold Falls- City
  • Crater City- City


  • Typhon Fjords
  • Crying Falls
  • Snow World
  • Disney Blizzard Beach Park
  • Arczone Ski Resort