Aotho Aosha Tussiton
Vital statistics
Title Commandant Aotho, Commandant Tussiton, AUU Athena (OUU Residents)
Gender Female
Race/Species Gruid
Faction Phaseforce (Formerly), Vault Seekers Ally And Provider of Weaponry and Equipment of Both Armatage and Huncus' Highest-Grade Technology Besides Morco
Description Bitter, Military Instinct, Rough,
Skills and Abilities Strategic, Military Combat Training and Instinct, Acrobatic Ability, Cerwan's Mutation Grants Phasepowers of Teadr 1 Uridians, High-Grade Armatage-Huncus Equipment, Natural Being Abilities
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Uridian City, Uridia (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System) (Hometown and Phaseforce Residence)
  • Fyregem, Uridia (Current Residence)
Alignment Good

Aotho A. Tussiton is an Alternate UUniversal Gruid from Planet Uridia. She is a rogue Phaseforce officer and the good sister of Commandant Steelea who, like her, also knows phasepowers through Cerwan's Mutation, but keeps such powers a secret from her underground allies in order to not endanger her friends and allies. Ever since her sister took over following her greed and lust for power getting the better of her, and later became the secondary and public lying conspiracy force for Awesome Jaxtom in return for being the replacement funder when Wusamble Huncus, in response to her takeover, cut funding from the Huncus Corporation following making the Huncus Rebellion to fight off Jaxtom, she left after being dubbed an insubordinate and was sentenced to a horrible life-sentence in the Phaseforce's worst and high-powered maximum security penitentiary. She escaped, and planned to defeat Jaxtom and her sister, and since nobody believed her since Jaxtom's lies of Phaseforce still being a lawful and fair police force got to them and thus refused to help her, she hadto get help from the only ones who believed her: The Huncus Rebellion (Albeit anonymously), and the Vault Seekers, who, in exchange to boundless amounts of both companies' technology, would help her well, even when much of them and their allies don't care much about the money that goes with it. Like her sister, she not only had a bad temper and an absolute personality, but she is an expert at guns and combat, and though she does care for her sister, she is not afraid to inflict a fatal wound if it means she learns her true place in law-enforcement. She personally seeks to free the Vault Seekers from the mind-control they had been through for a year under her sister. She is an AUU parallel to Borderlands Athena, and has a similar personality and abilities.


Aotho 2

Aotho (Helmeted)

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  • "Aotho, out!"
  • "I was the greatest of my sisters to serve the Phaseforce. But my sister has betrayed me and left me no reason to stick around and serve this decades-old corporate d***-weed wielding guns! So now, I stand alone!"
  • "Alright, s***-for-brains, spill everything you know right now before I have my helpers peel your d*** like an oyminia!"
  • "YOU, HAVE, GOT, TO, BE, S***, ***G, ME!!!"
  • "Congratulations! It took an entire squadron of lifeless soulless and nigh dumb robots to hunt down and corner a 32-year-old woman! (A-Sentry #1: That's a woman?) (A-Sentry #2: She's 32?)... I hope it's everything you've dreamed of! So have at it then! (Takes out her weaponry) Come and get the first REAL challenge you've had in 2 decades, you d***-less cowards!"
  • "Brand new weapon for a brand new war!"
  • "This is Aotho, reporting in."
  • "Don't make me shoot you in the f*****g head!"
  • "Do NOT screw this up."
  • "Would you like to be shot out of a cannon at several hundred miles per hour?"
  • "Should've thought twice!"
  • "There's no coming back from that!"
  • "Come over here so I can kill you!"
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