Anthony Nathaniel Alkaline
Vital statistics
Title Son to Garth Alkaline and Xenmoa
Gender Male
Race/Species Gorsgothan

Takes Shape of Foosa (Cryptoprocta ferox) on Kratos

Faction Orlianna Empire (As allies)
Description Fictional, Energy-Being, Least-Skilled Than his Sister, Reckless in Fighting
Skills and Abilities Energetic Shape
Status Fictional, Alive
Location XD Comix Universe
  • Orlianna Palace, Gorsgan (Birthplace)
  • Elysica, Kratos (Fictional, Current Residence)
Alignment Immature and Reckless, But Good

Anthony N. Alkaline is a fictional interdimensional being published in Kratos' Generation Comics. He was born as the son of Garth Alkaline, leader of The Enigmas, and Xenmoa, princess of the Orlianna Empire. On Kratos, he takes the form of a Superior fossa. Despite the fact that their parents had to gain Emperor Orlanthus' blessings after a fight against The Followers of Qo'doo, as well as protecting a pregnant Xenmoa from them, Anthony and his twin sister, Amanda Alkaline, were trained to defend themselves from the evils of Qo'doo. Anthony is the least skilled of the twins, and is clever and inventive. But his major problem is being too reckless in his training. But under the pile, he can be easily overcome with the choice of either fighting or running. His destiny had come true when Qo'doo unleashes hundreds of cybernetic Cortex the Abomination clones called Medullas, which smell fear just like their clone host. She and her brother are the only heroes left to save Kratos and Gorsgan because their allies are all captured by Qo'doo. They eventually bring themselves to conquer their fear of the Medullas, and fight them off enough to win the battle against Qo'doo. Both twins are praised for their accomplishment, and are rewarded by becoming members of The Enigmas. Since then, they have been helping their father battle against the further plans of Qo'doo. His powers include energetic shapeshifting and manipulation, sublimation, and possession, teleportation, and telepathy.


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