Angry Bee

Angry Bees are aggressive bees of the Omicron game. They are always ticked off, and looking for a fight. Like the giant bees in Donkey Kong, they basically stand in your way and can be harmed conveniently. To defeat it, you need your Blaster powerup since they sting you when you get too close. They have proven to be more threatening than the Pogo Frogs, especially that they're bees, meaning they can attack in a swarm. In Omicron, they appear as normal bees. In Omicron II, they appear as cybernetic henchmen with guns.


  • Game: Omicron, Omicron II
  • Enemy Threat: 4/10
  • Appearances: Common in both games
  • Abilities: (Omicron) Armed with stingers, flies towards you, and stings you when you get too close. Come in groups of 4-11. (Omicron II) They have stingers that can inject a burning poison that can slowly drain a bit of your health for 5 seconds. They are even armed with repulsor blasters on their mouths. They often appear in large hives. Come in groups of 4-15.
  • Purpose: (Omicron) They were always hostile, but at least only when provoked. The Angry Bees were peaceful, albeit big jerks about it. Vi-tor found them perfect for his eyes in the sky as well as stinging pain from above, so he saw to it that they were corrupted. (Omicron II) Later on, they would be of use to Craborg, and turned into cybernetic creations that sting and blast.


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