It was already expected that a huge majority of the villains of the old VA would be given better lives thanks to Xemantha, but the Heroes Act and the Shell Lodge are surprised to see something that they never expected since the changes that Xemantha brought: some members of the old Villains Act have formed their own hero team. After being informed of their old lives, Farina and Thakkus, who had never been involved in the Villains Act, never became evil, and got married, decided that the heroes act shouldn't be the only thing the Black Yargers and Kafar Loyalists will fear. So they decided to round up former villains, like Master Ganali, Fu So Blu, Lord Trax, Slash Burn, Errix Horror, Homer Cide, Dr. Aragon, Dr. Pollix, General Tex, Pyro Praveen, Mamoru Mazer, Admiral Tesla, Master Natal, Mr. Krauser, General Flark, and Dr. Glowrod, to name a few, to become a new hero team called The Anti-Villain Squad. At first, the heroes and the AUU Grand Council didn't really know what to think, even Xemantha didn't think they would actselly do it and just prefer to live normal lives, but they decide to test it out. But this might not be such a good idea since the Black Yargers and The Kafar Loyalists sees this as an opportune chance to bring back some Villains Act members. Will they succeed? Well, Fu-Xi already plans to make sure that the Yargers and The Loyalists end up wasting the oppertunity being at eachother's throats instead of going after the new squad, of which the team already plans to include more former old VA members. It's up to him, and the Lougers and Heroes act to make sure that the surprising first ever "Alternate Shell Louge Squad, only with 100 percent more reformed villains" as Icky would put it, goes off without a hitch or even a minor bump.

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