Antique Jewels
Antique Jewels
Vital statistics
Title Greedily (Evil Side), Clone of Rarity
Gender Female
Race/Species Equestrian Unicorn
Faction Team Nefarious (Formerly), School of Friendship
Description Antique: Generous, Grand, Luscious, Neat-Freak

Greedily: Greedy, Hoggish

Skills and Abilities Natural Unicorn Abilities, Abilities of Rarity
Status Alive
Location Nefarious Space Station (Birthplace)

School of Friendship (Current Residence)

Alignment Good
Antique Jewels, formerly Greedily, is a clone of Rarity created by Doctor Nefarious in order to bare one of his Elements of Disharmony and represent the Element of Greed, being reversed in personality after being corrupted into self-harm into harnessing and mastering chaos magic via a virtual scenario. Once she eventually gets reformed, she becomes one of Twilight's first students at her new Friendship School. She has no cutie mark due to being freshly born, but later earns it in the form of three indigo jewels that represent her ability to make anything blossom in beauty and strength. 




Antique was born from a sample of Rarity's DNA, cloned and incubated into a same-age duplicate with the same personality but no long-term memory and a confused mindset. Then Doctor Nefarious placed her into a corruption machine that corrupts via mental simulations. Thus she is shown her DNA donor's life, and then introduced to a scenario where the Element of Generosity is conflicted. She sees a scenario where Rarity generosity is manipulated constantly by someone worse than Suri Polomare, her con artist fashion designer mother Vogue Polomare, and it puts her out of business and costs her everything including her friends when, upon casting black magic in a rage, she uncontrollably kills the entire Polomare family by wishing that they were dead for what they did through the infamous Black Wish Spell, putting her through self-harm and corruption, and thus harnessed and mastered black and chaos magic, becoming convinced that generosity was a way to be manipulated and swore allegiance to Nefarious with her equally-corrupted clone friends into becoming the Elements of Disharmony, going by the name Greedily, only as a ploy to betray him in the end and pursue a bigger goal.


Coming soon...


Greedily is a reversed Rarity, meaning she is greedy, selfish, and thievous, wanting anything that is worth value, stealing things that don't belong to her, hoarding treasure, and so on. She's also preferable to fashion that Rarity herself would call awful, is a seductive manipulator and master thief, can manifest beauty like the Inspiration Manifestation, is a much bigger drama queen, treats high-class like low-class and the other way around, has a rotten attitude, unbelievable mood swings, is an expert in inspiring greed and selfishness in others, has a rude sense of socialism and mocks those she hates or push her ego, is incredibly absolute and vindictive, is generous only for a sneaky usury or price, and is just as snobby as Prince Blueblood. But even with a dark persona, Greedily prefers to become a lesser threat with only her clone friends. And wanting to become not much of a threat indicates she still has good inside.


As a unicorn, Antique has magic and, since her time as Greedily, has much more experience in it than Rarity. She is a seductive manipulator and master thief that can inspire greed and selfishness in others, can use her chaotic magic to manifest anything like the Inspiration Manifestation, and her magic also reaches for black magic as she discovered the infamous Black Wish Spell where a vengeful wish is granted, whether murder or social destruction, the most infamous of black revenge spells.

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