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The Antimagic Hand is an organization of people who hate magic because of its abuse and the harm it had caused, yet only wish for it to not be destroyed, but purged from their worlds forever, in perhaps they understood begrudently that Magic plays too important of a role to truly destroy, but nonetheless had welcomed the idea of restricting and limiting its influence, even if the act does more harm and good, the members growing numb and amoral to this, believing it a necessary evil to prevent a far worse doom than an intermediate era of suffering for those dependent of magic. Since the events of The 2019 Magic Fritz, people have liked and hated Star Butterfly for "making a good choice, but not in the right way", and instead should have cut magic out of worlds that didn't deserve it. Thus the leader Lord Ulbrecht Purje seeks to do it right by doing so. Star, ever since redeeming herself with a Schrodinger spell, has been aiming to defeat this organization as she now believes that doing so would further redeem her crime of destroying magic. They all possess Antimagic weapons including antimagic-bewitched armaments, antimagic field generators, and anything that makes them worthy to fight magical beings, making them the worst magic hunters alive. They've even been known to recruit Rogue Wiper Hives into their causes, and even sometimes corrupting Wiper Hives through capturing and controlling Superiors and using Wiper Artifacts as a methodology for their cause.


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Members (OUU)


  • Lord Purje- The cruel and sadistic leader of the Antimagic Hand.
  • Magoulas- Purje's public agent and most trusted advisor whose power against magicians are unmatched coming from a world victimized by a worse magical threat than Mina Loveberry or Prime Major Admiral Asper Swipe.
  • Vactor- A man who hails from a world of an undiscovered sector that relied too much on magic and have grown lazy from it, losing his family because of it and annihilating his land for it by stripping it of its magic.
  • Rodney Messalot- A Lesser Cult member that doesn't even have anything against magic, he joined up by accident when looking for an intern job pass the summer with.
  • Tell'all- A lesser cult member that serves as an inter-dimensional messenger for what other divisions do.


  • Mr. D. Illusion- A distant uncle of Doctor Facilier, ergo making him apart of the Maleficent Clan, is the top representative for operations in the Disney Universe, a considered "Ground Zero" for "Magic Rampancy" and wielder of the "Eather Hat", a hat designed to capture magic within it. It isn't that he hates magic, far from it. But rather, he is ruled by family grief on how the Maleficent clan 'are a largely feared name in the United Universes and more so in Disney. He joined the Hand in figuring that reducing magic would cure his clan of the "Evil Plague" they had self-bought themselves into. He often tries to insist that the aim to reduce magic doesn't mean "Blindly hating it itself", rather "You should hate the rampancy lack of serious regulations had allowed". Alas, apart from minorly inspiring Purje to see things enough of that way, even if only to curb Outer Scrutiny at best, his words are usually fallen to deaf ears save for Purje deciding to back up D once or twice if he considers the point good enough to take, but even then he's been disavowed as a "Teacher's Pet" simply because he isn't so much a magic hater as he is a Magic Ethicist, which isn't considered a true hater, just "Abit of a Rules-Nut and Absolutist, which is MILES worse" and otherwise abit of a "dumb irony" he's even WITH a magic hate group. His clan ties helped little, even the foul name Maleficent and Dark Dragon made for themselves alone doesn't negate this issue for' him. (Status: Defected/Cleansed of Anti-Magic)
  • Jafari- The identical birth twin of Jafar that was separated from birth from him to the point that Jafar never knew he HAD a twin brother, in which he once lead a decent life in being the leader of peace-loving nomads that bring goodwill to others, even if it's not always returned in full or at all. However, because of his complete likeness with exception of not having the iconic goatee nor wearing more like a white and blue version of the famous robes, wielding a desert flower staff of enlightenment & even having a pet bird of paradise as suppose to a parrot, and cause of Jafar's actions, people began mistaking him for his twin he never knew he had until it was too late, thus leading to him and his clan constantly being chased out. In bitter sadness, the nomads that raised him were forced to exile him because his likeness were making it difficult for others to see otherwise. Thus, Jafari, while short of true hatred for magic, does felt like that had it not been for it, and had he been able had been at his brother's "Self-Ruin", he could've prevented his brother's soulful downfall and lead him to a better path, assuming that without enlightenment, magic will almost always taint the soul. Ironically, for not being a true hater, even hardliners of magic hate appreciate Jafari's wisdom, especially less extreme members like D. Illusion, even Purje is relatively chill with the sagely-man. He's basically the resident advice-giver, and had helped D. further attributed why the Hand is reduced to only want to restrict Magic influence as suppose to outright get rid of it, perhaps demonstrating that Jafari's enlightenment allowed him to understand the existence of Outers and brought this to the Hand, thus avoiding an almost guaranteed scrutiny from them, save for "One always inevitable, Thaumorpheus". (Status: Defected/Cleansed of Anti-Magic)
  • Lesser Councilman- A conspiring member of the Galactic Federation and of the same race as Grand Councilwoman, Lesser Councilman is technically the sort've co-head of the federation, but Vainiana has more leeway with the ultimate way the federation does things, and notorious attempter of trying to make the Galactic Federation having a stricter stance on magic, with the attempts always thrown out cause it's considered not the Federation's place and that there's already separate institutions for trying to curb magic problems, along with being considered abit of an unpopular absolutist and elitist. He secretly teamed up with Purje to basically be the Hand's way to keeping track of G-Fed business and be an early warning of the Hand being in danger of getting on their badside, especially when the Hand engages with going after magic in alien worlds. In cause of the nature of being a heads up guy, he has no true Anti-Magic influence outside of some tech based around it to keep appearences. (Status: Imrpisoned)

