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Freudy Fred Ankle
Vital statistics
Title Anklebiter
Gender Male
Race/Species Dwarf Cheegion (Cheegosaurus ankletchus)
Faction Villains Act
Description Tough, Snarky, Sneaky, Cunning
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Speed, Stealth Skills, Artifical Dublication.
Status Imprisoned
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Sioephus (Gamma Universe, Tobani Sector, Quinxiote System) (Homeworld)
  • Oranos (Current Residence)
Alignment Criminal Evil

Freudy F. Ankle is an Alternate UUniversal Cheegion from Planet Sioephus. He is a diminutive species of armless raptors and previously a master thief who was enhanced by Corruption Co. to have the ability of self-duplication, and has since done some odd jobs for several fanatics across the Villains Act, and has done them really well or almost successfully. Turning to larceny because of a very poor upbringing where his rich family had been poor thieves for 5 generations after being cheated and robbed by corrupt traders, and he had successfully managed to steal everything they lost back. But by doing it unethically, he was shunned instead of congratulated and disowned. They returned what he stole and Freudy felt like everything he did was a waste of time, becoming a master thief as a result. He had a place in the Space Knife Collaberation, which ended poorly thanks to trying to go after the Lougers' United Universe in ill-timing.


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