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Sashbra Anton Shadbolt
Vital statistics
Title Antombra, ░░░░░░ (Hacked real name and text used to wipe out sensitive information)
Gender Female
Race/Species Aectoid-Xuron Hybrid
Faction Oversurrection (Double-Agent)
Description Sneaky, Sick Sense of Humor, Deceptive, Egotistical, Mean, Repressed Emotional Imbalance, Manipulative of Anything She Wishes
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Expert Hacker, Hacks Anything No Matter What Security Is Used, Digiportation, Digisurrection, Rechargeable Energy Shield, Holodefense, Jet Pack, Smartglasses, Popular Manipulating Omninet Channel, Holoverse Weaponry, Holo-Disguise, Silver Tongue, Expert Deceiver and Conspirator, Near-Reality Manipulation
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Ehaedo, Gontroy (Alpha Universe, Tharper Sector, Oereta System) (Hometown)
Alignment Independent Evil

Sashbra A. Shadbolt, AKA Antombra, is an Alternate UUniversal Aectoid-Xuron Hybrid from Planet Gontroy. She is an infamous cyberterrorist mastermind on par with both Overwatch Sombra and CarToonZ (ToonKritic) who works as a pawn for the Oversurrection and is aiming to overthrow them to find a global conspiracy that she once encountered. One of the AUU's most notorious hackers, Antombra uses information and the Internet of Things known as the Omninet to manipulate those in power. An orphan brought by the Omnican World War, and with much of her country's infrastructure destroyed, she survived even at a toddler by utilizing her natural gifts with hacking and computers. Following her many conquests, she was supremely confident in her skills, but she was caught unprepared when she stumbled into the web of a global conspiracy, and one that had also noticed her. With her security irreparably compromised, and when it risked her being sentenced to execution through the Globex Confederacy of Corporations as it nearly destroyed the Omninet and turned it into a bigger and more malicious superpower thanks to her accidentally being a pawn, she was forced to delete all traces of her identity and went into hiding, swearing to find whoever nearly destroyed her and got her killed and hated, and she redesigned her power enough to frighten even those who used her, stalking them every day, and being just as feared as they were, reemerging as the infamous cyberterrorist known as Antombra, thus is now upgraded and determined to find out the truth behind the conspiracy. Launched an even more audacious and frightening string of hacks, her exploits earned her no shortage of admirers, including The Oversurrection. She joined the organization's ranks and is believed to have contributed to its massive cyber-attacks against corporations with strong ties to the perfectionist government, as Grimshot admired how she brought imperfection in this perfectionist government. These efforts incited a hundreds of mass hysteria including the Omnic Corporations, armament-manufacturing companies, military corporations, and even the Neo Core and their police force replacers, and breached the impossibly-strong security of Novum Industries, the top manufacturing megacorporation arm of Gontroy's united superpower of the perfectionist government, striking fear to any who explore the Omninet or any network, successfully hacking into every possible encryption and security measure no matter how many loopholes there were, playing in her infamy in scaring her hidden enemies.


As a young girl, Sashbra had learned to hack after losing everything she had during the Omnican World War. Even though she was a child at the time, even at her orphanage, she started to manipulate and even blackmail people, noticing how they could be manipulated just as easily as computers could. She was hated so much, that she lost her childhood friends after they were ruined by her work, one of them named Kaden Spender who ended up committing suicide as revenge for something he did right, claiming she didn't need them as long as she had power. But she was kicked out of the orphanage after an extremely hurtful and accusing intervention for nearly ruining the orphanage trying to make it better, though the sorrowful owner ended up assassinated by unknown causes as every source of evidence was cleared in a heartbeat. Now a vagabond thief, she grew up as a famous Omninet member of many websites, and she was later taken in by a gang at age 16 in her former birthplace for her technical prowess, helping them in rebuilding the country flawlessly and to her own image.