Warner Bros.

  • King Eathershire- A king from the world of Camelot and ruler of its rival nation, Corenat, who fears that King Arthur's sword would become a dangerous weapon of conquest if granted to anyone outside the noble king, and those fears were confirmed thanks simply to Sir Ruber, if albeit more to the villain league. But Eathershire also knew that going to war with Camelot would be fruitless since LITTERALLY that same sword and its stone will defeat any army, thus leaving the paranoid king ceptable to be swayed by Purje to join the Hand, becoming its head of the Warner Bros Universe. (Status: Deceased)
  • Miss DeRange- A deranged dog kin woman from the Adventure Time world who came to hate magic after her husband was killed by territorial wizards in Wizard City, driving her insane and becoming a wizard killer. (Status: Defected/Cleansed of Anti-Magic)
  • Hydria- A Dragoness Demon from the world of the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. While not a true magic hater, her reasons to be in the group stem from the fact that she is a personal fan girl of Grim, of which her heart is broken in that he is made to suffer the indignities of Billy and Mandy, of which she wants to free Grim in by seeking to render him useless to the duo by basically aiming to curb magic. In because she's amongst the only two cult members willing to be within striking distance of DeRange, she's been assigned to be DeRange's partner, and their relationship grew into something more then professional. (Status: Defected/Cleansed of Anti-Magic)
  • Jajo Gaja- A gibbon from the Powerpuff Girls world. While more of a victim of the mad science of Mojo Jojo back in the time of the events of the movie, Jajo came to be aware that imagination, which contributes to science, is a subsidiary to magic. Out of personal desire to never let another creature fall prey to this, he was swayed to join the Hand. In cause he was the only one not wildly afraid of DeRange and even sympathies her, he was made a partner to he along with Hydria and the trio had been in-separable ever since. (Status: Defected/Cleansed of Anti-Magic)


