Svengallop and Wind Rider are back for trouble once again, though this time as cronies for a bigger threat, by the name of Cronus the Eraser, a Mothron Cronoterrorist that is a threat to even his own race with what he is capable off and the dangerious powers he holds. He dragged the infamous duo for the purpose of giving them an oppertunity to get revenge on the Main 6 through a way they can't fight out of: Taking their parents away from the timeline and in proxy, erasing the Mane 6 from existence. Course, even the ever dispicable duo reckindises that those mane 6 are also respondsable for stopping major threats from ruining Equestia, but Cronus enticed them anyway by making it that alternate Element Replacements will take over for them, ones unrelated to them, so Wind Rider can be a Wonderbolt Legend again and Svengallop is back to being Coloratura's manager again, which won them over ultamately. However, Saladaron has already managed to warn the Lougers and the Mane 7 about the threat to their families and futures and wish to put a stop to it. However, Applejack ends up seeing it as an oppertunity to meet her parents at last and maybe be able to warn them to not accept the con griffin's offer of the Vampire Fruit Bats and make it that they were never banished by Apple Elders for causing an apple drought over fruit aphids, believing that it might not be that big of a change, even though it's still an act that could cause a grandfather paradox, as she wouldn't be able to warn them if she did it, and cause damage to the space-time continuum, and she thus must be convinced to only be happy she got to meet them in the past before they were even born, even though she'd never know what they're doing in the present, or if they're even still alive. So, aside from a personal family goal, the heroes are stuck in a major dilemma of stopping Cronus, a reveiled black sheep brother of Mothlock and capable of summoning Heartless, Nobodies, and even Unversed and has sent them out to go after their past parents, and stopping Applejack from being a threat in of herself because of her personal family woes.


Meeting and Saving Pear and Bright

Past, day after the wedding.

  • Past Ponyville was overwealmed with Heartless, Nobodies, and Unversed as ponies ran off in fear, with Bright Mac and Buttered Single out by the creatures.
  • Svengallop and Wind Rider laughed as they came through the creatures as Cronus arrived with them.
  • Wind Rider: "And here we are. The last of the Mane 6 parents to litterally take out of history."
  • Svengallop: "Our plan is really paying off."
  • Cronus: "The contract, is complete..... Big Bodies!"
  • Two Body Heartless came forword and grabbed the Apple Parents.

Cronus' Time Lair in the Timestream.

  • The Apple Parents are tossed into the same Parasite Cage heartless as the other past Mane 6 parents.
  • Bright Mac: ".... Please, I don't know what any of you are, but, why are you doing this to us?"
  • Cronus: Oh, I'd tell you, but I'm someone who prefers to have an element of surprise.... But let's just say..... You two each have an impourent signifigence that would make it difficult to ever send Equestia into darkness, and I merely needed that out of the way.
  • Cronus: I told you, surprise! And don't hope anything can save you. I have the power to ensure that this time, the heroes WILL lose!
  • Hondo: WHAT HEROES?!?
  • Mrs. Shy:... I think he means... Our future children.
  • Pear Butter:... Funny, we were considering having kids since they-... Wait...
  • Cookie:... What is it?
  • Cronus:... A temporal fracture! That means... THAT MEANS THIS IS NOT GOING TO AFFECT ANYTHING!!!
  • Twilight Velvet: AFFECT WHAT?!?
  • Igneous: Okay, this is getting very confusing, even if I WASN'T Amish!
  • Svengallop: "Wait, what does that mean? what IS this temporal fracture?!? I'm more confused than a homeless pony under house arrest!"
  • Cronus: Look, I'll make this as simple as I can: time travel has a lot of things to comply to. When I use time travel, I have a specific ability to try again whenever I fail! When I am defeated, I can reset everything subconsciously, and hopefully use my other doppelgangers to my advantage.
  • Wind Rider:... So... In, otherwords?
  • Cronus: "I'm afraid, gentlemen, that we are tampered by the second biggest time loophole since Time Traveler Immunity..... Temporial Fracture. It means that, apart from the fact that the heroes already went into time, and that they'll be inspired to give birth to their own children afterwards, taking these fools out of the time stream will change nothing!!"
  • Wind Rider: "..... But, you, can still make it that they don't exist, right?"
  • Cronus: "I never said it was impossable, it's just that the temporal fracture means basic means are out!"
  • Svengallop: "Well can't you just turn them into one of your "Kingdom of Hearts" monsters or something?"
  • Cronus: "IT'S PRONOUNCED KINGDOM HEARTS, AND-...... Actselly...... That could work. We'll turn them into heartless! That should undo the fracture!"
  • Wind Rider: "Wait, but since they already went through the time stream, they're still in the time traveler immunity."
  • Cronus: ".... Then let's make them share the same fate once they arrive. That's something NO time loophole can protect from!"
  • Bright Mac: I don't know why, but I'm suddenly craving chocolate milk.
  • Pear Butter: Me, too!
  • Windy: So... What they're saying is... That you two already know your own children before they were even born?
  • Bright Mac: It's a LONG story, that MIGHT involve this situation we're in.
  • Cronus: And it's a story I'll be giving an ending to!
  • Night Light: Well, whatever our children did, I'm sure you'll never get away with this.
  • Cronus: "Then get ready to be proven wrong soon enough."
  • Pear Butter: I have a feeling that this is all a cliché time loop. Whatever the outcome, the results might be the same. What happened days ago, might have something to do with what's happening now.
  • Cronus: And that's what I intend to change. Unlike before, I HAVE been able to tear up time loops and temporal fractures like this. I can ALWAYS try again when I fail. They haven't called me the worst Mohron chronal terrorist for nothing.
  • Bright Mac: "(Sarcastic) How surprising someone named "Cronus the Eraser" is a cronoterrorest."
  • Wind Rider: "Don't get sarcastic with us, smart ass! Your not in a position to snark us!"
  • Bright Mac: "Well pardon me for not being surprised why he would do this. You have any idea how risky messing with the time stream can be?"
  • Cronus: "That's why anti-paradox magic was invented! So people like me can be able to create a new future without the ever problematic paradoxial doomsday."
  • Bright Mac: "Well have you considered that you may not always like what kind of future you created?"