By age 17, her hacking skills continued to improve, as she became a cyberterrorist 5 days after her 17th birthday, building herself up in popularity. Eventually she stumbled onto what she concluded was a 'global conspiracy' that united several unknown organizations around the planet, including the Neo Core, that is, until it noticed her in the form of a familiar face which looked like not only her mother, but also, to her utter shock, Kaden Spender. The two figures used her power to attempt domination of the Omninet, and name her the prime suspect, and something of which is punishable by death. Panicked and scared beyond belief as her new home shattered around her, she hastily had to wiped out all traces of her life, home, and history, including her real name, and was forced into seclusion after nearly dying of a heart attack and getting a heart transplant. Scared that she was nearly ruined and killed, she fell into tears and thought that her past was going to destroy her, as she knew that her mother and former friend were still alive, and were involved in this conspiracy.

She remained secluded for 15 years until she finally discovered sensitive clues on the conspiracy that almost ruined her, as her old friends seemed to know a thing or two. After overhearing them explain what Kaden might be up to, she came back as Antombra, augmented by hardware that integrated her talents into grafted cybernetics. She continued to pursue the passion she swore off for so long, and her mission came to find out what these figures were doing and more. Her exploits earned the admiration of many, loving her or hating her, as she was able to hack into any form of security no matter how protected it was, and thus it struck fear into even these figures, who not surprisingly knew who she was while everyone else didn't, but were nevertheless still terrified by what she's become. She thus earned the admiration of the terrorist organization known as the Oversurrection. Even after joining them, she still hasn't abandoned her pursuit as a double-agent, and she continues to search for clues as to her new prey, regardless of who she works for, and plans to one day overthrow the Oversurrection and use it to build in her power.


Antombra is a mix between Aectoids and Xurons, two telepathic beings that have had hostile interactions before. She thus has powerful psionic abilities. She can read minds and control them, but she can also possess people though not enter their body into the mind, she can use psychokinesis to levitate objects through the mind, she can manipulate the emotions, will, and proficiency of her targets, easily making them scared, weak, and so on, she can see in infrared vision and has a sixth sense that allows her to psychically sense the locations of those she sees, hears, or smells with her Aectoid biology.

She has a thruster pack that allows her to not only boost her running speed, but also propel her jumping and fly for short periods of time. Her weapon of choice is two dual fully-automatic Armatage M96 Ray Machine Guns, as well as smart, pulse, plasma, EMP, teleporter, and ordnance grenades stored within an ISD. With a cloaking device, she can become invisible for a short period of time, thus allowing her to get the jump on her opponents. She can also teleport herself without the use of teleporter grenades through digital technology when she is in over her head in a firefight or is out of teleporter grenades, though uses it last because it drains energy from her digital matrix suit.

All this equipment is stored within her digital matrix suit, which allows her near-unlimited reality-bending technology, and is how she is able to fluently hack into any security system through holographic displays and matrixes, as well as run all of her other abilities. She also has the ability to see things from far away with this ability, as she can allow herself to be anywhere she wishes in a flash. She communicates through the Omninet like another person with this suit, and her hands are cybernetically hard-wired into the network, and she can hack any machine to her command with a single touch.


  • "Here's my message to all who have opposed me! I, am The Antombra! I am the best cyberterrorist in the UUniverses, and the best in the UUniverses at what I do, and whether you like me, or whether you hate me, I will exist, in your nightmares, FOREVER! (Cackles)"

Seeking Her Enemy

(Basis Video)


Overwatch Animated Short "Infiltration"

