Even dispite the dark truth of the Ehswans' demise by the Yateron's over irrespondsable rebels of the Ehswans side being msitaken as gods, no true hard feelings are held against the Yaterons even dispite Blabcrap's worse fears. In fact, it's been further used as an exsample on why one should never intervine in a race's naterol evoluion if there's no real serious benifit in it and further strenthens laws designed to work against such un-nessersary interventions. That doesn't mean to say that the Yaterons got off scott free. Though not hated for it, alot of the USRA races are politely but sternly calling out the Yaterons for their greatest sins against a race that was only obeying a law, albeit overly harshly torwords the rebels mistaken for gods, arguing that even dispite the Ehswans not handling the problem better, the Yaterons also reacted poorly to the situation. Those such folks argued that the Ehswans would've been able to be a great assist in the AUU, perhaps even against the VA, had it not been for their extinction. But by all means, this predicerment is still far from what Blabcrap feared as at the worse, all it did was proved that even the Yaterons are not above mistakes no less different then how other races dealt with their problems and at worse proves that they are more mortal then what their near-god tec would suggest, already long further proven by many bad exsamples of Yaterons. Even the Lougers have admited a slight difficulty to truely trust Yaterons since the ones they mostly encountered are at worse too orderly, to flat out wanting to ruin their reputation or worse, where the closest redeeming quility is a holiday icon/messiah, which lead to Gazelle attempting to mend the Lougers' feelings toword Yaterons by taking them to their homeplanet, Yaton. However, they ended up coming in a bad time, as it's reveiled that the Yateron owned corperation suffered a theaf of a grand scale. The CEO of Yater Corp, Minister Corpopan, explains that the Yaterons have been reshearching the lost Ehswan device said to would've been able to make the Ehswans even more greater then they were. A device capable to control the evoluion and even reverse extinction of speices and races. This device was named Universe Mother. It was miraculiously well preserved from the Ehswan War, though without a powershorce, it ends up looking like a glorifived giant refrigearater-like statalight, so, it is currently useless. With the VA reminants quickly ruled out in light of the powershorce issue, the Lougers and the HA are baffled by who would take a device that is currently un-useable, though are concerned that it would be made useful when it gets a powershorce. With every known Yateron crook and mastermind ruled out, and with the Minister being proven sqeaky clean when he was in his office when it happened and has nothing to gain stealing from his own corperation, so for once, no rouge Yateron is involved. Thus, they required the help of a famed female Yateron detective who is capable to slove even the most complex mysteries, Investigation Mistress Jalamor. Problem is, Jalamor is not a HA or Louger fan. In fact, she's basicly a female Officer Axle as a Yateron. Her reasons are basic. She doesn't 100% always agree with their methods and has major doubts in their beliefs that everyone can changed, being convinced otherwise in thanks to a vastly mentally damaged criminal after failing to save him from himself when he turned himself into a robot to cause a metalic uprising, where even reversed he's still a broken mess, so Jalamor became a depressive person who gave up trying to see the best in others. Reguardless of her views on the heroes, she agrees to help, but mainly because her commissioner father has assigned her to the case and has insisted that by law she has to work with the heroes regaurdless of her opinions on them. They tracked evidence leading to Ehswadus, the world that started all the issues. The trail leads them to a base guarded by freshly buildt and slightly redesigned Nova-Titans under the orders of a mysterious new master named "The Revenger", who is planning to complete the device with a powershorce to complete the machine to it's intended glory. With the success of stealhfully getting it, they were shocked to discover who the leader is. Neither of VA or Yateron origin, it is a shocking surprise indeed. It is an endling Ehswan. In fact, the once great ruler of the race, Lord Craz Salamornatraz Crex, a broken being trying to restore his race with the very device, now with a powershorce, and restore the Ehswan race back to life. However, his noble and tragic mission is also tainted by desires for revenge, as he also wants to de-evolve the Yaterons back to being primitive "as they rightfully belong as", cause he fears that the Yaterons would only seek to destroy the Ehswans again over what rebels did against his rule. The lord explains that once a race de-evolves, everything that the race contributed too will be undone as part of a side-effect by the device, along with all memory of the Yaterons being undone, and in their place, primitive beasts take their place, taking away the Yaterons' legacy as if it never happened and the Ehswans are the ones who are the biggest USRA race. However, the Lougers and the HA believe that undoing the Yaterons is un-nessersary as he can just bring back the Ehswans and be done with it. However, the Ehswan Lord clearly has proven to be too broken to reason with for now and still insist on the goal, forcing our heroes to prove him wrong by taking him away from the device and then bring the Ehswans back without needless de-evolving of a still valued race. Can the heroes succeed this feet all the while combating against his private army of Nova-Titans with an Ehswan twist?

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