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*Star: ".... (Sighs), Just my luck I found out that Odium has indeed, had the chance to breed. Now I got his kid all up in our grill and going to do problems? I get it, guys. I'm gonna go talk to Odia about this. I am not gonna let her become the second coming of her dad, but, as a girl! Nothing alittle girl talk can fix. (Leaves)."
*Star: ".... (Sighs), Just my luck I found out that Odium has indeed, had the chance to breed. Now I got his kid all up in our grill and going to do problems? I get it, guys. I'm gonna go talk to Odia about this. I am not gonna let her become the second coming of her dad, but, as a girl! Nothing alittle girl talk can fix. (Leaves)."
*Feartrick: "Safe travels, Star Butterfly."
*Feartrick: "Safe travels, Star Butterfly."
==='''Crisis at Monster Castle.'''===
Varlet Castle.
*Prince Varlet and Medley were seen returning to the castle.
*Medley: "(Struggles holding all of a mass array of gifts).... Hey, dude, I get that your happy you have King and Queen Varlet back (WIP)
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After the events of Going Outer Town when Lekmet brought back to life, Star desided to pay Mewkatraz a visit to see the still soul-shearching Mina Loveberry, which interactions still leave alot to be desired since Mina is caught between still hating Monsters and completely ditching Asper's philosifives. Mina just straight up doesn't know what to do anymore, and she doesn't trust herself enough to be around monsters nor other mewmans in that she can't trust that she's still Asper's perfect example of the kind of mewmans he created. Mina basicly and bluntingly announced that she belongs in prison. But just when Star was about to get inspirational, Star got summoned into the New Magic Commission under the stewerdship of her outer god friends, Mewstral, Feartrick and Vonbon, and Duster. They brought up a concern relating to the innsodent with Judge Odium: He had a Daughter that tried to ask for his resserection from them, but had respectfully refused her cause of Odium being deemed too dangerious for New Mewni's peace to be brought back, which upsetted her as she complained that he was only a broken soul and that she just needed to take him to Taffee for that healing. Odium's daughter, Odia, had left in an angered huff, complaining that it was bad enough Glossiary said the same thing when his sky book palace in New Mewni skies were visited by her and that Loosonary and Siamimaana backed the decidion. Star, not liking being reminded of the situation that made Humans afraid of Monsters cause of Odium that time of Moon nearly being banished by him, desides she wants to confront Odia and see what she can do about the situation, having to get Taffee's help in this. However, things get serious when the Resserected King and Queen of Mewman Monsters have been reported missing, and their ever easily upsetted son throws a hissy fit over it and starts blaming Mewmans cause of "Prior History", only now he started to blame Humans as co-conspirators cause of simply the fact Humans ever showed being afraid of them and often had sided more to the Mewmans up until certain events. Star and friends suspect Odia got into some foul play and had something to do with this, but the original King and Queen of the monsters of Mewni are too strong for even Odia's race. Then the group got to Odia's place and discovered that she indeed had the Original King and Queen captured, but it was reveiled that she had help from a group of beings with abnormally large noses, reveiled to be the Noseians of the Noser Dimension, and reminant survivers that were apart of the Interdimentional Empire that doomed their dimension to a Xzar, lead by the broken wizard tainted with a Xzar-Eye on his right eye from being scratched by a Xird, Master Snottingham, who wants to make the Monster King and Queen, the strongest monsters of New Mewni and claimed deciples of the Ressorecte that took them to Pre-new Mewni, to have her do the same for the Noser Dimension so he can have the Noser Empire destroy the Xzars to exinction, arguing that the Nosers had a right to an empire and no force, even of a cosmic scale, has any say on their choice, but the duo refused in believing that for as much as they don't exactly have too generious of an opinion for Xzars, they have respect for cosmic balence, with Odia angerly demanding that she had her father resserected even if Snottingham isn't getting what he wanted from the deal, Snotty demanding paience from her. Snottingham desided that he'll go for the next best thing, he would extract the granted Ressor Gift with a cosmic machine, transfer it to vanella cosmic energy, and turn himself into an Outer God so he can restore the Noser Dimension himself and declare war against all Outer Gods, not just the Xzars. Star, in wanting to avoid New Mewni ending up becomin another stage for cosmic shenanigans, desides that the Lougers will have to get involved, but things aren't made easier then it is reveiled that Snottingham is slowly turning into a Xoldier and didn't even realised it, and even more so when the Prince learns of Snottingham and instintly wants to destroy him himself for threatening his Parents in a very Asper-like way, and on top of that, when Odia was hit by Snottingham's face right eye first, she now is infected by the Xzar Eye as well is is slowly turning into a Xoldier. The group must work to find a cure for this infection before the Prince inadvertingly smacks around a paient zero across New Mewni and turn it's inhabience to Xoldiers.