Russian-Like Technofortress

  • (Antombra): For YEARS now, I've been searching for the conspiracy that had targeted me, and destroyed my rebuilt home. Clues have been getting hotter, and I found myself more confused than ever before. Then one day, a single moment at a Novum Industries Technofortress Laboratory, where me, Grimshot, and Deadend were to assassinate a scientist named Cathy Novum, I found her as a chance to get info on this mysterious chip I found, which I found mysterious as it was normally supposed to belong to me. Whatever this conspiracy wanted with me, I knew there was only one person close to my family who would know about them more than anyone else. And through her, I was gonna find out.
  • Antombra: (Using advanced hacking capabilities similar to Sombra's)... Ugh! And they said they had made the security system they already said was the best on the planet, and the UUniverses themselves, better than before. Once again, I've proven them wrong.
  • (Deadend): We don't have time for you boasting yourself about how you shame class A tec!
  • (Grimshot): And I figured you were the paient one, Deadend. I trust you have the satellite?
  • Antombra: When do I not? (She showed them the satellite image of the Technofortress, as Grimshot and Deadend were seen)
  • Deadend: And you're sure the target is on sight? Her security is too much for even us, and with her planning to revolutionize her family megacorporation's efficiency in that, even for that hypocritical Pelles, we will NOT get another chance before it's too late!
  • Antombra: Oh, she's here, alright! (Shows the image of a female Waurmic was seen in fluorescent Covenant-coloration armor, smart-glasses, blue makeup, and a fluorescent lab coat with Novum symbolism) Do recall that Waurmics are VERY skilled in combat, even if they do not appear that way. It's in their biology, AND their name.... Okay, you are clear! (The door opened as Grimshot and Deadend entered and got into position, observing Cathy and her guards within a mech lab)
  • Grimshot: (He got to a door)... The door! (It opened slightly, then shut abruptly)... ANTOMBRA!
  • (Antombra): (Chuckles) Take a joke, won't you?
  • Grimshot growled.
  • Deadend: "(Laughs gently).... Now who's the impahent one?"
  • Grimshot: "Being a wiseass is suppose to be Junks' thing."
  • (Antombra): (She opened the door for him as he advanced) Turrets down! Sensors deactivated! Security is gone without notice. You are free as a happy bird.
  • Deadend: Good! (She gets her rifle ready) Because we are in position, and we must be ready to target!

Mech Lab

  • Cathy was seen typing something as an Omnican assisent arrived.
  • Omnican: "Miss Cathy, your revolutionairy plan to improve the ecomiamy with your currentcy master drone series will revolutionise the world. This invention will be a needed beacon of hope for this already troubled planet. These devices will divert all economic income away from Nemeous and back into the people."
  • Cathy: "Exactly the intention, J33V3S. Novum will do something good for the people. These drones are uncorruptable, they will never fall into undesireable hands."
  • J33V3S: "Please call me "Jeeves", and, yes, the Economic Master Drones will finally become a long needed good thing, and-"
  • Grimshot and Deadend busted it!
  • Cathy: "WHAT THE?!"
  • Jeeves paniced and pounced onto Cathy as Grimshot, Deadend, and the guards started a firefight!
  • Cathy: "WHO ARE THEY?!"
  • Jeeves: "Agents of Oversurrection?!"
  • Cathy: "What do they want with me?!"
  • Jeeves: "Hard to say, to be honest?! But they may have the wrong idea about the Economic Master Drones?!"
  • Cathy: "Can't we just explain that-"
  • Jeeves: "Sadly, this corperation has an unfortunate hapit of funding Anti-Oversurrection Senators making a bid to become govenor! We're, not considerably popular with them!"
  • Cathy and Jeeves got up and escaped the lab as Grimshot and Deadend still fought with the guards!
  • (Antombra): "Cathy and her butt-kisser 2.0. are making a run for it!"
  • Grimshot: "Then slow her down until we can get rid of the target practice."


  • Jeeves and Cathy were running down the hallway as the security system goes berserked.
  • The duo reached the enterence of the Escape Pod until it got closed up by a protective wall!
  • Jeeves: "BLAST?!"
  • The Duo attempted to leave, but more reinforced walls surrounded the duo and trapped them!
  • Jeeves: ".... Ohhhh, poopy."

Mech Lab.

  • The guards were finished off as Grimshot and Deadend had smoking guns.
  • Grimshot: "..... All right, now let's find that Waurmic bitch and be done with-"
  • Suddenly, the entire Mech Room was cut-off from the rest of the building as Grimshot and Deadend were trapped.
  • Grimshot: "..... AW, WHAT THE HELL, ANTOMBRA?!"
  • (Antombra): "Listen, guys.... There's something I have to come clean. Cathy wasn't building a device to help crime. She's just making a bunch of bank drones design to work against Nemeous."
  • Grimshot: "...... You mean to fucking tell me, WE ATTACKED A HARMLESS ECONOMIC GEEK FOR NOTHING?! Oversurrection has enough bad street cred as it is, but if word got out we attacked a sciencetist not even a threat to us-"
  • (Antrombra): "I only brought you here so I can confront Cathy without her bodyguards in the way. There's something personal I want to confront with her."
  • Grimshot: "..... (Sighs)..... It's about your hometown thing, isn't it?"
  • (Antombra): No s***! If I do not find the truth about this soon, you all will be one of their biggest targets. I know whoever is out there, has a connection to me. Once again, I cannot trust my past life with you two, because I know your type. I still hold my loyalty to you however I can, as long as you help me with my quest. Now, allow me to handle Cathy! You will be safe here until eventual guards break in. I'm sure, you can handle them. I'll keep you posted. (She hangs up)
  • Deadend:... Sometimes, she scares me.
  • Grimshot: I am beyond fear at this point. I'm sure she knows what she's doing in her silly little quest.
  • (Antombra): (In a Sombra-Skull-like symbol on the computers) I HEARD THAT!
  • Grimshot: YIPE!
  • Deadend:... You were saying?
  • Grimshot: Shut up!