  • Manos Sappington- A powerful Anti-Magic Wielder from the San Ricardo side of the Shrek World and head of affairs for the Dreamworks Universe, of which they had less activity there since magic "Has a surprisingly laxed presence" outside of the Shrek World, though Manos has proven active in "Keeping it that way".
  • Godbolt- A muscular man from the Shrek world who immunized himself from magic and holds magic responsible for his ruined life via a binding magic contract from Rumpelstilskin, becoming a-renowned magic hunter magicians everywhere fear. He answers and respects Manos and Purje only, respectively. Most of everyone else is either "Dead Weight" or "Not worth remembering", though exceptions can exist, Jafari one of them, cause "His advice does make (Him) think about things."
  • Bolden- A gelada from the Madagascar world and an enemy of Darla the Baboon who hates magic since she cursed him to never do his hobby again as punishment for stealing one of her spells in one of the baboons' previous zoos.
  • Lord O'watabut- A Japanese Warlord from Dreamworks China that was most the considerably most infamous of the world that has reached even the farthest lands until a Magic Ninja cursed him with having a gigantic butt as punishment for his cruelty towards the innocent and ruin his reputation forever, thus coming to despise magic as much as he hated the ninja that alluded him, making him the group's resident extremist noted for even advocating "Going farther than just draining the accursed stuff" and outright just get rid of it, "Magic-Dependers be damned" in his own words. Luckily for the group and in a way for magic, Purje's fearsome nature and threats of making his curse worse keep the warlord in line.


  • Speaker of Hexxus- The leader of a human cult dedicated to Hexxus as their god, who joined purely cause the aim to reduce magic influence could benefit the return of Hexxus, secretly using "these sorry collections of whiny bitter scorners to a few bad cases of magic" to benefit a return of Lord Hexxus and let him "Resume his beautiful work". He is thus secretly using the Hand for his own purposes and lied about the real fate of Hexxus and said that he was long destroyed by the magic of Ferngully Fairies and covered his story very well, thus earning him the spot of the head of the affairs in the Fox Universe.
  • Roskan Cornmagapin- A Noble from Anastasia's Russia who misses the time of czar rule and blames magic for it's downfall. He's the would've been head for the Fox side of the Magic Hand had not been for Speaker of Hexxus' power, of which he resented ever since.


  • Dr. Killiousjoyius Nofunstein- A scientist from the Fairly Oddparents World and so firm of a believer of anything science says is an absolute fact down to the point of denying magic's existence. However, the discovery of the existence of fairies had greatly challenged his world-view of magic being "Only Pretend" and damaged his sanity greatly to that he wants to destroy magic "To MAKE it pretend", basically being responsible for why Fairies in that world have to be so secretive! He was immediately recruited by the hand as the head of affairs for the Nick Universe as a result, though they're cautious of the doctor always sticking to his own idea of doing something about magic and being a risk of inviting "Unwanted Problems with Outers".
  • Primrose- A woman from the Fairly OddParents world who was the victim of the penalty of making a secret wish, which was punishable by the loss of fairy godparents and a miserable life, coming to hate magic when she remembered having fairy godparents and that her life was lost because of this.


  • Turaga Revenghus- A Turaga from Spherus Magna with a dominating hatred for magic for how much the then-Fang Empire took over his homeworld, particularly more so with Malock, who overwhelmed his home's Toa like they were nothing and captured all of his fellow Ta-Matoran. Thus he became a shoo-in for Miramax's Head of Affairs for the hand.
  • Sivenk- A Female member of Nivawk's species of rahi bird that is made to be a spy for him cause of an anti-magic control collar.

