Anewas Tee Shreveport
Vital statistics
Title General Anewas.
Gender Male
Race/Species Dragolion
Faction Monster Army (Formerly)
Description Tough, Protective, Sensitive, Carefree, Often Times Charismatic, Abit sure of himself even when wrong at times.
Skills and Abilities Natural Monster Abilities, Flight, High Physical Strength And Durability, Skin as hard as rock.
Status Alive
Location Mewni (Star vs. The Forces of Evil)
Alignment Antihero
Anewas T. Shreveport, onced named General Anewas, is a monster, named Dragolion, that hails from the dimention of Mewni that is accessable in the Star vs. The Forces of Evil sector of the Disney Universe. Being one of the monsters that suffered discrimination, he was originally a grand general for the Monster Army during the same time Toffee went rogue and murdered Moon's mother, and retired fearing that the brother of his best friend Coffee committed such an act that would make their mistreatment worse. By the events of the Star vs. The Forces of Evil Season 3 Finale, Anewas refused to leave the dimension when the other monsters did since he found purpose when meeting a stranger just like him: Saetha, who hails from the Alternate UUniverses seeking the excitement of the OUU though would then come into the sub-dimention of Mewni, as he has been falling in love with her. Thus, he and Saetha became another world-jumping couple since Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz disappeared. But they don't know that Coffee, feeling abandoned and insulted by his own friend for leaving the army after what Mewmans did to his family and to his brother's finger, felt he was redundant to him and monsters as a whole, agreeing with Toffee's bias against discrimination, and swore revenge for denying him a chance to get payback.
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