Aotho Aosha Tussiton
Vital statistics
Title Commandant Aotho, Commandant Tussiton, AUU Athena (OUU Residents)
Gender Female
Race/Species Gruid
Faction Phaseforce (Formerly), Vault Seekers Ally And Provider of Weaponry and Equipment of Both Armatage and Huncus' Highest-Grade Technology Besides Morco
Description Bitter, Military Instinct, Rough,
Skills and Abilities Strategic, Military Combat Training and Instinct, Acrobatic Ability, Cerwan's Mutation Grants Phasepowers of Teadr 1 Uridians, High-Grade Armatage-Huncus Equipment, Natural Being Abilities
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Uridian City, Uridia (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System) (Hometown and Phaseforce Residence)
  • Fyregem, Uridia (Current Residence)
Alignment Good
Aotho A. Tussiton is an Alternate UUniversal Gruid from Planet Uridia. She is a rogue Phaseforce officer and the good sister of Commandant Steelea who, like her, also knows phasepowers through Cerwan's Mutation, but keeps such powers a secret from her underground allies in order to not endanger her friends and allies. Ever since her sister took over following her pride getting the better of her, and later became the secondary and public lying conspiracy force for Awesome Jaxtom in return for being the replacement benefactor when Wusamble Huncus, in response to her takeover, cut funding from the Huncus Corporation following making the Huncus Rebellion to fight off Jaxtom, she left after being dubbed an insubordinate and was sentenced to a horrible life-sentence in the Phaseforce's worst and high-powered maximum security penitentiary. She escaped, and planned to defeat Jaxtom and her sister, and since nobody believed her since Jaxtom's lies of Phaseforce still being a lawful and fair police force got to them and thus refused to help her, she hadto get help from the only ones who believed her: The Huncus Rebellion (Albeit anonymously), and the Vault Seekers, who, in exchange to boundless amounts of both companies' technology, would help her well, even when much of them and their allies don't care much about the money that goes with it. Like her sister, she not only had a bad temper and an absolute personality, but she is an expert at guns and combat, and though she does care for her sister, she is not afraid to inflict a fatal wound if it means she learns her true place in law-enforcement. She personally seeks to free the Vault Seekers from the mind-control they had been through for a year under her sister. She is an AUU parallel to Borderlands Athena, and has a similar personality and abilities.


Aotho was born on Planet Uridia. She was born as the hardly-acknowledged younger sister of Steelea, who was looking to be a new member of the Phaseforce, the Beofynzeny System's top law enforcement. But upon seeing the achievements of her older sister and wanting to be like her, Steelea only laughed because she was easy to push around to bullies. Though she defended her, she denied that she had the potential to be one with the Phaseforce. But then out of crazy luck, Aotho discovered the secret to Steelea's success: She was a Censen, a being who has harnessed Uridium to have grand energetic powers. When nobody believed her, she decided to prove it by following her to where she found the Uridium when she was hopeless in standing up to bullies when she was her age. The two had an argument as Steelea never stood up for her when she tried to tell them the truth about her, and accused her of doing so because she didn't care about her. In her anger, she harnessed the energy of Uridium and ended up attacking her in a blast loud enough to get them both exposed as Censens. Steelea was once again accused of making Aotho look like a delusional child and was disowned, while Aotho took her place as a rookie.

Angry, Steelea reinstated her title as a rookie to the Phaseforce, resulting in the two becoming rivals, with Steelea pushing around her younger sister for ruining her life out of false accusations, hoping to expose this and shame her for good. Their Censen powers were heavily classified by the Phaseforce for their safety after their arguments raised suspicion from greedy people. Eventually, Steelea finally outshined her and did what she sought to do: prove that she was hiding her Censen powers for the same reason they were classified: to protect her from the lawless garbage of the System. Shamed by the thanks Aotho gave her own sister, she was denied the privilege to be her second-in-command and demoted to private.

Aotho 2

Aotho (Helmeted)

Angered by this, Aotho went AWOL and became a renegade Phaseforce officer. Hunted down for her desertion, and even stripped of her badge, she was able to steal back her high-tech equipment and suit and become a renegade vigilante, who refused to forgive her own sister for ruining her life over a complete misunderstanding. The two had since been fighting for the right to enforce what law there was in the Beofynzeny System. Aotho ended up surpassing Steelea and became a genuine threat to Steelea's lawful hold. Though once Awesome Jaxtom came in, took over the Armatage Corporation and annexed the Huncus Corporation, and Steelea joined his cause when she heard why Jaxtom was doing this, Aotho also agreed and rejoined the Phaseforce, believing that this would redeem her mistake on Steelea. But after years, she became angry at her sister and herself for choosing the wrong path when she saw the true evil Jaxtom was bringing, and swore that she would save the Beofynzeny System from this false peace, even if it meant she had to kill her own sister. This declaration and second charge of desertion got her into court-martial and sentenced to maximum security life imprisonment.

However, she escaped and continued her vow to defeat Jaxtom and her sister. Though Jaxtom's lies got to everybody and made her look like a conspirator, she was forced to get help from the Huncus Rebellion anonymously because of fighting against them when she was still loyal to Jaxtom. Though since she needed time to earn their trust, she also gained the alliance of the Vault Seekers of Fyregem, by promising that in return for their help, they would get endless amounts of both companies' technology, even when much of them and their allies don't care much about the money that goes with it. She thus created a bunker beneath Fyregem to ensure that she maintains her help from the Vault Seekers, their allies, and the Huncus Rebellion.


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  • "Aotho, out!"
  • "Alright, skraglick, spill everything you know right now before I have my helpers peel your d*** like a GRANANA!"
  • "YOU, HAVE, GOT, TO, BE, S***, ***G, ME!!!"
  • "Congratulations! It took an entire squadron of lifeless soulless and nigh dumb robots to hunt down and corner a 32-year-old woman! (A-Sentry #1: That's a woman?) (A-Sentry #2: She's 32?)... I hope it's everything you've dreamed of! So have at it then! (Takes out her weaponry) Come and get the first REAL challenge you've had in 2 decades, you d***-less cowards!"
  • "This is Aotho, reporting in."
  • "Don't make me shoot you in the f*****g head!"
  • "Would you like to be shot out of a cannon at several hundred miles per hour?"
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