  • Jeeves: Other then because of our company's support of anti-Oversurrection polotisons, it's beyond me. I'd figured even Grimshot could care less about the Economic Master Drones. Someone must've convinced them to come here. What I'm more concerned about is how our updated security system is failing- (The skull symbol appeared again, scaring them)
  • Cathy:... No!... It's-
  • (Antombra): (In ominously maxed voice) Here's my message to all who have opposed me! I, am The Antombra! I am the best cyberterrorist in the UUniverses, and the best in the UUniverses at what I do, and whether you like me, or whether you hate me, I will exist, in your nightmares, FOREVER! (Cackles)
  • Jeeves: "I know it's to be understood that the young miss is troubled, but getting involved with THEM?!"
  • ???: HERE I COME, CATHY! (Antombra was charging after them as she scaled walls, and when she failed to halt the elevator with her psychokinesis due to security opening fire on her, she instead hacked a device that gave her a lift with them, and leaped onto a platform path as she was hanging, and Cathy finally noticed her, and was shocked, recognizing who she was)
  • Cathy: YOU!
  • Antombra: Thought you could forget me forever, didn't you? (They continued running as she got onto the ledge and threw an EMP grenade at two Omnican guards, knocking them out as she advanced, then she fired her rayguns at some other guards as she chased after Cathy)
  • Cathy: GET AWAY FROM ME! (She fired a Waurmic T-90 Plasma Throwing Repeater that blasted the platform she was running on apart)
  • (Grimshot): Antombra, status!
  • Antombra: I'm working on it! (She hacks a giant mech and it lifts it's hand to give her a lift as she leapt off, and then turned invisible, as Cathy went into a fortified office)
  • Cathy:... Thank Voldle!
  • Jeeves: I take it you know her?
  • Cathy:... More than you-
  • Antombra: (Appeared behind her) PEEK-A-BOO! (She took out the guards and knocked out Jeeves, as she pointed a raygun at her head) CATHY JEMY VOXUM!... (Laughs) It's been so long since you played peek-a-boo with me as my babysitter.
  • Cathy: (Sighs) Of COURSE you remember that!
  • Antombra: That's one of the FEW rare things I remember as a baby. And heck, our brain power can allow ANY Aectoid or Xuron baby, or even a hybrid of both, to remember a few things as a baby, more than any other alien species. You know what I'm here for!
  • Cathy:... I... I just don't understand! You're the infamous Antombra?!?
  • Antombra: Yeah, but in my time at my old home, I'm known as the (Dryly) DEEP CHOOCLATE!!
  • Cathy:... I see you still retained your mother's sense of humor.
  • Antombra: Don't flatter me. It took me lord knows how much s*** to make this meeting happen. And you knew it was coming from the second my parents died... Or rather, are they?
  • Cathy:... How... HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW?!?
  • Antombra: I'm Antombra. I know EVERYTHING! But somehow, everything, is not enough. I've got a few questions for me to deal with a threat that involves my parents, a close friend that I believe is haunting me, and may be intending to be a far worse threat than the Oversurrection AND Nemeous! (Hands her the device that supposedly belonged to her) I found this, and normally it was supposed to belong to me, but it had data I've never seen before in my life. However, whoever made it has corrupted the files. I am aware, that you have developed a way to de-corrupt files?
  • Cathy:... I can tell you grew up to be a swift girl, Sashbra. Just like your father. Very well.
  • Antombra: "And be sure to make it fast. I doubt Pelles wouldn't notice the lightshow this company's making. Nor the same could be said to the govenor."
  • Cathy: "I see. (Proceeds to do just that)."