The Apple Children Inspire Their Own Birth


  • Pear Butter:... Well... Applejack, I guess it's best we didn't know whatever it was that got us off of this farm.
  • Bright Mac: Yeah. Do remember that this IS time travel you're using.
  • Applejack: Yeah. I mean, I may not know where you two are in my time, but... I know that it was great to know what you look like, so, in the chance that yer not dead or too far away from Equestia, at least I'll know what you look like at a basis.
  • Applebloom: It was still nice to meet you AND save you. The tree you planted since your wedding is BEAUTIFUL once it grows up.
  • Bright Mac:... And... So will you all. Our young daughter is... (Sobs)... A Cutie Mark Helper. Those are so rare to receive.
  • Applejack: Well, Saldaron says we can't stick around forever, so... Let's make these final moments count. I hope... I hope we find you in our time soon, or if we ever do.
  • Big Mac: Ee-yup. Given that our show apparently considers mentioning death taboo, we may never know what happened to you two. Heck, they, might reverse what Lauren Faust said and just have it turned out that you became travelers for, a yet to be speficicised reason.
  • Applejack: But... Let's hope you two have a happily ever after. (The five hugged)
  • Saldaron: (He came in) Your time's up. Let's return to the present.
  • Applejack:... Good luck, Mom and Dad.
  • Pear Butter: You, two, sweetie. (They went back to the present)... (The two looked at each other and blushed)
  • Bright Mac:... What?
  • Pear Butter:... You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
  • Bright Mac:... You mean?
  • Pear Butter: Yep. They have to exist somehow. And we ain't gonna do it by waiting. Come on, lover boy! (The two laughed and went off)


  • Cronus: (He was in a magical prison) GRRRGHH!!! LET ME OUT THIS INSTANT, SLIME!!!
  • Elzaorbana: After chronoterrorism, you think we're just going to do that? You're going away for a long time, Cronus. (The Apples came back)
  • Twilight: Hey, they're back! (They hugged them)
  • Granny Smith: Welcome back!
  • Grand Pear: (Dressed as James T. Kirk by a Q-dressed Discord unamusingly) I trust visiting our children was good for you?
  • Saldaron: (He came in) It is. And apparently... Their rescue seemed to be the reason they gave birth to them in the first place.
  • Everyone: WHAT?!?
  • Icky:... What a twist!
  • Applejack:... So... We inspired our parents... To give birth to us?!?
  • Saldaron: Indeed.
  • Applejack: (The three looked at each other)... We... We're responsible for our own existence! (They hugged in rejoice)
  • Granny Smith:... I guess THAT explains why they were quick to pick yer' names when yall' were born.
  • Discord: Wow! Never thought we'd see a Terminator/Jak II-style time loop in my immortal life.
  • Applejack: "I may not be well-versed in otherworlder references, but, I'll take that as a compliment."
  • Saldaron: And, by saving your past parents from Cronus, your other friends inadvertently inspired THEM to do the same.
  • Twilight:... So... Not only did we get our cutie marks at the same time, but... We ALL OWE OUR EXISTENCE TO OURSELVES?!?
  • Rainbow Dash:... That... Is...
  • Rarity: Awesome?
  • Rainbow Dash:... You ruined it. But WHO CARES, IT'S AWESOME!! (They all hugged in rejoice)
  • Icky: If they sing, I'm gonna puke!
  • Lord Shen: Now, if we're all done getting touchy-feely, let's get this clock-punching abomination where he belongs.
  • Applebloom: "Wait, what about Svengallop and Wind Rider? Won't they still remember this?"
  • Saldaron: "I took care of that. I saw to it that their memories of time travel were wiped."
  • Spongebob: "And as for a lesson to make sure they aren't quick to accept outsider help.... Well, let's just say, Deadpool can be VERY insisent."