Video Game

  • Ga'Ra'Roo- A Rogue Riptoc that came to hate his own people along with magic for the fact they had ever allowed Ripto to represent them and has-came to be apart of the hand as their head of the Video Game Universes. Ga'Ra is the most unlikeable of the Hand, even by Jafari (But he's polite about it), as he's been known to throw mostly unwarranted criticisms around on even members with fair points in due to Ga'Ra's relentless superiority complex, even being ballsy enough to criticize Purje, only serving to make him mad, but his importance for the fact he's from the Dragon Realms, a magic hotspot, forces Purje to let Ga'Ra get away with his insults unscathed, to the dismay of the other members. That's not to say members never took disciplining this loudmouth into their own hands.
  • S'ridlin- A surviving female member of Ridley's race that had escaped from the Metroid systems and ended up in the Dragon Realms world and was discovered by Ga'Ra'Roo and had stuck by him ever since out of romantic interest, literally the only thing that loves Ga'Ra unconditionally (But not without limits). She doesn't even have any proven hatred for magic, to the distain of less then patient members already bothered by Ga'Ra's behavior, purely only being around to be near Ga'Ra, even despite clear protests to the group's beliefs, only sticking around for Ga'Ra, of which Purje literally only allowed as a "Member" simply because of how powerful Ridley's race can be.


  • Sinomora Manahate- A politician from Chrysanthemum with a very unpopular opinion about magic, in deeming his world to be "Full of Freaks and Monsters cause of it going unchecked", and thus went to earn secret membership with the hand to serve as the head of the Anime Universe. He's been known to be pompous and narrow-minded and of the less serious anime verity, annoying most other members of his ways, but his tactical genius more than makes up for the fact it's sometimes hard to take him seriously.
  • Waiser- A man from the Anime Universe who hailed from a land that was irreversibly cursed and years of failing to lift this curse lead to him hating magic.


  • Herky- An Ichthyornis with a bitter vendetta with magic after she lost her crane lover to the rampancy of Emperor Jerky and had been made head of the Hand's affairs in the Universal Universe. Inspite of this she's of extreme moral uncertainty of going as far as the Hand wants her to go and is prone to second guesses, often to the annoyance of other members not patient with her dilemma, but has well earned sympathy from kinder members like D. and Jafari.
  • Clerky- Herky's supportive moral guidance brother that while clearly isn't any much into the hand as she BARELY is but is only around to keep her safe, believing that eventually Herky would realize that the Hand is not worth it and allow the two to leave on their accord.


  • Manaphobia- A literal manifestation of "Manaphobia" from the world of the Phantom Tollbooth, a gangly crooked man looking creature that is a personification of magic hatred that attracted itself to the Hand personally and had been allowed to join as head of the affairs in the MGM universe. Albeit, the shameless creature purely only joined to feed on the hatred of magic from its fellow members, absent-minded of the goal they seek other than "an ingredient for delicious hatred". Purje admits disgust to this entity and knows it is purely a hatred-parasite, but only allows it to do what it wants in figuring that it IS powerful in feeding on hatred.
  • Harp-Burn- A Harpy-Wyvern hybrid that was the result of a questionable magic experiment of Mythos origin done by Gnomes. Otherwise not a dead set magic hater, her real beef comes from the extreme lack of serious regulations being her real concern. However, her care-free and overly trusting nature left her vulnerable to the sway of the hand to serve their interests, as she struggles with the clear moral problems the group have, yet is discouraged that otherwise no one else is doing anything to curb magic misuse.


  • Antius Magi- The former Head of Affairs before his capture in "Fashion Senseless". (Status: Contained by Outer Force).
  • Omen Tale- A longma (dragon-horse) from Equestria who hates magic because of his hometown being lost to The Storm Clan and became a magic-vampire like Tirek. He played a role in instigating the events of Fashion Senseless, but ended up costing them Antius Magi, the original head of Hand Affairs in the Hasbro Universe, but was spared a harsher punishment from the others by Jafari in instead being made to serve a' penance by being the new head. Tale had been especially grateful and loyal to Jafari for this kindness.

