The Animal High Command is an Alternate UUniversal interuniversal taskforce headquarted on Planet Integer. They were deployed by the Society of Sentient Animals, an organization of sentient animals that enforces animal rights, particularly for their sentient and semi-sentient variants, on Planet Taxonomoworld in the Incertaedis System. Like the SSA, the AHC has existed long enough for even them to not remember the foundation, as it occurred during the AUU First Cartoonian War. It formed during days when they were treated poorly, and the AHC started out as freedom fighters out to make a difference, and following the SSA's founder, Martone Looger Queen Jr., it was finally accomplished, and he converted the freedom fighters into the Animal High Command, out to enforce their rights. They were especially necessary when forces like the Zoopremacists formed. They still fight to this very day with the best advanced law-enforcement technology in the market, using holographic technology, weaponry that combines Armatage/Huncus weaponry with Holoverse Corporation technology, wear blue suit with holographic capabilities, ISDs, recharging energy shields, jetpacks, AIs, and many other capabilities, high-tech vehicular technology, as well as teleportation, mobile space centers, and many others. They pass that technology down to the police forces of minor colonies, including that for the Zoytian Police Department, and they do well in proving that animal cruelty is not tolerable.


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  • CIC Attackwill- The sentient Gladiozont commander-in-chief of the Animal High Command. Being the AUU's top superpredator, being sentient is incredibly rare, and he was one of those to be oppressed to near-criminal levels. But he fought off his demons, and became the current head of the AHC.
  • ???- A Fuscugator (Large crocodilian with 6 legs, 3 inner jaws, poisonous spines, and patterned spines)
  • ???- A Brachotops (A sauropod-like ceratopsian)
  • ???- An Apexudont (Fifth-ranked lion-like superpredator)
  • ???- An Aftlong (Large pterosaur-like bird)
  • ???- An Animal-Human Hybrid (or 'Animentient')
  • ???- A Pirahdon (Crocodile/piranha-like amphibious fish)
  • ???- A Caeinvictus Rex (Giant bird-like alien-like xeno mammoavian)
  • ???- A Fwopyderm (A Platybelodon-like pachyderm)
  • ???- A Magadonth (The biggest pachyderm species in the AUU)
  • ???- An Oewonk (A lion-like reptile with vestigial wings similar to Borderlands Stalkers)
  • ???- A Trilbipede (A centipede-like trilobite)
  • ???- An Olophant (Giant elephant-like porcine)
  • ???- A Fuscale (Fluffy-sailed stegosaurid)
  • ???- A Placywy (Amphibious seal-like placoderm fish)
  • ???- A Seay (Brontoscorpio-like aquatic scorpion)
  • ???- An Elecmand (An electric-eel-like salamander)
  • ???- A Rhyrax (Rhino-like hyrax)
  • ???- A Cauter (AUU Lion)
  • ???- A Honeybeast (Bear-like tapir)
  • ???- A Ferusulox (A red-headed bear-like dog)
  • ???- A Grasptrap (A camouflaging trapping multi-legged cephalopod)
  • ???- A Birdfish (Giant flight-capable amphibious flying fish)
  • ???- A Matercer (Large frogs with peacock-tail-like structure that carries eggs)
  • ???- A Gyroton (An accordion-like shelled rodent)
  • ???- A Seatherplex (An aquatic spider)
  • ???- A Wollon (A bizarre-looking wombat)
  • ???- A Jrail (A one-legged hopping gastropod)
  • ???- A Regenge (A canine-feline viverrid)
  • ???- A Skrag (A Borderlands Skag-lik creature)
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