Black Staillian Asylum.

  • Deadpool was dressed as an over-the-top doctor over Svengallop and Wind Rider in painfully awkword positions.
  • Deadpool: "(Germen Accent) Now it's time to do a full anal scearch in yer azzez!"
  • Wind Rider: "I think it's possable that we did something so bad, we're given some kind of punishment to never do it again?!"
  • Svengallop: "BUT I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS?!"
  • Announcer: "You will after your punishment is given to you. And it's being allowed to show that extreme actions deserve extreme consinquences."
  • Wind Rider: "AND IT HAD TO BE THROUGH HIM?!"
  • Deadpool: Deal with it! When this is over, it'll be hard for you two to s*** for decades! (He cackles wildly as they screamed)

Sweet Apple Acres

  • Icky:... And I'm still amazed that your maternal grandfather is voice by (Impersonating Kirk) William, Shatner! Actor, singer, rancher, all around, macho hombre! Lay down a, captain's log!
  • Grand Pear: Can you PLEASE stop going all meta on me? It's confusing and annoying.
  • Discord: And guess who's gonna give you a test of humanity?
  • Applejack: (She looks at the stars representing her parents, and revealed were theirs)... Well... Mom, Dad, I hope you're out there somewhere.
  • ???: HEY! (A pony came in)... Are you the Apples?
  • Big Mac:... Eee-yup?
  • Pony: I've got something for you. A letter, from Goldie Delicious. (They opened it and read and it went something like this)
Family Guy Something Darkside, Back to the Future ending

Family Guy Something Darkside, Back to the Future ending.

  • Applejack: Dear Apple Family, If our calculations are correct, you will receive this when you return to the date of which you specified is your present time. After all that's happened, we can tell, it ain't an easy thing to get out of. We may not be able to visit for a long time, but know that we've got a reason why you think we're dead. Apparently, we've been hunted down for a while by Genesis since we moved and gave birth to sweet little Applebloom, and given there's a lot of other greedy restaurant owners out there who want our food, we've been travelling secretly for a long time as... TRAVELLING APPLE AND PEAR CUISINE SALESPONIES?!? (The other two gasped)
  • Icky: "Well, there IS the issue about what would happen if the Canon Show were to say otherwise. (Applebloom was about to speak) Taboo regulations aside!"
  • Applejack: "There's more. (Reads) Alchourse, in an event to avoid showing evidence that we're alive, we've asked Lauren Faust back when she was in charge of the show to say we're dead to discourage those certain folks from getting our food, as well as having a friend in Hasbro to make sure the show steers away from trying to change it, and in case there has to be an episode to address what happen to us in that show's canon, regulations against directly addressing death aside, he'll make sure to cover us and still insist a certain fate. But don't worry. Just because we may not seem alive in the show, doesn't mean we're gone forever. We're proud of everything you've accomplished. P.S.: We now think we understood what you initionally tried to warn us about. But don't worry. The Griffin who sold us the Vampire Fruit Bats did got his comuppence. You can thank Grand Pear for that when that Griffin tried to do the same thing to the Pear Farm in Hooverten."
  • Trixie: "Well, it sounded like that little sneak got his due karma after all."
  • Applejack: "(Reads) We do hope to see you again someday, whether by canon or when our cover deters curious enough folk for good. With love.... Bright Mac and Butter, AKA, Mom and Dad."... (The three started crying softly to themselves)... Mom, Dad... I hope you DO have a happily ever after, wherever you are! (The Back to the Future music played, along with a To Be Concluded?)


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