Visiting Mina.

Mewkatraz Prison.

  • Septarian Warden: "You sure you want to see the Loveberry Girl, Miss Star?"
  • Star: "I wouldn't've even come to this depressing place if I wasn't sure, Tapioca..... Seriously, it's weird that alot of Septarians I met are named after earth foods and/or drinks."
  • Tapioca: "Well Mewmans often named themselves after animals or cosmic stuff, or just have weird sounding names, heck, there's even Mewmans named after Pies as well, but I'm polite enough to go with it. In fact, is Mina's last name "Loveberry"?"
  • Star: ".... Toushe, Tapioca."
  • Tapioca took Star to the solid confinement and opened up the peeking hole to look in.
  • Tapioca: "Hey, Loveberry. Ya got a visitor."
  • Taffioca stepped aside and Star peeked in....
  • Star: "Take it easy, Mina, you big cromugen, it's only me."
  • Mina was seen sitting down in an overly elaberate straight-jacker with even her ponytails tied up and Sebastion in a hovering bird cage.
  • Mina: ".... Oh. It's you. The idiot girl that just won't let me die that time with Asper coming back. Even after the crap I pulled."
  • Star: "Hey, don't get me wrong, those stunts involving going after Monsters THREE TIMES ALREADY, and making Humans uneasy about monsters after awhile since the uh, Odium thing. By the way, ever since the whole Outer Gods being mad at me affair being settled, I managed to get Humans and Monsters to know eachother better alongside with Mewmans. It worked out better then expected. Granted, the Monsters DO feel misrepresented by Horror Movies based on Monsters, and I also had to deal with the affair of Taffee trying to ban horror movies in general and convince Globgor and Eclipsa to follow in, but then Marco was able to introduse movies about Humans being the scary thing and she gave horror movies a chance.... Granted, in New M'onstrarus, Monster Movies spefificly are still banned, but she at least agreed to just leave it at that. And-"
  • Mina: "Ya know, I always did felt you talked too much?! (Sighs), Then again, you remind me of Moon before Comet's Assassination. She was, abit of a chatterbox as well. But she got super serious after what Toffee did. She wasted alot of those general backers of Toffee good."
  • Star: "Yeah, and Odium's brother was one of them."
  • Mina: "Hey fair's fair, Odius was among the worse of the generals that supported Toffee. At least the other ones were quick to not say nice things about Toffee anymore when Moon got to them, and, Moon did practiced enough Mercy to let Mewkatraz have them. Heck, Anewas straight-up ditched the monster army cause of it, but Odius stuck to his guns to the bitter end. That's why Moon finished him off."
  • Star: "Well, Odium ended up no better cause of it."
  • Mina: "Fair's fair, Odius was also an offencive prick about it. He called Comet an idiot for agreeing with that stupid Archduke about the treaty, Odius was, a netourious loudmouth. Ya kinda have to understand that what Odius said, was litterally at a worse time when Comet's death was still, recent."
  • Star: "I get that, Odius wasn't being nice about it, but, it was still a consiquence mom suffered from Odium then-after. Odium failed to let go of the past, and look where it got him."
  • Mina: "I know. I'm the one that done him in, genius."
  • Star: "The point, being, if Odium wasn't held back by the past, he'd be still alive.... Depending on whether or not you started attacking Monsters again anyway."
  • Mina: "That's why I belong here, Star.... I don't trust myself for that reason. The Solarian Program mentally programmed me to see monsters as a threat. I'm litterally, a relic of Asper's bullshit. I can never be changed."
  • Star: "Hey, I had Thaumorpheus removed the Solarian spells from you, remember?"
  • Mina: "But are they truely gone, though? It wasn't just the spells that made me crazy.... Okay fine, they're a large part, but.... I'm a product of Solaria's time as well! Even before the program, my own opinion on Monsters aren't, all that great. It may had been rogues that were attacking Mewman villages, but it didn't made me any less afraid of Monsters. It made me worried about my own family's safety. I wanted to keep to safe.... You can guess where this is going."
  • Star: ".... Well, even with the spells in mind, ya, kinda overblown it with three counts of attempted genoside."
  • Mina: "I, admit power-madness also played a part in worsening me then the spells already did. And that's what I can't trust about me. If it was that easy for me to be no better then Seth, Toffee and Asper all combined, then.... I belong here."
  • Star: ".... Mina, you don't be- (Suddenly got teleported off to Mina and Tapioca)....."
  • Mina: "..... Yeesh, it's never a quiet moment being a 0-Brave, isn't it?"
  • Tapioca: "Nope, no it is not... Guess that visit will be kept posted then. (Leaves)...."
  • Mina: "(Sighs).... Alone again, Sebastion.... Naterroly."