Members (AUU Division)


  • Yatboris- A Yateron that grew to hate the existence of the USRA in because it stuck the Yaterons into a position of constant ire with UIS and most of all the Vyrans, and in discovering that imagination is a subsidiary to magic, blames both aspects for the existence of the USRA and had vowed to see it's removal no matter the cost. While the AUU Division of the hand is considered as such, Yatboris does not see eye to eye with Purje on just about EVERYTHING and likes to consider the AUU Division it's own thing, only seeing the OUU Division of the hand as merely something to help HIM get started, heeding Purje's words more out of begrudgence then true obedience. Yatboris bares the prime responsibility of leading MV Trufflee to cleave Astri.
  • Hummus- A secret left behind human and partner of Yatboris. Suffering from immense guilt for the fact humans played ANY AND ALL roles in the existence of the USRA and the fact they ran away from the VA "Like Cowards", he became misentropent to humans of the AUU, and in cause of Yatboris' influence, equally blames magic and imagination.


  • Neckmomass- A once prime representive of the Necktronians, she now resents her own race for ruining themselves of a great legacy because of something she otherwise understand about bitterness about what happened with the Vexxomites, and thus has a great distain for science since alot of the Necktronians' controversy comes from their rogue unethical experiments. Inspite of this, her place with the AUU Division of the hand is of pure reluctance since Yatboris promises the hand will aide in redeeming the Necktronians.


  • Aufoneso- An Aufone rival of King Clax Zsaroo, who hated Clax for not having the Aufones leave the USRA for the fact that they were being dragged in the USRA's dirty laundry of mistakes and risking inevitable unwinnable conflict with UIS and by proxy inevitable return to forced servitude with the Coraacks in an event of a war they would NEVER win. He came to hate the idea of the USRA since and joined with Yatboris for being a fellow detractor of USRA loyalties, though is a stern skeptic to the idea of imagination and magic being interconnected, often to Yatboris annoyance.
  • Xuxoz- A female Xuron that has grown extremely cynical to the USRA ever being something the Xurons ever having part with and was a known advocate of wanting the Xurons to have no further involvement with the USRA, not even if a successor group was made NOR if the Humans come back. Years of being denounced as a defeatist and defector drove her to join Yatboris' AUU Division. Though equally skeptical to Yatboris' claims, she isn't afraid to "Test out the Yateron's mad theory" if she believes it would help her lead Xurons away from a future attempt at another USRA calamity.


  • Ohron- An Ohrugan Separatist that came from a long line of Ohrugans that protested the joining of the USRA and had considered Humans as "Inferior Rip-offs of Ohrugans", in thus, he and Hummus are not the best of friends. While otherwise considering Yatboris' claim of Magic and Imagination being the same thing as "Words of a Madman", he does consider the idea of doing anything to magic might effect imagination in a way, and in his eyes, it might get the Ohrugans to start viewing humans as the rip-offs of his race as he wants them to view them as.
  • Robbo Dan- A Rabodan elitist that outright hates the USRA's existence for joining with "Filthy Prematurely Advanced Human Apes" and equally hates the idea of "Hues" to the point he unapologetically uses slangs at them, right in front of their faces, even if their children. He personally believes that Yatboris is absolutely crazy for his beliefs on Imagination and Magic, but like Ohron is tempted to believe that their is some truth to this, and to him, that would be what he needs to revive the Rabodans superiority complex and get them back to being hateful jerks like he is. His superiority complex makes him the most hated of the AUU Division, as even Ohron, who's no improvement himself in terms of how he feels about humans, can't stand Robbo's behavior.


