When Discord discovered that Fluttershy made an animal sanctuary without him, he felt hurt that he was left out on something he could've loved to help out on, and even criticised Fluttershy on wasting her time with Hard HatWrangler, and Dandy Grandeur and not going for the simple way she preferred it to begin with, and he had the power to match her views and craft it in her own image, so much so that they would've been saved a lot of time. It was the first time Fluttershy and Discord were at a bad enough disagreement that even scolding only served to further upset him. Discord then angerly stormed out, denounced Fluttershy's friendship and went to stew, sulk and mope in the chaotic pocket dimention. Fluttershy, feeling like she could've gave Discord even SOME thought, gathered her friends and disgussed a way to throw Discord an apology party to win over Discord. However, meanwhile, the Three Forementioned trio haven't exactly enjoyed a decent reputation since then. Hard Hat was fired from his construction job for not doing what Fluttershy wanted, Wrangler was discharged from her job in the appolosa farm, and Dandy became a disgrace to Canterlot culture and lost his job. As a result, the trio turned vengeful and with a newfound hatred for Fluttershy for costing them their lively hoods over something they thought would've improved on her sanctuary ideas. That's when the trio ended up being recruited by an infamous animal collecter with an unconfirmed history of servitude to the Griffin Mafia, An Elder Afrian Stork-eqsed Griffin by the name of Baron Zoolander, an incredably rich griffin said to be richer then even the entire land of Equestia combined, has offered the trio the chance to get even with Fluttershy by containing all of the animals and placing them in an upcoming private zoo he wanted designed by them, and with a promise of undisputable wealth and freedom to do it their way, the trio obliged for a chance to prove Fluttershy's methods as wrong as they believe it is. Wrangler and some old animal wrangler friends of hers, along side some of the Baron's finest animal catchers, kidnapped the animals and placed them in cages, while Hard Hat and Dandy Grandeur work with the Baron's construction crew minotaurs and fussy designer goblins. But over time, the more the trio hung out with the Baron, the more they began to understand Fluttershy's intentions, as the Baron's men either treat the animals like dirt, don't care about bad design flaws or any illegit choices or proven too unreasonable to work with, the trio realise that they were being the same to Fluttershy, albeit not to this scale. Though the Baron does love animals, he loves them for the wrong means. He views animals as collection pieces and symbols of status to earn respect in the animal collecter world, but what's worse is that sometimes the animals he most likes, he sells them off to the highest bidder to gain money to strentghen his animal collection empire to further his persuits of collecting every single critter imaginable. Unfortunately, the trio are still made to help the baron out under threat of being part of his collection as well and that they're trapped in a binding contract, forcing the trio to continue what they're doing. An escaped animal warns Fluttershy and the gang about this apawn getting Discord to come back, and knowing that how powerful the Baron is, saving the animals and the trio out of there is not gonna be an easy feet since Baron Zoolander has diplomatic immunity, so not even Celestia can harm him, so the ponies contacted the Shell Lodge Squad while they plan to get the animals and the trio out of there while finding the one thing that can end Zoolander's immunity and bring him and his goons to justice. Can Fluttershy help the animals in time, or will Zoolander's private zoo be their new unsavery home?




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