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Angelina Stylus
Vital statistics
Title N/E
Gender Female
Race/Species Equestrian Alce
Faction The Wind King
Description Mentally Obscured and Mentally Volatile, Mysterious, Scarred, Anger Issues, Sensitivity To Flightlessness, Wishes To Fly
Skills and Abilities Natural Wingless Griffin Abilities, Magic Weapons, Powerful Air Chariot, Two Dual Gladiuses, Throwing Discs, Agility, Strength, Reflexes
Status Alive
Location Equestria
Alignment Corrupted Evil

Angelina Stylus is an Equestrian alce (wingless griffin) from Griffinmainia. She is a wingless griffin who has been an outcast as, unlike real alces, was a griffin born without wings, and thus she became a technical alce, and was shunned by her fellow griffins. The only one who gave her kindness was her sister, the griffin Alexis Stylus, who taught her she could still be special even without wings, but then later on grew corrupt with power thanks to being denied a chance to advance and be promoted because of such, making her jealous of another competitor whom she murdered and framed her sister for, claiming she never really loved her and that she was never going to be special without the gift of flight, driving her into depression and a life of crime as she ended up turning to The Wind King, who secretly had Alexis as a pawn after she was killed in a mission, hoping to use it to turn on her while promising he would give her the wings she desperately wished for to be accepted by griffins at last, all while having to put up with a stooge gremlin named Grumble.


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