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Anne Boonchuy

Anne Savisa Boonchuy is a Thai-American human and the protagonist of the Disney XD series Amphibia. She is a selfish but kind-hearted person that ends up stranded in the titular world after stealing a magic box called the Calamity Box. She takes up residence in Wartwood and stays with the Plantars, with her best friend Sprig Plantar, his rambunctious polliwog sister Polly Plantar, and his father Hop Pop, and tries to fit into a world of talking amphibians who all at first think she's a freak until she defends them from toad barbarians that mistakenly think they have all been committing tax evasion. After going through hardships in attempts to find her friends Sasha Waybright and Marcy Wu, she manages to channel the Gem of Heart's power and gain the ability to draw its power for wild powers, which she used to defeat King Andrias. She is now back on Earth, but the Plantars are there with her. She is voiced by Brenda Song (London Tipton of the Suite Life franchise).


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Role in the series

Anne ends up learning that Amphibia is a world with origins from The Bestiary Dimension, the original home of the monsters of Mewni, who were initially destroyed by a Xexaxez and then resurrected by a Resurrectorate, given another chance and formed seeds that created Amphibia through the monster race known as the Batarchiogs, or amphibian people, far unrelated to the monster race of Buff Frog, that were one of the far more tender-hearted monsters of the Bestiary Dimension. But the toad breed that spawned the toad warriors were the original breed and thusly they were the closest to monsters.

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