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Anubis is a member of the High Council, and is the servant to Osiris in the Council of Fae Overlords. He was worshipped in ancient Egypt as a god of death, the afterlife, and embalming.


In 1995, Xanatos sent the Emir and the Pack (by this time Jackal, Hyena, Wolf, and Coyote 3.0) to Egypt, to summon up Anubis in a secret underground chamber below the Sphinx and somehow force him to make Xanatos immortal. The Emir summoned Anubis and magically held him prisoner, but for his own purposes rather than Xanatos'; he wanted the jackal-god to restore his dead son to life. When Anubis refused, the Emir decided to use the Scroll of Thoth to make himself an avatar of the death-god, so that he could use Anubis' powers to resurrect his son himself. However, Jackal, who had become intrigued by Anubis, deliberately stepped in the way of the spell so that he himself could become an avatar of Anubis. Drunk with his new-found powers, he planned to use them to wipe out all life on the planet, but the Emir (with some prodding by Goliath) came to his senses in time, and used the Scroll of Thoth again to make himself Anubis' avatar. Undoing what damage caused by Jackal that he could, the Emir then sealed off the underground chamber so that nobody could ever summon Anubis again ("Grief"). Anubis was somehow released from his bonds with the Emir afterwards, to eventually attend the Gathering on Avalon ("The Gathering" Part One).


Anubis is a "death-god," but a responsible one. He takes his powers seriously, viewing them as part of the natural balance and not to be used lightly. In particular, he refuses to bring people back to life (such as the Emir's son), because he feels that it would be favoritism. (It is noteworthy that when the Emir was serving as Anubis' avatar, he could undo Jackal's artificial aging of Goliath, Elisa, Angela, and Bronx, and rejuvenation of Hyena and Wolf, but could not or would not restore what Jackal had actually destroyed.) He is so strongly connected with death, in fact, that while he was magically imprisoned by the Emir, nobody on Earth was able to die.

Anubis generally appears in the form of a man in ancient Egyptian garb with a jackal's head.

Role in the series

As it turns out, Anubis is not the true master of death in his world. That honor belongs to Osiris, true king of the Egyptian Underworld. Anubis is currently a member of the High Council, serving as the ambassador for Osiris since the mummy god does not have any animated appearances so far. in a fanfiction series, Anubis is one of the villains and enemies of Ren the god of Humor (an origenal character of a user named rtgoh1) in service to Set, god of choas. it's not yet reveled if he'll serve a role in the Spongebob and friends series or the spyro spin-off (let alone the SAF fanfiction series) due to rtgoh1 using him.