Aphelion Shadow
Aphelion Shadow
Vital statistics
Title Commander Aphelion, Commander Shadow, Commandress Aphelion, Commandress Shadow
Gender Female
Race/Species Equestrian Unicorn
Faction Equestrian Royal Guard
Description Broken Horn, PTSD, Emotionally Broken, Cautious Military Instinct, Overprotective
Skills and Abilities Acrobatic Ability, Temporary and Hampered Magic, Armor
Status Alive, Thought to be Dead
Location Equestria
  • Canterlot (Hometown)
  • (Current Location Unknown...)
Alignment Good

Aphelion Shadow is an Equestrian Unicorn who is the older sister of Councilpony Cometelius, whose original last name was Shadow, and the mother of both Hidden Shadow and Tempest Shadow. Tempest being the first born and going into the military with her mother until going missing during a mission involving The Storm King, Aphelion had went to horrible and life-threatening lengths to try and rescue her with no success. When giving birth to Hidden, she had to put her under the care of her brother, Cometelius, and asked him to even change his last name legally from Shadow to their parents' maiden name of Cometelius, ad even asking him to claim she died in the field of battle, to protect them from Storm King. She has since had little restraint and more time to focus on her job and trying to rescue her daughter. Like Tempest, she ended up with a broken horn as a result of her constant battles, and she got war-torn beyond belief, having wounds, a scar, and many other inflictions as a result of so many failures of saving Tempest. She failed so much, she became a war-instinctive wreck who has a too-alert instinct and constantly acts and looks like she survived the entirety of a whole war, especially since she was diagnosed with PTSD, and that the only way to cure it was for Tempest to be freed, which would never come unless something aided in stopping Storm King. According to the bonus trailer of The Cephalopod Lodge Returns, she has the voice of Kathy Bates (Anne Wilkes in Misery, Margaret Brown in Titanic, and Bitsy in live-action Charlotte's Web).


Cutie Mark

Aphelion started out as the daughter of a war hero that stopped threats outside Equestria. She was a naïve filly with dreams of adventure and excitement, and hoped to do it with her father, as she was blind to reality. However, her childish hopes were dashed when her father died in action, fighting a life-threatening mission with his best friend that got them destroyed. Hurt, Aphelion gave up all hope on her dreams, and even became an antisocial with no friends, growing up without them and thus being not just a bully, but grew out of it many times, and believed she had to grow up without anything distracting her or holding her back. She eventually grew to age 12 with little hopes left in her life, being bullied and tossed around as a pony who had been depressed and a trouble-maker since her father's death, and thus became a bully again after quitting, as bullying was the cause of her becoming one many times, hoping that her bullies would change as they went to school after school.

But one day in school in her days as a bully, she quit being a bully for the last time when an ounce of hope came into her life as she saw one of her worse bullies who threatened to kill her one day for one of her times as a bully, being attacked by a rogue student who had been expelled for something he didn't do. Without thinking, and not caring about what he did to the attacking pony, she stepped in to save him, even if she believed she couldn't, and though she succeeds half-way by weakening the attacker, the staff handled the rest, and after patching things up with the bully, though harshly at first, Aphelion discovered she had hope of fighting for her dad after all, and found she was good at it by defending against another bully, and gained her cutie mark: A star medal with wings. Though she was excited, she ended up keeping in mind what got here there in the first place: to accept that life isn't going to play into somepony's favor, and yet swore for the last time to never be a bully again as she had a better purpose.

Military Life

As she earned her cutie mark, Aphelion started to grow stronger as a fighter, and a strategic one as well. Even to her fellow ponies, she fought like a machine, and her magic prowess was unbelievable. She even seemed to fall in love with a stallion of equal strength named Perihelion, and they loved to train and fight together as they ended up enjoying watching each other fight, and enjoyed a laugh when they outsmarted their foes. This eventually resulted in them getting married, and having a daughter named Tempest. Though Tempest was a very oddball filly. She was growing up phenomenally early, as she wanted to be in the military like her parents and got a hoof-operated BB gun at such an early age.

However, one day, Tempest learned a hard lesson from Aphelion through harsh but fair scolding that she needed to stop being ridiculous and accept that life wasn't as easy as a cartoon made it out to be and that she needed to 'open up her eyes'. But upon discovering that she was right, especially when Aphelion discovered that Perihelion was missing after a mission in Panthera outside Equestria, Tempest at first agreed to stay home, agreeing to open her eyes for the first time in her life. However, feeling hateful and stupid, Tempest wanted to grow up, and decided to do so by joining her mother to save her father.

The two met in Panthera, but discovered that Perihelion was hung by Storm King. Storm King threatens Tempest, and Aphelion responds by fighting, and yet ended up shattering her horn in the process, and left Tempest to believe she was dead. Though Tempest tried to fight, she accidentally blew herself off a cliff and into the ocean, washed up on the shores of Drungar where she has since been raised to become the evil bounty hunter she was now. Meanwhile, Aphelion woke up, and couldn't find Tempest, and when told that she was announced dead, Aphelion was heart-broken, and tried to get revenge on Storm King, but she ended up failing countless times because Storm King was able to adapt to her skills and strategies, as he learned a lot from Perihelion before killing him.

But as years passed, Aphelion eventually heard that Tempest was not only alive, but working for Storm King. Thus, she spent her next few tries trying to rescue her, but it ended up in the same results of failure as Storm King was too smart for her. This mentally tormented and destroyed Aphelion as she missed her daughter so much, especially when, following the events before his death, Perihelion left her pregnant, and she gave birth to Hidden, and yet Perihelion was unable to make it to the birth, and died before he could meet Hidden. Thus, to protect her, she begged her brother, Cometelius, to change his last name from Shadow to Cometelius, their maiden name, and send poor Hidden to an orphanage so she could focus on her revenge on Storm King and saving Tempest. But she never succeeded, and she was mentally tormented missing Tempest. She has yet to reunite with her after hearing that Princess Twilight reformed her and heard she killed Storm King.

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