Mech Lab.

  • Grimshot: "Ugggh. I felt like we made a needless attack for nothing."
  • Deadend: "Not exactly. At least it'll be benifital to that hack of a hacker."
  • Grimshot: "Well I came here in expecting to kill a sciencetist making a threat against us, but instead, I only halted the production of a stupid glorifived bank bot. Could this day get any worse?"
  • A red hologram of a sofisicated polotision Xorabeak appeared at the center of the corperation.
  • Deadend: "Speak of the beaked devil."
  • Grimshot: "O'Shirgue...."
  • Govenor O'Shirgue: "Why needlessly attack the Novum Corporation when they never made an attempt on you?"
  • Grimshot aims his guns at Shirgue, even dispite bing a Hologram.
  • Grimshot: "Like it's any of your damn business?!"
  • Govenor O'Shirgue: "EVERYTHING, is my business! You just put an impourent drone series on hold for another several months, even a year if the damage is bad enough! Those drones could've crippled Nemeous' economy?!"
  • Grimshot: "Well maybe you shouldn't've asked a mech corperation to build bank bots."
  • Govenor O'Shirgue: "... Your impudence is your ultamate downfall waiting to happen. I have ordered Pelles and an army of armored soldiers and some of the finest battle Omnicans to come here as soon as possable! I look forword to crushing you defected Neo scum like the bugs you are! Your threats to the persuit of perfection shall not be ignored nor missed anymore! (Chuckles evily)..... I look forword to have your heads served on a silver platter?! (Laughs out loud as Grimshot started to shoot at him in a rage, eventually causing the hologram to disapate as the hologram's voice ehcoed)...."

Cathy's Office

  • Antombra: I can sense them coming 400 yards away, hold your imaginary Lonies!
  • (Grimshot): WHAT THE F*** DID YOU- (She cut off transmission)
  • Antombra: (Sighs) I swear, I can hardly trust these bastards. I only joined them as a double agent for my own quest. Once I'm ready, I'll temporarily take them over so I can end this conspiracy I'm after.
  • Cathy: I can see you're very intelligent in your approach. You grow up so fast, though I feel dirty having to say that. (She de-corrupted the files) Alright! The files are yours to decipher!
  • Antombra: (She hooked the device into a mobile pad, and deciphered much of it)... Strange... All these files LOOK like they were created by me, but I don't remember a single one. They really ARE tracking my every move, from the orphanage, to the rebuilding of my hometown, and even to it's destruction. The way they plan it, is similar to how I would times a thousand. It's enough to scare the omniscient Antombra. Cathy, you knew my father best, what happened the last time you saw him?
  • Cathy: When we last talked, he didn't specify what was going on. All I heard was a disguised voice that sounded like he was being attacked. The transmission was going bonkers, the security was wiped out in a fraction of a millisecond. I never saw him since. He must've been abducted, and thus it might be how these people know about you, and may be using you to get your power.
  • Antombra:... That sounds like something I would do to myself.... I'm starting to think I'm part of some grand scheme for a BIGGER and more nightmare-inducing cyberterrorist. The Omninet has NEVER been protected from them since it formed. I was not the worst, but I feel that THIS, will break that record.
  • Cathy:...Tell me, what is this conspiracy you're after?
  • Antombra:... I was hoping you knew since you were connected to my family. Buuut, let me tell you what kind of HELL I've been through since my parents disappeared from my life...