Urgent News from the New Commission.

  • Star Appeared.
  • Star: "-Long here, Mina. (Suddenly realises she's in the New Magic Commission Building before Mewstral, Feartrick, Vonbon and Duster)...... Dang it guys, I was in the middle of trying to make Mina feel better about herself!"
  • Mewstral: "Please forgive our interuption of personal matters, Star. But we want to bring up some urgent matters to you. You remember the Odium insodent?"
  • Star: ".... Keep talking."
  • Vonbon: "Weeeeeellll..... How do we discripe this, uhh..... Did you uh, know Odium had a daughter?"
  • Feartrick: "It is likely before the fiasco with Moon's exile, and perhaps before Odius' death to her hands. Allow us to share the vision of what we saw."
  • The New Commissioners summoned a view-portal that showed a prior meeting.

Flashback in the Portal.

  • Female Doe Centaurian Monster: "(Emotionally Upset) That is why I want humans to stop hunting deer for sport!"
  • Feartrick: "We'll see about condictioning humans to refraign from their Pre-New Mewni habits about how deer are traditionally treated, Miss Doesin."
  • Mewstral: "It's fine you didn't realised your mistake, but you must remember that your not on earth anymore. I'm sorry to say that our desidtion, is final. (The shot deer was brought back as Doesin hugged it happly)...."
  • Hunter: ".... Aw man, the Hunter's Lodge is gonna give me hell for this."
  • Doesin left with the buck as the Hunter did a walk of shame.....
  • Vonbon: ".... Yeesh. First that thing about the Raccoonmorsians Raiding Human trash cans, then the Snake-aphobe having panic attacks torwords the Snakedraeons, and 5 CONSETUTIVE CASES RELATED TO PIE FAMILY SCAM SHENANIGANS, Wyscan being sued by coffee shop of all things because she looked like their mascot and were afraid of bad press, (Shows a mascot for a Starbucks Parody with the character simular to Wyscan called "SpaceTucks Coffee"), And the less said about the Octotentler discovering Hentai, THE BETTER?!"
  • Feartrick: "Indeed. I can see why Star feels exhausted about amending would-be issues of New Mewni's living condictions."
  • Duster moaned exhaustedly.
  • Mewstral: "Don't worry guys, I think we're just about done here. Next is- (The next person is a female Coromantaur, a mix of many fantasy creatures, having the tail of a scorpion, the wings and head of a dragon, the mane of a lion, though as a female in operating like african lions this is absent, horns of a ram, dragon limbs, and one giant right cat eye aside a normal monster eye.) WHOOOA, MY GODNESS?!"
  • Vonbon: "Yowsa! What orgy of mythics occured to make you happened, lady?!"
  • Feartrick: "Vonbon, be polite?! It's been made clear that monsters pocess the most, creative of evolutions. Besides, she is not hear for riduclue. She obviously wants something from us."
  • Mewstral: "Ahem, Mind Vonbon, he, has the subtily of an Eraser in a bad mood. May we help you, Miss-"
  • Coromantaur Female: "Odia, my name's Odia."
  • Vonbon: "We're Outer Gods, kid, we know people's names by default."
  • Odia: "Um, well, I didn't wanted to be, ill-formal about it."
  • Mewstral: "It's fine my dear..... Now, tell us what it is you desire?"
  • Odia: ".... When I visited Glossiary's Sky Book Temple, he and his kin had, refsued a spefific request."
  • Feartrick: "Hmm. Admitingly queer. Glossiary desires to make a great deal of redemptions through resserection requests, espeically if they relate to Mewman and Monster affairs. Who did you request to them that invoked an exception being applied?"
  • Odia: ".... I wanted my father back. He unfairly died at the hands of Mina Loverberry sometime into New Mewni's creation."
  • Vonbon: "Yeesh, that sucks kid. Hold on.... Who's the guy though? I mean, I know we have automatic name knowledge stuff, but we would still like for you to be spefific."
  • Odia: "...... Odium."
  • Silence......
  • Mewstral: "..... Oh dear..... I, I think I can see the issue why Glossiary was hesitant...."
