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Ane Armand Delorme
Vital statistics
Title Ane Anus, Aneus, Jack-Ane, Jackass, Crony of Frances le Flour
Gender Male
Race/Species Donkey (Equus africanus asinus)
Faction Sex Slave Operation (Formerly)
Description Perverted, Stupid, Inappropriately Gross
Skills and Abilities Limited Combat Experience
Status Locked up
Location Dragon Realms
  • France (Hometown)
  • La Santé Prison (Imprisonment)
Alignment Perverted and Evil

Ane Delorme is a french donkey crony of Frances le Flour. Like Mante, Ane is not very bright. He sometimes takes his time getting laid with different females that he helps capture. Even though he is a good henchass, he is 40% stupid.


Ane was born in the Dragon Realms version of Paris, France where he grew up hooking up with many ladies at high school. He eventually got himself sacked when he accidentally causes a man to lose his girlfriend, causing him to sue Ane in court. He won the trial, and Ane was sent to prison for 6 months.

After being released from prison, Ane meets Frances le Flour, who offered a new job in a rather, "under the law rader" profession. He accepts, and he was made one of le Flour's various cronies.