  • (Antombra): Growing up in an orphanage, nobody hacked and manipulated anything desired like me. I was the bane of the orphanage's other residence. I could blackmail like a pro. There was NOTHING, out of my reach. But... Let's just say, I had to leave my foster home, and go back to my hometown when I found out my skills got the better of me. My skills improved, I evolved in my hacking prowess. I successfully rebuilt my destroyed hometown from the inside-out. Soon enough, I practically came to run the place by my 17th birthday. I had everything. My hacking prowess made me able to run my hometown proficiently. But then... One day... All cyber-hell broke loose! Someone, found me! (The entire hometown got hacked into, as a figure spoke with an obscured voice)
  • ???: (Two blended voices) I HAVE FOUND YOU! (Dreaded loud cackling was heard)
  • Antombra:... THAT VOICE!... KA- (Her computer was terminated, and everything was being hacked and got the same figure)
  • Antombra: NO, NO-NO-NO-NO!!! (Everything was hacked all around her)
  • (Antombra): Whatever this threat was, it was tied to my mother, and a friend of mine. I'd never been so scared in my life! I was threatened with exposure, AND that my power would be stolen by someone even worse! I felt hopeless for the very first time in my life! I felt doomed! I was TERRIFIED! (Everything technological turned against her as the timer went to 30 seconds)
  • Antombra: SOMEBODY HELP ME!!! (She was attacked by rogue Omnicans, as she avoided them)
  • (Antombra): I was able to shut down everything at the last nanosecond. (She did so as everything was shut down, as she felt a pain in her chest and fell unconscious)... But that event... Gave me a heart attack that nearly killed me. I needed a heart transplant, and I got it. Whatever haunted me, it was not going to stop there! And I had to stop IT, before it could do it again. Thus, I was able to play at their own game, through hacked intimidation. I seemed to remember rumors that whatever found me, was scared stuff by my message. That got them to acknowledge that I was NOT, to be trifled with, and they dared to threaten me and my great life. I was coming for them, and they had sealed their fate.
  • (Antombra): (In ominously maxed voice) Here's my message to all who have opposed me! I, am The Antombra! I am the best cyberterrorist in the UUniverses, and the best in the UUniverses at what I do, and whether you like me, or whether you hate me, I will exist, in your nightmares, FOREVER! (Cackles as she committed a similar cyberterrorist attack that traumatized the enemy)
  • (Antombra): I'll find who really runs Gontroy! I'll find their weaknesses, and how to exploit them. And when I do, I will be the one pulling the strings.


  • Antombra: So, yeah! I found this chip at what was supposedly what belonged to an organization owned by them, found it familiar, evaded the explosion, and after getting some ill-advised aid from the Oversurrection... Here we are.
  • Cathy:... Wow! Deep!
  • Antombra: Damn right deep! So, I had to find as much info as I could about my parents. And you are among the many missing pieces. I KNOW somehow, my mother and father are still alive, and are being victimized by this global conspiracy. I will show them TRUE fear. I WILL, bring them down before they pose a threat greater than the UUniverses themselves, and I will silence ANYONE who gets in my way.
  • Cathy:... I can't tell if this is a heroic speech or a villain speech... But I admire your confidence. You are a big girl, Sashbra. I only wish I could've been there with you had it not been for family priorities as they run the BEST megacorporation on Gontroy.
  • Antombra: "And your better off not getting involved anyway. This person is worse then O'Shit and the entire goverment. It's bigger then even Oversurrection. Even that fat grutt is nothing to them. Whoever is doing this, someone has to deal with it before it ends badly for everyone. I should probuly get going now, General Failles and the best soldiers Govenor Crapbeak could assmble will arrive in 200 hours! I wouldn't want my mission to fail short because of him! If he asks what happened, tell him you escaped Oversurrection with your life. You're a Waurmic, so it's believable. And, make sure the bot stays quiet about what he could've heard."
  • Cathy:... Be careful out there, kiddo.
  • Antombra: I shall. And I'll keep in touch. (Bops her on the nose) BOOP! (Cathy couldn't help but chuckle as Antombra teleported away)

Mech Lab

  • Grimshot: (Antombra teleported in)... Did you get what you needed?
  • Antombra: Again, when have I not? We are out of here! (They escaped with teleport grenades before Pelles and his forces arrived)

Snowy Outside

  • Deadend: (They got out of there and into the ship)... For the record, Antombra, I hardly think I can trust you with what you are doing. I hope you know what you're doing when hunting this 'global conspiracy'.
  • Antombra: Deadend..... This force, nearly scared me to death! They can't just expect me to not retaliate after that. They need to be stopped before they can harm anyone, INCLUDING you. This is something worse then any perfection straving goverment nor any fat grutt! You wanna be overthrown by a threat who has more power than me?... No? Then you gotta trust me!
  • Deadend:... Very well! But I have my eye on you!
  • (Antombra): And since then, my trail on them has started to get closer than ever before. Clues were starting to make sense, and I was one final step closer, to making those bastards pay for nearly destroying me.