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Anne Boonchuy

Anne Savisa Boonchuy is a Thai-American human and the protagonist of the Disney XD series Amphibia. She is a selfish but kind-hearted person that ends up stranded in the titular world after stealing a magic box called the Calamity Box. She takes up residence in Wartwood and stays with the Plantars, with her best friend Sprig Plantar, his rambunctious polliwog sister Polly Plantar, and his grandfather Hop Pop, and tries to fit into a world of talking amphibians who all at first think she's a freak until she defends them from toad barbarians that mistakenly think they have all been committing tax evasion. After going through hardships in attempts to find her friends Sasha Waybright and Marcy Wu, she manages to channel the Gem of Heart's power and gain the ability to draw its power for wild powers, which she used to defeat King Andrias. She returned to Earth, but the Plantars are there with her. After reuniting with her parents, gaining new allies and fighting new enemies, she returns to Amphibia which has been put at war and in an apoalyptic state, becoming the second-in-command behind Sasha in fighting against Andrias while learning of the prophecy of three individuals defeating a great evil. She is voiced by Brenda Song (London Tipton of the Suite Life franchise).


Pre-Season 1

Anne was revealed in flashback to be an energetic child growing up. She primarily hung out with Sasha and Marcy because she felt it was easier to brush through life, regardless if it was right or wrong, thus making her unsure of what to do with her life. She is given an essay on what to do with her life prior to her birthday. She would thus skip school under Sasha's suggestion until Marcy texts them a gift for her: a frog music box. Sasha forces Anne to go and she steals the box from the thrift shop. In an old playground, she opens the box, and it causes all three of them to be sent to Amphibia.

Season 1

Upon being stranded in Amphibia, Anne spends her life living under a tree with the harsh conditions, and even tried asking Wally for help, who was scared off by her appearance. She would later meet Sprig when she is being hunted by a giant mantis. She decides to save him after trapping him, as he was out trying to hunt her to prove his responsibility. The two form a bond, and he stands up for her when she is caught by a mob, and they stand against the giant mantis. The townsfolk of Wartwood hesitantly let her stay. On her second day in Wartwood, Anne shows homesickness and Sprig decides to take her to the lake, disobeying Hop Pop in the process, only to be attacked by a giant water snake which they manage to beat with peppers.

As the season progresses, Anne confronts her own selfishness and needs, and learns how to become a better person. In 'Toad Tax', Anne decides to garner respect from the people of Wartwood by becoming a Toad Warrior, but is distraught at how roughly they handle tax collecting, as she knows that they had done so, and helps them behind their backs. When they end up roughing up the Plantar Farm, Anne finally stands her ground and fights the Toad Warriors. At the season finale, Anne finally reunites with Sasha, who has been with the Toad Warriors at Toad Tower since being stranded in Amphibia. They hold a dinner at the tower, but Sasha reveals their plans to assassinate Hop Pop because of the rebellions he had inadvertently started. They blow up Toad Tower, and Anne decides to finally stand up against Sasha's manipulation. Sasha departs with the Toads while Anne is distraught, with hopes that the Plantars will finally help send her back home.

Season 2

After the storms clear the valley, Anne and the Plantars take a roadtrip to the capital of Amphibia, Newtopia, where Anne will not only get answers on how to get home, but also find her other friend Marcy. They get into many adventures on the way, and they finally reach Newtopia in 'Marcy at the Gates', where she reunites with Marcy who had become a guardian for Newtopian security. They meet the leader of Newtopia, King Andrias, and while they learn what they can about the music box, Anne and the Plantars spend some time in Newtopia. After a chaotic sleepover, Andrias tells them about the box being a magical artifact thousands of years old, previously used by his explorer and scientist ancestors. After a sad day at the Newtopian Aquarium, Anne decides to go back to Wartwood with the Plantars.

Upon returning to Wartwood, Anne discovers days later that Hop Pop had been lying about the box and keeping it hidden away, breaking her trust until Hop Pop says he did it because of the events that lead to the death of Sprig and Polly's parents. Afterward, she, Marcy, and the returning Sasha go to three temples to charge the box's three magic stones which are each powered by wit, heart, and strength, even confronting the box's keeper, Valeriana, whom she previously met in 'Bizarre Bazaar'. The three girls have a dinner party together and even a concert with a Wartwood photo before returning to Newtopia to send them back home.

But upon arrival in Newtopia, Sasha and Grime betray them and take over Newtopia with the entire Toad Army and Toad Lords. Angered, Anne renounces her friendship with Sasha and is locked up when Sasha is unable to banish her back home with the box. Anne gathers up her friends to stop the takeover, and confronts Sasha, who is unable to convince her that Andrias has darker intentions. The takeover is thwarted, and Anne gives Andrias the box, only to learn that he plans to use the Box to conquer all worlds as his ancestors were actually conquerors. He even forces Marcy to confess that she got Anne and Sasha stranded on Amphibia purposely because her parents were planning to move away. The group thus fight Andrias, but when Andrias tries to kill Sprig by dropping him out a window to his death, Anne ends up channeling her stone's power and manages to beat him, feeling drained in the process. Marcy opens a portal back to Earth for Anne and the Plantars to escape, but she get stabbed by Andrias in the process.

