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Anti-Cosmo is the Anti-Fairy counterpart of Cosmo. Anti-Cosmo has the opposite personality of Cosmo. he is also a genreal of the negaverse alongside negaduck, evil buzz lightyear, and queen beryl.


Since all Anti-Fairies are to their Fairy counter-parts, Anti-Cosmo is the complete opposite of Cosmo. While Cosmo is kind, caring, and amazingly dumb, Anti-Cosmo is evil genius, criminal master mind, and is smart. Apparently he is the ringleader of the Anti-Fairies, and after he is permanently freed from Jorgen Von Strangle's captivity, he and his race move to Anti-Fairy World where he rules over them from his castle. Like all Anti-Fairies, Anti-Cosmo's primary goal is causing bad luck among humans.

==Description Anti-Cosmo in 'Fairly odd baby'==

Anti-Cosmo has a blue and black color scheme, a blue bowler hat in place of a crown, and bat wings, like all Anti-Fairies. He wears a monocle over his right eye which he cannot see without, and wears a derby and a kind of coat or suit and, unlike Cosmo, Anti-Cosmo speaks intelligently with a cultured British accent. He is married to Anti-Wanda. Anti-Cosmo's castle is most likely not open to anyone except the Pixies, as seen in "Fairly Odd Baby". Since Cosmo used to be the last Fairy baby ever born, Anti-Cosmo may have been the last Anti-Fairy baby ever born until Anti-Wanda gave birth to Foop.


Anti-Cosmo is far more intelligent, evil, and devious than most other villains on the show, let alone his counterpart Cosmo. However, it is usually because of his slow witted wife, Anti-Wanda, that he fails at his plans, or otherwise Timmy gets the best of him. He is not been shown to get angry much, except with Cosmo, mostly because how stupid his Fairy self is.

role in the series

anti-cosmo has been currently recruited by emperor fang to serve as the head of luck in the fang empire.