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Priestlord Amuttamon
Vital statistics
Title Amutt, Auramid Lord, The Great Priestlord Amutt
Gender Male
Race/Species Desertan Anubian
Faction Auramid Kingdom (Formerly)
Description Immortal
Skills and Abilities Immortality, Unlimited Godly Magic of Unmeasurable Power
Status Reformed and lives in Equestria, Husband of Samutt and three children
Location Deserta
  • Auramid (Home, Lived in Ancient Times)


  • Cadance's Reformation Monastery (Current Residence)
Alignment Reformed

Priestlord Amuttamon, abruptly named Amutt, is the high priest lord of an ancient golden pyramid on Deserta called the Auramid. He is one of the many masters of one of the many Desertan races called the Anubians (Dog people), and is the strongest master of nearly devine magic in Deserta, if argueabily, greater then all of the finest wizards in the Wizard Allience and rivaling even to that of The High Council. While not an offitcal main ruler or a ruling factor of Deserta, many Anubusians and other Egypt-based races such as the Osirans (Falcon people), the Thothans (Ibis people), the Sekhmetans (Lion people), the Sobekans (Crocodile people), the Meretsagans (Cobra people) and the Bastetans (Cat people), hailed him like a god and considered him the son of "Father Anubus" cause of his power. He is also famed for being a strong fighter in combat, being a balenced battlemage. He earned the affections of a beloved Anubusian Queen named Samutt, a famed magical warrior queen who always admired Amutt's power. The two spended time togather and eventally wedded. The union of these two brought forth three, beautiful, but equily powerful in different ways daughters, the eldest sister Princess Cleo, the middle sister Princess Patra, and the youngest, the cute but unpredicability mischivieious Princess Nile. As great as it was to have a beautiful queen, beautiful daughters, a magnifisent legacy, and near-powers of a god, Amutt felt, incomplete. He knows Deserta is but one world, and very few of the universes even knows of him. He also grows unweary of the violence of the universes that tends to happen, fearing they would one day, in some way, reach Deserta. He suffered from restless nights, caused by bad dreams of his beautiful family being harmed by hostile other-universeal invaders. Desperate for answers, he begged for his staff to tell him what he needs to do... He got that through a prophetic vision. He got a vision that a rare breed of dragon from The Dragon Realms, rarer then even the famed Purple Dragons, known as "Scarlet Dragons", would have the power that if lead the right way, could lead to easy and unstoppable conquest. Even better, the he and his family in years time would get to meet one. In thanks to Amutt's powers making him immortal and incapable to age, as well as because of Samutt giving her virginity to him made her immortal as well, as well as his daughters being borned immortal, waiting for that long isn't an issue. However, Amutt felt the need to prepare for the arrivel of the Scarlet Dragon. He told of the propicy of the Scarlet Dragon that would protect Deserta from "The Unenlighten" through conguring the universes, and that he would work with the "Scarlet Messiah" to bring "TRUE Enlightenment" to the universes and bring peace. The People of Deserta hailed him as a hero. He began to support the coming messiah with an almost unbeatable army: an undead army. Dedicated soldiers and willful volenteering warriors of any race, gender, sytile, and nation of Deserta, willfully accepted the sacrivice of being mummifived alive to become a great contributer to the Scarlet Messiah. He even created a giant Scarab Beetle to be the army's vanguard and servent to the Scarlet Messiah. In tecnecallity, he wasn't completely wrong. The United Universe tends to be a fucked up place sometimes, and otherwise he's mainly doing this to protect his family. But still, plans of Conquest and the Live Mummification thing didn't sit well with the High Council, neiter to the eygetian god members of it as well. The Eygetian Gods cornered Amutt and his family inside his pyrimid palace deep into the room where the thoundsons and thundsons of mummifived soldiers rest, and cursed them to never be able to leave unless they are somehow freed. The High Council would then make sure any new Scarlet Dragon borned is kept from ever becoming an issue. However, Amutt would soon enough get his Scarlet Messiah, and that scarlet messiah, would be none-other then A Scarlet Dragon who doesn't even realise she's one.


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