Season 3

In the third and final season, Anne and the Plantars reunite with Anne's parents, Bee and Oum, and despite trying to tell them about her time in Amphibia slowly, the Plantars are unable to keep the subtlety, and she tells them everything, yet leaves out Andrias and his plans to invade Earth. Anne would also have to help the Plantars get used to Earth starting with giving them disguises, but ends up attracting the attention of the FBI, including an agent named Mr. X. She also gets new allies including two robotics engineers named Ally and Jess, a museum curator named Dr. Jan who discovers the frog family's identities and aids them on their quest to return to Amphibia, and Terri, a junior scientist working on interdimensional portal technology. After a chaotic Christmas when Andrias uses a robot moth to possess a giant Santa, Anne and the group manage to make a portal device, yet needs more power to make it work. But before they can complete it, the Plantars are abducted by Mr. X and the FBI. She tells everyone about who the Plantars really are and they plan a rescue mission only to fall into a trap. Bee and Oum manage to get her confidence back up and they escape, and yet the energy they need still isn't enough and they are once again ambushed by the FBI. Anne uses her powers to fight back and open the portal so that they can return to Amphibia while her parents have a stern talk with X.

Upon their return to Amphibia, the group discover it has been thrown into a polluted lifeless industrial wasteland with robots, war machines, and mind-controlled fauna. They reunite with the people of Wartwood who have formed an underground resistance with help from Sasha beneath the destroyed Wartwood, and Sasha, feeling guilty of her betrayal, wants Anne to be the commander. Yet, Anne manages to convince her she's more suited to being commander than her. Upon remembering about clues they gathered back on Earth, Anne, Sasha, and the Plantars go to Proteus, an underground city of olms, to meet Mother Olm, after saving Proteus from a drilling robot. Mother Olm tells them of a prophecy where three heroes wielding the stones would save them from 'the worst of Amphibian kind'. After gaining more allies, Anne and the resistance finally storm Newtopia's flying castle, with Sasha and Anne talking about if they have been fair on Marcy which is why she got them stuck in Amphibia on purpose. But they discover that she has been assimilated by a collection of Amphibia's greatest minds in a unified mechanical consciousness called the Core.

The castle makes its way to Earth where they begin their invasion, but Anne and her friends manage to escape, and team up with Anne's parents, who were not only trained to fight by Mr. X, but also managed to prepare the military for the invasion. Anne comes across the essay she was given when they regroup for a plan at their old Saint James Middle School, and they split into two teams, with Sasha going after the Box and Marcy, while Anne goes out to defend LA. Andrias calls her out within a massive mech suit, and they battle it out with Anne channeling her powers. She is able to keep fighting thanks to K-Pop motivational music, yet she dries out her energy. Sprig manages to stop Andrias by reading him a message to his old friend Leif, which gives him a change of heart. Anne is able to destroy Andrias' robot, but he is damaged and reveals his longevity was due to being a cyborg. She reunites with Marcy, who has been freed from the Core by Sasha.

Later, they return the castle to Amphibia, but the Core Helmet assimilates Amphibia's moon intending to ram it into Amphibia. Anne, Sasha, and Marcy decide to channel the stones' power one last time and they all get powers, but not before Mother Olm warns Anne of a contingency plan of using a secret spell that will destroy any foe at the cost of the user's life. When the Core proves too resilient, Anne takes the other two stones, and activates the secret spell, losing her life in the process. Yet her soul is recovered by the creator of the stones, who asks her to take her job, yet Anne declines, and she is returned to life, and offered shards of the stones to return home, but only for a one-use trip, meaning she can not return to Amphibia. After saying their farewells to Amphibia, they return to Earth.

10 years later, Anne becomes a herpetologist who works at an aquarium in LA, and gets a pink South American tree frog that she names after Sprig, and later reunites with Sasha and a returning Marcy.


Role in the series

Anne ends up learning that Amphibia is a world with origins from The Bestiary Dimension, the original home of the monsters of Mewni, who were initially destroyed by a Xexaxez named Xestroyus and then resurrected by a Resurrectorate named Razeena. Amphibia is later revealed to be one of nine animal-based worlds that have a connection to the Calamity Objects which includes the Calamity Box. As time passes, Anne learns that she is part of not just any prophecy, but the 0-Calamity Prophecy in which three individuals at full power using the Gems of Wit, Heart, and Strength take down a rogue endling god called Extinctus, making far more allies and enemies than in canon, as in the SAFA timeline, King Andrias was never evil nor were his ancestors conquerors, but instead split between pacifist explorers and conquerors who quit being such after King Echidian cursed most of the Bestiary Dimension with extermination of strong magic and sentience. Some other enemies include Wormtongue, a salamander-caecilian hybrid who sought the power of the Calamity Box in order to revive an old creation called Helixis, and goes to great lengths to get it, Rotteen, Newtopia's grand advisor who had utilized the Calamity Box and other Calamity Objects to make eight friends from the eight worlds, but became determined to make the prophecy come true and go to cosmic lengths to ensure the Outer Gods had no protests, and even Sariah LaStrange, a human from her world who worked with the Chaos Insurgency (of the SCP Foundation lore) who sought to use the power of the Calamity Box to transcend humanity, but redeemed herself when her cruel father Malcolm LaStrange betrayed her, before being killed by Extinctus.