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Buster Frank Apex
Vital statistics
Title Ape-X, X, Bust,
Gender Male
Race/Species Mountain Gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei)
Faction Apex Syndicate
Description Fictional, Superanimal, Broken Rib, Double-Jointed Right Thumb, Vengeful Murderer, Notorious Gambler
Skills and Abilities Natural and Increased Agility, Super-Strength, Super-Endurance, Near-Invulnerable Durability, Telekinesis, Psychometry, Laser-Shooting Walking Stick
Status Fictional, Still at Large
Location XD Comix Universe
  • Prometheon (Hometown)
  • (Syndicate Base Location Unknown)
Alignment Evil Murderous Crime Boss

Buster F. Apex, AKA Ape-X, is a fictional Superior gorilla published in Kratos' XD Comix. He was portrayed as a martial artist who had been busted by the Crystal Agency for impersonating a Kratosian Senator for money. He was fired from his job as a journalist and lost the love and trust of his own family, who abandoned him and never wanted to be with him again. Blaming the Crystal Agency for ruining his life, he swore revenge and poisoned one of the agents that busted him, and the investigation was given up 5 days prior due to lack of evidence. He wasn't done yet, though. He hired an outlaw named Femme Fatale to kill the successful agent, Agent Mathis, for $100,000. She agreed, and joined the Agency. But she seems to have second thoughts when she bonds with Mathis. While she was caught, she and Mathis still cared for each other. When he shunned Femme for her failure and incompetence, he decided to get revenge himself. He gives himself plastic surgery, and joins the Agency. He even takes advantage of Mathis' jealousy of him, and uses it to get Hierarch fired from leading the Agency, with him taking his place. He fires Mathis from the agency for his mistake, and everyone doesn't forgive him except Femme, who reveals that Ape-X was the one who hired her to kill him, and wants to take down the Crystal Agency for taking away his life. Because no one would listen to him, Mathis decides to give up out of anger. But after being convinced by Femme, he goes back and challenges Ape-X, risking the chance to be named a fugitive. In the middle of the fight, Mathis reveals his past and how he wants to destroy the agency. Mathis eventually beats Ape-X, sends him to jail, and Hierarch gets back to being leader of the Crystal Agency. Ape-X doesn't appear until the battle against Master Jiro, whereas he becomes his assistant. He has more skill than Mathis, and knows how to use Femme to his advantage since they both fell in love. He is like the Kratosian version of the Marvel Comics supervillain Kingpin. His powers include X-ray vision, super-strength, super-endurance, near-invincibility, super-agility, telekinesis, and psychometry.

  • MCode: IvPsySaSeSsTkXrv


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