Angerior Irior Suban Angermüller
Vital statistics
Title Angerior the Angry, Angerior the Raging Beast, Angerior the Rage, Angerior-Is-Anger
Gender Male
Race/Species Mothron
Faction Independent Average Criminal
Description Anger Issues, Master Criminal, Manipulative, Sadistic
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Magic Powers Increase When Feeding Off of Anger, Possesses Willing People And Augments Them Through Their Own Anger and Hate Infinitely, Silver Tongue
Status Still at Large
Location Obscuro (Home Planet)
Alignment Pure Evil

Angerior I.S. Angermüller is a Mothron who is among the many non-military criminals that the Lightflies have ever faced. He is a street criminal on the Mothrons' home planet of Obscuro who left and had the ability to not only feed off of anger, but can possess someone who offers themselves willingly to him through manipulation allows them to have the ability to augment themselves with their own anger and hate infinitely until they become nigh unstoppable. He was a local street criminal on Ligero until the rising and increasing threat of arrest made him flee to other worlds where he used his abilities on the worst of criminals and supervillains until constantly being beaten by the Lightflies, all while successfully avoiding arrest. However, his path will eventually lead him to Zootopia, the home planet of the current Uniter Princess, Gazelle, which gets him a grand idea to do something no other Mothron has ever been able to do: Slay Gazelle and take her Uniter Blade. He does this by finding someone who hates her with absolute purity in the form of a former worker of hers, Ivan Hawkes, who wanted to be her agent instead of Hecktor Heckler, and after recently attempting and failing to turn her against him using the chipmunk singer The Chipps and facing the eventual persecution of the Lightflies, he steps in and gives him the power to protect himself from all of that when all seems lost for him. Thus, with him turning into something similar to The Giant Claw bird if it was much better than the poor-technological-age puppet of the past, Gazelle and her newfound friends will have to help get rid of Angerior and give Ivan a better native fate.


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