Anna Zarra Arbiter
Anna Arbiter
Vital statistics
Title Arbiter, Anny, Prosecutor Arbiter, The Arbiter
Gender Female
Race/Species Flat-headed Cat (Prionailurus planiceps)
Faction Independent
Description Fictional, Superanimal, Gymnast, Agile, Expert Markswoman, Helpful, Sympathetic, Persistent, Relentless
Skills and Abilities Super-Strength, Super-Endurance, Super-Mentality, Teleportation, Telekinesis, Sublimation, Tele-Hypnosis, X-Ray Vision, Kevlar, Pulse Pistol
Status Fictional
Location XD Comix Universe
  • Thunder City (Fictional hometown)
  • New Athens (Current Residence)
Alignment Helpful and Morally Good

Anna Z. Arbiter is a fictional Superior Flat-headed Cat published in Kratos' XD Comix. She has been known to be a highly-agile warrior who is an expert in mechanics and quantum physics. Aside from her usual inventions, her powers make her a force to not be reckoned with. She is a rough lady who has been known to cause suffering and pain to even her mightiest opponents. She was formerly a prosecutor in her teenage days until she retired for the loss of her parents to a deadly assassin whom she had locked away years later. She has been able to help the Titaneers out for a while, and is attempting to crack the code of their fractured reputations and help prove them innocent. She still hasn't done it, but she is still close. She even serves as a love interest for Blitzer. Her powers include super-strength, super-endurance, super-mentality, teleportation, telekinesis, sublimation, tele-hypnosis, and X-ray vision.

  • MCode: SeSmSsSulThsTkTpoXrv


Anna was born on Kratos as the daughter of a lawyer father and a waiter mother. When she became 18, she got a job as a prosecutor. She had been in many trials. She seemed to have a caring heart for Superiors with power mimicry, and had usually needed to handle court cases involving them. Though rights have already been granted to them, people still disrespected them. They demanded respect from them, they hurt them, they made fun of them, and to make it worse, one of them harassed Anna's friend Elroy, who had power mimicry. After an incident where Elroy had gotten into a fight with others for disrespecting him and telling him what to do, she was able to protect him, and help him win the case, sending the offender to jail.

However, a week later after this trial, Elroy had run away from home after leaving a note that said 'He's coming!'. When she finds the note, she finds out too late, and her parents were discovered dead a few minutes later. The next day, she retired as a prosecutor forever, convinced that it was what caused her parents' death, and if she stayed, others would be in more danger. She then decided to take matters into her own hands, and become a vigilante to search for the one who killed her parents. She searched for clues on where to find Elroy, and goes to another continent to find him as a hotel clerk. At first, he refuses to tell her, but she convinces him enough to do it with her tele-hypnosis. He explains that the offender he sued had escaped from jail that day, and he was scared that he was going after him so he ran off to a place where the offender couldn't find him.

Thinking that the offender killed her parents, Anna continued investigating the crime, and discovered that, surprisingly, the offender was a victim as well. It was all done by his evil uncle, William Slashclaw, who had always hated his nephew for not giving him the proper respect he deserved, and never even listened to his pleas of leaving Elroy alone. Even though his nephew was punished for it, that wasn't enough for him. He thought that if he were to kill the prosecutor's family, his nephew would take the blame. Despite trying to kill Anna and Elroy to prevent them from telling anyone, they were able to outsmart him, and send him to jail. The offender apologized for everything after helping him, and Elroy, despite being safe, still decides to stay at work at the hotel. Since then, Anna became a vigilante who had eventually learned mechanics and engineering quicker than any other Superior, and soon met the Titaneers, discovering their pasts, she has dedicated herself to help prove their innocence since she vowed to never let the innocent be prosecuted again, even by her. She even gains the affection of Blitzer.


Anna wears a suit with Kevlar, which allows her to withstand various forms of damage for a long period of time. Her only weapon is a small pulse pistol which fires a bullet that travels at 50% the speed of sound, dealing major damage to it's target. Aside from bullets, the gun also has stun bullets that don't do any harm, but breaks into pieces upon impact, and the impact is so hard, it knocks the target out.

She has the ability to lift up to 8 tons of weight with her super-strength, lifting the object up like it was made of Styrofoam. Her super-endurance allows her to remain active for about 4 hours without getting tired, even with a bullet to the chest. Plus, she is a genius with her super-mentality, able to create various inventions that aid her in her missions. She has been known to have built combat mechs, robots, and even an android of herself. She is also able to teleport, levitate objects with telekinesis, turn into a gaseous form with sublimination, see through objects with her X-ray vision, and her most notable ability: tele-hypnosis, the ability to influence people through physical contact. She can control anyone she touches, but this power is not effective on those with psychic shields.

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