Toffee (Antithaumite)

Toffee as an Antithaumite

Antithaumites are black green sludge monsters with an infinite immunity to magic. Though they can use magic, they are actually made of antimagic, an antimatter variant of magic made of antimana, quantumized antimatter, capable of negating or destroying magic. These monsters are found in realms of pure mana, and they possess a hatred for magic. They were capable of shapeshifting, could survive in any environment, and were completely numb to all magic spells. These creatures are mostly born from people who have an unfettered hatred for magic for a variety of reasons including genocide and abuse. This hatred is inevitably allowing their souls to reject the notion of mana and thus negate it's own purpose, turning the victim into a green slime monster with an unending lust to destroy magic no matter what. Antimagic is the ultimate weapon against magic users, but it's use has been banned by many because of the effects the substance can cause. It can damage one's quantum perception and sentience, reducing them to slimy zombies with one instinct: destroy magic. Antithaumites are thus the antithesis of the gift of magic. One magic user in particular invented the Whispering Spell in order to quickly destroy magic, but when he became an Antithaumite, his spell was leaked across the multiverse, causing the risk of others including Moon Butterfly and Star Butterfly learning it and inevitably resulting in the inevitable 2019 death of The Magic Realms.
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