Anima has become concerned that since A Superior Romance, and other episodes, the Dragon Army's moral have started to crumble apart, Ke-Pa is made looking like an imperfect fool, starting to think everyone is comspiring against him, even other villains thanks to losing control of situations, and that he's starting to mess the days he, Batula, Hank, and certain other reformed villains from the past when they were still evil would still be considered friends. Anima, desiding his true loyalty resides with the slowly breaking Dragon's Army, that it's time to correct those uncalled for reformnations, espeically on Hank and Batula, by reminding them their evil ways through his speical abilities that normally caused depression and sadness. This would invite the Penguins to finally capture Anima and ensure he gets sent straight to Prison 42's spirit impresionment for good this time, and not even the threat of incoming Dragon Army reinforcements would deter the crazy and determined mind of Skipper! Just when you think Ke-Pa's life couldent get any worse with his precious Dragon Army losing it's credibility as the now serious villain team, he might lose Anima and Christmas came earily for the louge this year, especially for Skipper. 

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