  • Feartrick: "(Sighs)..... Young miss, you must understand that Odium was a corrupt ill-fit judge who tried to uncerimoniously ban Moon Butterfly on personal motivating disguised under a recent sin. Odium has deminstraighted willful distained torwords Eclipsa even with her assusiation to Globgor and earnest attempts to amen many wounds."
  • Dust grunted agreeingly.
  • Vonbon: "Sorry kiddo. If we or Glossiary brought Odi-Doofus back, he's just gonna try and hurt Star and others again. Afraid to say, Daddy Dearist's was too dangerious to bring back."
  • Odia: "Please, I promise I'll make him behave from here on out, I'll take him away from Monstertown and we'll move to New M'onstrarus where he can be as far away from Moon and Star as possable! I promise I'll make him better!"
  • Mewstral: "And we don't distrust these promises. It's Odium himself that's the issue. He was assusiated to a period of Humans and Monsters being afraid of eachother."
  • Odia: "(Tears shed) THAT WAS MINA'S FAULT?!"
  • Vonbon: "But your dad being a jackass about what Moon did to Odius kinda made it easy for them to think about it. Odium REALLY pushed things too hard about it! Even after Moon apologiesed, Odium was still all "O-U-T OUT" on her ass! Him being brought back would complicate what Star's trying to fix about that mess."
  • Vonbon: "Hey, at least this time, we're trying to avoid taking chances like they did!"
  • Mewstral: "My sympathies that bringing your father back is, considered one of them. But, the consolation we can offer is, life can offer happiness in other ways."
  • Odia: "THAT'S THE PROBLEM?! My mother died feeding herself into a planet beast of the forest of no return when she heard what happened to dad?! She turned sueisidal without him?!"
  • Feartrick: "Our sympathies for that. But I believe your mother would've want you to move on with your life and mend the void they left in other ways. And such a feat is possable with New Mewni being an extreme departure from the past."
  • Odia: ".... Well, what's good about the end of these, vicious cycles, if both my parents are gone?!  My mother may be one thing cause if I brought her back, she'll just kill herself again, but dad? He didn't CHOOSE to die?! I don't condone him wanting to kill Star and Moon after everything they and Eclipsa gave up to give us all a better life, but it wasn't fair for him to be taken fro me like that because Mina desided to be a dingus again?!"
  • Vonbon: "Hey now, kiddo, try to understand. Your dad made his choice and thus Fate desided he wasn't gonna be treated with kid gloves. His own inability to be reasoned with got him on the raw end of a Solarian Sword 2.0. thing Mina had going there, and, well, let's be honest. New Mewni wouldn't even be a thing if it wasn't for her, cause otherwise, the other Outer Gods would've seperated it back to the Dimensional Penensula ages ago, and that when Asper breaks out of the Skull, he would've gone back to trying to waste Monsters again. Odium could've doomed all monsters and you along for the ride, if he was allowed to pull a Robespierre on Star and Moon."
  • Odia: "... As if I wasn't already told that arguement from Blossoma! (Leaves angerly)....."

Vision Ends.

  • Mewstral: "So, we had desided we're gonna need your help and, here we are."
  • Star: ".... (Sighs), Just my luck I found out that Odium has indeed, had the chance to breed. Now I got his kid all up in our grill and going to do problems? I get it, guys. I'm gonna go talk to Odia about this. I am not gonna let her become the second coming of her dad, but, as a girl! Nothing alittle girl talk can fix. (Leaves)."
  • Feartrick: "Safe travels, Star Butterfly."

Crisis at Monster Castle.

Varlet Castle.

  • Prince Varlet and Medley were seen returning to the castle.
  • Medley: "(Struggles holding all of a mass array of gifts).... Hey, dude, I get that your happy you have King and Queen Varlet back (WIP)
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