  • Narris Danial- Narris Danial is a Naurodan that hates both his own race for causing a premature advancement of Humans and the failure of correcting this, and in proxy hates the USRA as "Something made from an intergalactic fluke" and is a stern believer that the Naurodans need to correct their mistake with humans and take back the tech from them as any real act of pentene to the United Universes (AUU). However, cause he was always so upfront with these believes, he has never won any elections to be president or otherwise, and was forever a political loser. While he doesn't buy into what Yatboris says at all, considering him a "Crazy as all heck Yateron", he can't help but think there is something to what he's saying, thus believing he can use these "Yet proven Theories" to simply influence Naurodans to finally see things in his way.
  • Shab Stabba- A skilled female Sabuchan assassin that once served a now obscured Sabuchan Defector Independence Group that were against the Sabuchans joining the USRA and instead wanted them to join UIS, but magical intervention cut their attempt short before it was even acknowledged in history. Shab has no problems believing Yatboris' words and would even aggressively defend his words, desiring to correct Magic's "Sin" to her and revive her group's goals of UISifying the Sabuchan race, even if it's kinda too late at this point. She managed to still be around cause of having herself be held in a cryochamber after her group's first and only great defeat and later unearth'd by Yatboris and troupe, still being as young and agile as she was in her approbative time period.
  • Uo Non- A cowardly and spineless Uonon that is paranoid and fearful of his race eventually falling to the Ka'Navi'Salaan and thus things that loyalty to the USRA is a PERPETUAL bad idea in only aggravating things! This fear led him to join the AUU Division under Narris' suggestion, an old personal friend of his. He has a bad habit of severe panic attacks and is prone to curl up and suck his thumb madly in fetal position when scared enough. He has a closet crush on Shab Stabba for being so beautiful and brave, yet he's too cowardly to admit that to her outta fear of rejection, and/or the whole thing being considered really awkward. He's divided on what Yatboris saids, in one hand he finds the belief untested and theoretical, but he's also too cowardly to really point that out cause of how spineless he is.


  • Cucu- Cucu is a Cunone Smuggler and outcast for being a Vexxomite Sympathizer who believed the act of killing them all off was wrong. But in being immediately ousted out by Count Pusar Puss, she lived the life of a smuggler ever since. The AUU Division picked her up and turned her into a personal smuggler for the group and thus allowed them to smuggle Antimagic tech across the AUU to members. She doesn't full heartedly support the over all aims of the hand, but is held back by the promise of reversing the Cunones war crimes against the Vexxomites to really back off from this.
  • Thabbian- A Thabes that is Cucu's smuggler partner and behaves mostly like a 2-year old, having the energy of such with the accompanied Jawa-like language. But he is very well verse with a zapper EMP gun that can knock out even the strongest robot imaginable and is very good at immediately scrapping apart even the thickest of machines. Thabbian has little understanding of what goes on with Cucu and the hand but is capable to give her empathy at her troubled moments.


  • Grutto the Killjoy- A Grutt that takes pride in everything logical to the point that he doubts magic exists in true form, rather seeing proven evidence as merely the act of "Cosmic Admerition", or in his mind, something that wasn't meant to be. Guarded by a private team of Pharcum bodyguards, Grutto is the AUU Division's primary benefactor for his front enterprise of being a well acknowledged freetrader and has offered the most valued of recovered Teadr 1 tech. Grutto unapologetically supports Yatboris' theory of corrected the "Misplaced Cosmic Energy", but his own love for logic blinds him to a horrid truth of what the downfall of magic and imagination would mean to everything.


  • Yu'Ronnus- An Ancient Yuron wizard infected greatly by Anti-Magic and Yatboris' personal adviser and basically why Yatboris believes what he believes now. He is also a very feared name to the Magilo Users to that he has abit of a "Voldemort" status with them to that even the Magilo Elders don't even WANT to acknowledge that the guy's a thing. He's extremely indifferent to all the "Petty Political Concerns" alot of the other members have, as he is focused on ensuring Antimagic Hand representation to the AUU for the desire of curbing magic, but is often personally annoyed by the team of eccentrics and idiots he ended up up.
  • Dr. Tik-Konno- The head of science for the AUU Division who's essentially a hammy combination of the clichéd mad scientist with nutty professor as he's notorious of making crazy anti-magic inventions that either work too well or juts blow up in his face. Years of explosions have permanently trapped him to pure insanity and cartoonish level of eccentric, but the fact that he can produce an intention that works well enough will give the group reason to "Tolerate" him enough that they keep him around inspite of his hap-hazard nature.