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Vital statistics
Title Anima the Cruel Spirit, The Dreaded Anima.
Gender Male
Race/Species Emperor Penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) (Mortal Life)

Shadow Demon Mutant (Spirit)

Faction Villain League (formerly)

Professor Eagle Beak (Currently)

Description Spiritual Demon
Skills and Abilities Increased Powers of Shadow Demon, Possesses and Feeds off of Depressed Souls, Weak to Laughter and Sunlight,
Status Locked up
Location Madagascar World
  • Antarctica (Homeland)

Dragon Realms

  • Villain League Castle (Created)

Prison 42 (Imprisoned)

Alignment Sadistically Evil

Anima is a rogue demon summoned by Dr. Facilier to depress the Lodgers into a state of consciousness where they can no longer think straight without feeling totally sad, allowing Anima to consume their souls. The demon spirit feeds off on depression and sadness by entering it's host's subconscious and giving him/her visions of their tragic pasts, or depressing thoughts like the death of his/her girlfriend. Anima is more unqite because of being blue, and can't be harmed by light of a minor status, and requires a greater light force. He appears in the Cronitcles movisode "Memory Haunter."


Anima was originally born an Emperor Penguin in Antarctica long ago. During his time, he was angry at the penguin society because it killed his parents, turning him into a cruel and evil emperor who wants to show people the pain he felt when he lost his parents. He tamed many leopard seals into serving him, and forced the penguins into slavery, or they would be eaten.

However, that was until the Penguins' ancestors Scraper (Skipper's great great great grandfather), Gore (Rico's great great great grandfather), Brainiac Mclue (Kowalski's great great great grandfather), and Tuxles (Private's great great great grandmother), came and challenged Anima. For over 20 years, the team has fought Anima in a huge war until the last following year when Anima tamed an orca whale. The team killed it by using an old shipwreck's sonar system to irritate it, and kill it. However, when Anima had the upper hand, a wild orca came up and ate him.

After years of being dead, his soul was collected by the FOTOS for his ruthlessness and cunning. Because of his bitter cruelty and menacingly manner, he was made into a spirit of depression of sadness, and was made into a weapon for Dr. Facilier. Facilier had to wait until the time was right to bring him into action.


Anima is a very powerful spirit much smarter than Facilier's shadow henchmen. It is an adaptive spirit, so every moment it spends feeding or fighting will increase it's knowledge on it's own powers. It learns the following things during it's Temple haunting:

  • It can turn invisible
  • It can control it's own host
  • It can shoot energetic lasers
  • It can shapeshift
  • It can bring objects to life
  • It can irritate people with an eerie and supersonic ghost shriek
  • It can freeze people in place

It feeds on the sadness and depression of it's victims. Because depression is so rare, Anima has to create it itself. Anima enters the host's subconscious without the host noticing, and it occasionally puts the host in a trance. During the trance, the host is frozen in place, and his/her eyes are glowing blue. The host sees visions of horrible, painful, and depressing thoughts like tragic moments of his/her past, present, or future. These memories haunt the host like it does in a dream, and when the trance stops, the host begins crying because he/she couldn't resist the painful memories he/she had experienced during the trance. The crying feeds the spirit, and soon, the host begins feeling depressed, and before he/she even knows it, Anima consumes the victim's soul. Once the host is dead, the spirit searches for a new host, and it starts over again.

Anima is blue in color, making it immune to low/medium/high-frequency light. This light effect will only work if the light is at a higher frequency. Anima's face is scary enough to scare off it's enemies. The most scariest feature is it's mouth. The mouth can grow or shrink in size, providing a much better chance to scare off it's enemies. Since it is a spirit, Anima cannot be harmed. His only weakness is extremely high-frequency light. Anima is capable of speech, but only when it's inside a host. When it's outside, it can only chant it's name and laugh maniacally.